3 days ago

And you will wake up on this royal sheets
with my armor reflecting on your cheeks,
I will pelt you kisses
from the dungeons of your soul
to the tower of your lips;
gone are the cold nights
curling up near a fireplace,
for in these arms you
will be forever embrace.

What is the magic
the aristocracy was entitled
to rule over us?
Binding us to society and
the rules of the unknown
and the unimportant,
the weak and the lost
only allowed to suffer.

What is the magic
where the thieves and fools
fight for bloodless gold?
Lulling my darkest
silence to slumber, lest
the compassion shatter
like glass slippers that
slay soft flesh.

What is the magic
of those forgotten words
of corrupt innocence?
Where birds were birds,
monsters were monsters,
the notion of humanity
slipping away from my
happy beginning.

What is the magic
that forces me to lust over
every failed perfection?
Prayers unspoken and
thoughts from promises
I’ve only begun to


But we can never go back to those times so
long before.
I can only hope that you’d come quietly in
through that chained door.

It's already pretty tough: Eating this cake-of-a-life, that is..
But, on top of the moist cake is drizzled: Bitter Icing.
Now, however...
by the time you come to taste the icing & are hit with its sting,
you're already numb due to the ingredients used in the cake's recipe: You're better able to bite the bullet than you were as a boy.

But mentally know it's there.
It tries to drain the little bit of feeling you've somehow
managed to retain....

He had finally arrived.

He summoned courage & took flight.
He forged strength & up a beanstalk
to a world of giants & dark magic he climbed.
He spotted the damsel, took a knee...
but before he could ask,
she asked him...

if he was sent by her husband,
for she was married.

He fell to his face, after
falling upon palm after palm,
but then he got up, & took a breath
for all that courage & strength
he was still made up of.

So back down the beanstalk
both of them climbed.  She returned
to her throne: &, he walked off the page
of fantasy, alone, forcing himself
to slice threw even the binding, running  ...into more stories,  poems,  & rhymes.

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I did not believe in
Cats that grin
Or magical pumpkins

Nor mesmerising lights
That shine brighter
Than the city’s bright nights

But this all changed
When hugs were exchanged
Your eyes make me deranged

When you draped your jacket
Over my shoulders
like a warm blanket

As cliche as this sounds
Even I myself was dumbfounded
Since this fairytale avenue
Is only possible with you

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Jan 19

Once upon a time

There was a very young girl with ridiculously long hair, she believed it was her best physical trait.

She spent all her time in a room where she could hear the whole world going about their business and living their lives.

Often, she wondered, what it would be like to not be confined to this small space.

She used to daydream as she looked out the window, it was overlooking a garden with many flowers in it.

Daydreaming about what it would be like to be normal. About what it would be like to be able to get close to the plants.

But one day, she decided, it was too painful to daydream about these things. Too tormentous to be able to see and hear all the beauty she was so tantalizing close to, and yet never be able to take part in it.

So she closed the curtains, and the sun no longer shone through the window. No more did she sit there wishing that humanity and herself weren't separated by brick and glass.

Instead, she began to get used to the shadows. Telling herself that it was, after all, for the best. No longer allowing herself to even dream that she would ever be more than she was.

Just a girl that was forgotten.

But she grew older.

Older, and... She began to understand, that she was only as trapped as she allowed herself to be.

The sunshine had been looking for her,  and finally, she opened the curtains again.

Once again, she dared to dream...

But she wandered into a nightmare, and everything that she had never learned she was suddenly forced to.

All that naivette turned into pain, and she began to wonder why it had ever seemed so bad, to be locked away from everything.

You weren't expecting a happy ending were you? This is "twisted fairytales".

for three years you were my knight,
night took over and flooded my castle but you fought him off
with great chivalry, with cunning words you lied to me
to insinuate safety

but I don't need that anymore.

for three years you were the beast,
who I defended my kingdom from,
at last I have won against the forces that threatened me,

I don't need you anymore.

When you sent a message and begged of my hand,
chills broke my silence, weakened my stand.
For a minute, maybe, I wanted to say yes,
I blushed at the thought of reuniting and bliss,
but I walked outside alone to say no,
and realized there that I had built a moat.
It surrounded my kindgom, with great width and more depth,
and it was filled with water from tears that I'd wept
every time you came back and then left,
and while you shined in the moonlight, I felt weary in the knees,
but learned that you were my night and with you I can't see
I am the moon, I am my own god damn fucking light,
I'm not a last resort when you can't sleep at night

so I said no.
Because I don't need you anymore.
I won't be there ever again when you come to knock down my door.

my abusive ex tried to come back into my life yesterday and it took all my strength not to say no. I don't have a long well-thought out piece but here's something quick bc I'm so proud of myself for saying no when I wanted to say yes. fuck you

There's something about the word Laughter
I always seem to have a smile when I hear that word
It kinda reminds me of Happily Ever After
The kind of ending that I will never get. But I can pretend, right?

I've read Cinderella as a child
I've dreamed that one day I would find Prince Charming
It was just an imagntion that ran wild
I found no Prince Charming, but a Marine.

At the age of sixteen
I completely fell in love
I didn't mind that he is a marine
I thought it was kinda cool that he was.

But the word laughter
I hear it and think of him
But, yet, all the pain he left after
My heart has never healed from that,
and it probably never again.

He left  lot of pain and sorrow,
but when I think of him I just laugh
because he's the one that messed up...

He's gone and I'm still here,
he's the joke
and I just forgot to laugh

What's **Laughter** to you?
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Jan 11

My mother warned me to stay away from the big bad wolf, years ago.

I thought it was very strange but promptly forgot about it.

Until the other night when you told me that you were very wolf-like.

But the big bad wolf didn't come to my door saying he wanted to devour my heart.

He knocked first.

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Jan 7

Softly position beneat the opiate sky
Mongaloo rubbed his sore belly,
Picking the moss bites out of his naval
And ingesting them in his heat stricken misery
oh gloomy am i when forces to bare witness
To such abysmal stupidity.
You Catch are truly a tragic reminder
Of the need for infectious disease.
Or aother global disaster.

Catch rubbed his eyes and moaned a bit
Then replied to Mongaloo with much certainty
That it was in fact his mother's fault
For being such a dreadful slut,
And raising him so poorly.

when he broke up with me he said,
"you'll be ok, you'll get through it
you're stronger than you think."
as if that cushioned the blow any.
only now do I realize he did me an enormous favor.
it is ok not to be in a relationship.
it is ok to be single.
single means freedom.
freedom to do what I want, when I want.
freedom from arguing & fighting with a partner
freedom from having to spend time with people i don't really like
i tell myself i'm not cut out for the husband, the dog and the house
the giant sparkling engagement ring
the fairytale wedding (fairytales aren't real anyway)
i think that i secretly want that
but if I get it i might not want it afterwards
like several other things i've gotten in life
or maybe it's because i haven't met the right guy yet
but i don't know if i believe in such a thing as a right guy, a right time
i'll just stand by and watch everyone else go through relationship after relationship, marriage after marriage
while i'll always have myself instead of losing myself with someone else.

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