André Morrison
André Morrison
3 days ago

Dropping bombs on your homes, make them catacombs
But maybe to some, that would make them feel right at home
But baby you ache, for a dose of that catamol
So I know you're awake, but I know you haven't got a soul
Craving that shake to your system
You say you don't miss him, but the world saw you kiss him
Got a ghastly way of thinking, a broken ism
The look in your eyes is eternally dim

#kiss   #broken   #home   #soul   #ache   #system   #awake   #baby   #crave   #bombs  
Nishu Mathur
Nishu Mathur
7 days ago

She seems strong - so she speaks,
She seems alive with life complete.
She shrugs a shoulder, couldn't care,
Love is war, a life's  dare,
She has loved and seen it go,
Love wilt in the midst of snow...
But say goodbye, gently, if you will,
Her heart is warm, fragile still.

She has laughed and she has smiled,
Dreamed enchantment on an isle.
She has risen,  heights soared,
She has seen closed doors.
She has fallen, again, to stand,
Dreamed a dream in never land...
But tread softly, on her, if you will,
Her dreams are young, fragile still.

She has seen loss and pain,
Prayers lost,  hopes slain.
Her heart in hands, she has wept,
Tired and weary, troubled, slept.
Transience is eternal, well she knows,
But her heart stronger never grows...
Break her  gently, if you will.
Her heart is tender and fragile still.

#life   #heart   #sadness   #dreams   #ache   #women  

I left a trail of blood from my bleeding heart,
Praying that you will follow & mend me,
But the depth of my aching overflow & my river of tears erase it,
Now I am left with a track to my death,
A death of utmost throe, lonesomeness & dejection.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.

#heart   #death   #tears   #blood   #left   #ache   #mend   #dejection   #trail  
Jan 7

Within every heart's winter..
Lies, frozen carcasses of days gone by..
And flowers wither..
You know life's not worth living,
And yet you hold on,
When the Sun gives you the cold shoulder..

#love   #heart   #winter   #ache  

we met only every midnight
by the dark sea in moonlight
where the driftwood pile
of our common heart ache
was put on top of the other
to burn it down
and mourn for a little

we had too much whisky
with a decaying organ
pressing our nicotine lungs
staring at the hopeless fire
and stepping on the dark sand

we belonged to no one
and no where
the earthquake vibrated
our empty soul
leaving the driftwood pile

with the thin air
the warmth of fire
and the sentimenal shore
that night we planned
our tender demise

- goodnight
#heart   #ache   #sea   #midnight  

I left you five hours ago and I miss you so much that it physically hurts me.
I understand that I am being excessive, but it is a feeling I cannot ignore.
And I have not felt this way in a long time.
I miss getting breakfast with you and eating an enormous omelette without feeling guilt. Sitting across from you in a coffee shop, admiring the way your eyes seem to glow in the dim light. Your head on my lap as I read Gaiman (you told me I have a lovely voice). I miss doing absolutely nothing with you for the entire day and feeling more fulfilled than if I had been busy and productive.
I have not felt this way in a long time.
You've reminded me that holding someone close should cause a continuous, comforting burn in your heart. That drinking with one person you love can be a lot more fun than going to parties (even when you drink too much and I have to take care of you the next day). That alone is not always better. You've reminded me that writing your feelings down soothes the pain.
I left you five hours ago and I will feel a gaping empty space until I see you again.

#love   #heart   #alone   #ache   #miss  
Charlie Wonder
Charlie Wonder
Dec 31, 2016

Alas broken promises collided, and trust escaped that day.
No longer chained to the idea of love, now her hopes have been drained.
Her reflection in the mirror is an insecure stranger.

She has adorn her self with the pain of past of love.
Her mistakes are a reminder that she'll never be enough.
She offered her all and more, now there's nothing to give up.

This is about a friend.
#heart   #pain   #sadness   #new   #ache   #years   #2017  
JR Falk
JR Falk
Dec 26, 2016

Eyes closed as I lay,
I wish you were here to stay
yet fear envelopes my aching chest
and I worry that I'll never
rest beside you.
So I lie awake and count the breaths I take,
each one feeling wasted as
the only piece of you that lingers
is your

#love   #sad   #lonely   #alone   #breath   #empty   #ache   #missing   #absence   #linger  
wild is the wind
wild is the wind
Dec 22, 2016

the scientist wonders
the roots of ache ?

the medicine
to transmogrify the plague
a heart broken knows
the roots of the ache

love is the muse
   the remedy to make ...


☾ wild is the wind ☽  ... December 22nd, 2016

transmogrify:  To change thoroughly,
as into a different shape or form
Sound scientific enough ? :)

Notes (optional) :  from 'woodpile poetry' collection

postscript: the harder i try the harder i fall  
              ... it's just bad timing that's all ―

... maybe next year (?)!
or in another realm
♡  i'll find the shape of ❤

Orange Sky Alexi Murdoch
#love   #heartbreak   #muse   #ache   #remedy   #cure   #scientist  
Marina Drab
Dec 17, 2016

I can't imagine anything
More painful than watching
The one you love
Love someone else
They way they should
Be loving you.

#love   #heartbreak   #poetry   #life   #leave   #happiness   #writing   #ache   #healing  
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