M Harris
M Harris
2 days ago

Sacramental Elixir & Illuminated Blues,
Experimental Flauntings Of Her Midsummer Hues,

Radioactive Eyes & Her Fairytale Lies,
Seductive Abuses Across The New Divide,

Vivid Intersections In Her Phenomenal Rage,
Shatterproof Reflections Splattered Upstage,

Midnight Passions Of Her Perplexed Lust,
Starlight Rains Glittering Hybrid Dusts,

Transitional Paradigms & Engineered Moans,
Theatrical Concoctions In Her Symphonic Tones,

Flirtatious Illuminations Under The Darkest Light,
Stained Animations Igniting Kryptonite,

Palisades Of Her Collated Reflections,
Cascades Emitting Her Sedated Projections,

Contraband Infatuation Resonating Magnetic Love,
Raving Constellations Provocating Atomic Dove,

Divine Catharsis Of Her Cupid Amour Eternity,
Valentine Bliss Mystifying Her Restrained Insanity,

Charismatic Futility & Sexual Binge,
Cinematic Tranquility Emanating From Her Bulletproof Sins,

Neon Subways & Fragile Foreplays,
Sensual Arrays Of Her Red-Light Decays.

- 03:53AM -

Remi Leroy
Remi Leroy
5 days ago

Lost in my thoughts, lost in my fairy tales
Blinded by fairy lights descending from forest trees
Petals glow and magic flows down the glittering stream
A clear turquoise mirror of my hopes and dreams

A flash of lightning, a clash of thunder
Rain starts pelting down on me
Lost in the woods in the dark I cannot see
Reaching ahead, there's only a silent grin

Fear and trepidation infused with hope and exhilaration
An adventure I've always imagined!
A tantalizing waft of charisma caught my nose
Following it through the darkness, losing all my senses

The rain is getting stronger and I am getting colder
The wind makes me shiver despite the warmth of my blood
I can barely keep my eyes open in the darkness
Should I let down my guard and let you guide me through this chasm

A hand took my hand
I gave you control

I heard your voice calling my name
I give up control

Tentatively I opened my eyes
It had stopped raining
It was quiet
There was no fairy dust

The forest is gone and so is the stream
Perhaps finally, I've made it to reality.

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6 days ago

Like a fairytale,
lovely pink petals in spring
leaves one enchanted



I believe in love in spite of it all
in the resilience of the heart
I appreciate its ability to move on
albeit shattered

I believe in fairy tales
and happily ever afters
In the magic of soulmates
As farfetched as it seems

I believe people are good
and can get lost in someone's smile
My eyes still search for the heart
that can keep time with mine

So yes I still believe
Yet I refuse to put my life on hold
whilst waiting for love
on this broken road I'm on

#love   #heart   #hope   #good   #fairytale   #believe   #inlove   #soulmate  

I wish,  I hope, I dream for the geniality days to come back
Haulted at when we were small,
The fragrance is still in my hearts wall,
As a Magi you appeared for me and fall,
The moaning of ours is still buried deep in my hall,
For me the internal,  immortal love is still tall.

I wish,  I hope, I dream for the geniality days to come back,
Scamper at my heart and bounces back to your.,
Irresolute of all the vigour fights we fought for.,
Till today leaning and knocking at my door,
But the renown has separated us over and over more,
With you it was worth living at the sea Shore.

I wish,  I hope,  I  dream for the geniality days to come back,
Tears that you can palpable and make me ribald,
Laughing, crying and evergreen feeling is still called,
The secret cannot remain as one and was told,
Still grateful as a friend like u I got but not hold,
Turning pages and pages of my diary and refreshing all that and fold.

There once lived a princess so sweet and so true,
Locked high in a tower of lonely perdue,
But as luck would have it, one summer morning,
A brave knight passed, pride and armour adorning,
Hearing the girl singing deep malady,
He declared in most majestic rhapsody:
"Maiden fear not, I will come up and free thee
And ride on like wind to take thee to safety!"

And thus did the knight chop the lock with his sword,
And kick down the door (a most elegant lord),
And swoop in and bow down and get on one knee,
With offer of hand declare: "Princess, you're free!
Climb into my arms, let me whisk you away,
Let all of your troubles and sadness here stay.
My steed awaits, my castle's in Tuscany,
You'll be happy and safe if you marry me!"

