Arlene Corwin
13 hours ago

A Little Deep Thinking

Some lady wrote as seed of creeds:
“All it needs
                  is a little deep thinking”.
A little deep… cannot be little.
Deep is deep, and little little.
One or t’other.

Deep: profound, complex, discerning;
Weighty downward, inward, sound;
Rapt, absorbed, immersed, committed;
Wise, engaged, perceptive, learnéd;
The opposite of mediocre.
No light joker,
But deep thinker (and non-smoker).

Recommended by this poet.
If you really want to know it,
Do not sleep through life and day.
Go deep into the strife or play,
Wakefulness and nightly rest.
Deep will satisfy each, every quest.
Deep is the best of bests of best.
All you need is dee-eep thinking.

A Little Deep Thinking 3.27.2017
A Sense Of The Ridiculous; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;
Arlene Corwin

There's no such thing as a little deep thinking.  There's either deep thinking or there's not.
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Emily Chambers
Emily Chambers
20 hours ago

Little girl:
Your lilac halo boasts wild days,
Yet your eyes, earthy and bold,
Whisper soft melodies of sweet innocence.
Little girl:
The bird on your shoulder shouts confidence,
Yet fidit... figi... fidgeting hands
Scramble days of rotten terror.
Little girl:
Be true to yourself;
We know who you are
We know you better.
You're not who you claim to be,
Despite all your changes.
Little girl:
Shut up.
Be still.
Be innocent.
Be what we want you to be,
Because all you are
Is what we make you to be.

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Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
1 day ago

One smile from you is more cherished
than a thousand smiles from others

Two laughs from you are more precious
than two thousand laughs from others

Three words from you are more valuable
than three thousand words from others

The sentiment that binds us and all we do
those three little words are "I love you"

Bob Marley sang Three Little Birds
so I thought I'd write Three Little Words
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Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
4 days ago

Green smoke
I swear that there's green in the air

The color of my lenses
as such of my life

Once broken,
always broken

Who's not broken here?

I fall down where I sleep
come unbound by night
or day
I fall down exhausted
but rest will not come
within reach

I fall down

There's one explanation true
That the easy is done,
best pages are turned
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6 days ago

I know I should laugh it off,
but it’s just so hard to do.
I don’t want to sleep at all
but for you, I’ll sleep it off.

again and again and again
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7 days ago

Well, little sis-I need to let you know
Life isn't a simple open doorway
There's its up and downs,
Painful stings,
Emotional roller coaster,
And Harsh lessons
But this entire time-
I've been attempting to follow my heart
Clutching to my dreams
Doing what I thought was right
Not being dictated by someone else's words
Even when the bleakness pulled in.

So, little sis, don't give up
Your dream-filled goals
Don't just sit there and wait!
Because it will not get any easier
Don't you look back now
Don't follow me-
Please ride on your own path
I'm still here,
No one is going to push you down.
Life isn't an open books
So open it with your own strength.

I wrote this to my little sister in 2007, and rewrote it 7/17/13 and today.
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Yes, princess?
"Where do babies come from?"

Well Princess,
One day you'll see a cutie
And little glitters will tickle
From your chest to your toes
Days will go by holding hands
Giving Eskimo kisses
Passing panties underneath
Family Thanksgiving tables

Until waking up with the cutie
Is the most stable part of your day.
Safe, like together in this bed
You two are a fortress,
Free, like you could run into the street
And he would stop traffic by breathing
To protect you

You'll sit across from him one night
Blushing over your dinner
Stir fry of everything you pointed at In the grocery store.
And through all that blush you'll ask
If he will be your daddy.

He will stand.
Cross the room
Kneel by you
Take your hand
When he smiles into you
Little glitters will tickle
From your chest to your toes

When he says: "Yes, Princess"
That's how babies are born.

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They were like two peas in a pod
Holding hands
Exchanging tongues
Being prissy and laughing at those
Who long before saw their act
Though those two queers, they don’t see at all
They are midgets, and little, and erectly small
With puffed up chests
Stroking hens of the Cornish variety
All of them dregs of a social society

Slum lords and criminal minds
Under the sheets where no one sees
Which one is giving the other the shaft
Spic and span they use after, oh so daft
One erotically whispered to the other
A Pain in the ass
As they kissed over their biblical wine glass
Seeking solace in each others arms
Licking their wounds with grammars charm

Grown men, committing sin after sin
Then blaming others for saying
God wants you to begin
Acting like men
And not emancipated boys
Stop diddling and twiddling
Leave alone your petite toys

One day Jehovah will make clear
Belittle others is worse than Queer
Little queens swallowing their own vile
While Ladies and Gentleman laugh
At the Midget and the Clown
In their lingerie and gown

God decried, let those two drown
Even Lucifer laughed under his frown

In life it is said, what you reap you sow, this poem is an example of that adage. Tommy and Rubina dating? Yikes I need to toss my cookies.
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The biggest tragedy in this life is when
extraordinary things become ordinary

Not because their sparkle dulls
or because they refuse to shine

But because we have taken
their beauty for granted

It is a little death to be sure

random thoughts
#sad   #death   #thoughts   #little   #rambling  

The sharp jagged edge,
An exhausted little beak
Bedraggled feathers.

The Pain of New Life - Part 3
Haiku series
#life   #pain   #exhausted   #new   #little   #sharp   #chick   #feather   #egg   #beak  
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