"Sir you are kindest for letting me out,
But the dragons who took me are still about,
They roam the forests and destroy all they see,
They burgle your dreams and discard your body,
I was most fortunate, I got out alive,
But they chased after me and so, to survive,
To stop them from gaining even more power,
I locked myself in the walls of this tower.
Marriage won't save me, nor kisses and delight,
The dragons, they follow all day and all night."

"I alone can smite them and alone I go,
For if you come with me, they'll kill you also."
The story is sad, but the moral is
You can't save the princess with true love's kiss.
The princess must go and the princess must fight
And save herself then, with all of her might.
And when she returns and the dragons are slayed,
Perhaps then she'll be ready for the plans you have made.

For all of the dragons were once knights like you,
Who turned into monsters that broke her in two,
She alone has the power and knowledge that
Will slay them, and all past destruction combat.
Until then, fair Knight, you mustn't resist,
Don't ignore the lesson and merely persist,
For if you continue and try to pursue,
The next dragon she slays, will bear the name You.

Once there was a foolish girl
who started to play with fire,
soon was consumed by the flames
of infidelity, lust and desire...
Choosing a path she didn't know
would lead her straight to hell.  
But she had become too careless,
so she stumbled and then she fell....
head over heels and going fast
the foolish girl lost all control.
Blindly she followed her fool heart,
betraying a loyal boys soul.
Chasing after what wasn't hers
was a race she would never win,
but she refused to give up,
drunk on the adrenaline.
Ignoring the boy she had at home
spinning her web of lies,
blissfully ignorant of the suspicion
that lived behind his blue eyes.
Had she known, she still wouldn't care
for she found the prince of her dreams!
But, just like in all good fairytales
nothing is quite what it seems....
While her prince was charming indeed
something just didn't seem right.
His eyes were large and teeth, sharp
ready to take a big bite
of her heart, she had not a clue,
believing every poison word
dripping from his devious mouth,
which was really just quite absurd!
She was too blinded to see the truth...
her prince was a wolf in disguise!
But luckily for her, she was rescued
by her loyal boy with the blue eyes!
See, he had known all along
what the foolish girl just couldn't see.
He knew what the wolf was cooking up
and disaster was his recipe!
That foolish girl, she felt so dumb
having almost become his meal....
She kissed the boy and thanked him so
saying how bad she did feel
for lying to him, her loyal love,
and please, won't he forgive?
But the blue eyed boy just shook his head
saying, 'This is not how I'm going to live'....
See...there is no Happily Ever After
In a Fools Fairytale!!
Just a blue, blue eyed boy, a foolish girl
and a wolf left chasing his tail.

The End~

Just having some fun!
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M Harris
M Harris
Feb 28

Fairytale Evolutions,
Terminating Digital Mutations,
Simulated Sensations,
Transcendent Revolutions,

Hybrid Generations,
Altering Stagnant Amplifications,
Shape Shifting Constellations,
Sterilizing Implications,

Eliciting Blissful Animations,
Decoding Kaleidoscopic Flirtations,
Fabricating Holographic Dimensions,
Reflecting Labyrinth Ramifications,

Transgressional Diversifications,
Empathetic Extortion,
Serene Distortion,
Subversive Contortion,

Forging Conceptual Inoculations
Violating Illusionary Variations,
Incarnating Prototype Deviations,
Radiating Subtle Speculations,
Catalyzing Crystallized Civilizations.


And you will wake up on this royal sheets
with my armor reflecting on your cheeks,
I will pelt you kisses
from the dungeons of your soul
to the tower of your lips;
gone are the cold nights
curling up near a fireplace,
for in these arms you
will be forever embrace.

What is the magic
the aristocracy was entitled
to rule over us?
Binding us to society and
the rules of the unknown
and the unimportant,
the weak and the lost
only allowed to suffer.

What is the magic
where the thieves and fools
fight for bloodless gold?
Lulling my darkest
silence to slumber, lest
the compassion shatter
like glass slippers that
slay soft flesh.

What is the magic
of those forgotten words
of corrupt innocence?
Where birds were birds,
monsters were monsters,
the notion of humanity
slipping away from my
happy beginning.

What is the magic
that forces me to lust over
every failed perfection?
Prayers unspoken and
thoughts from promises
I’ve only begun to


But we can never go back to those times so
long before.
I can only hope that you’d come quietly in
through that chained door.

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