Vincent Jabre
Vincent Jabre
1 day ago

There's a lunp of coal on my chest
And i'm afraid it's catching sparks
I'm afraid it's getting heavier
Filling my lungs
And i'm coughing black smoke
Cause your memory's been evoked
And now that you've been invoked
I can feel the spark ignite
Oh how it brightens the night
Oh yes i feel it lighting me up
Incandescent body
But I feel heavier
I feel exhausted
Exhilerated inside
I can no longer hide
My beaten side
Drained from my cries
So now all i have is a lump of coal
And a memory of you
And a body catching fire


Love is fire
#love   #heart   #fire   #break   #romance   #ache   #catching  

Have you ever felt a loneliness that suffocates you?
Like a demon pushing on your chest

Have you ever felt an ache this deep ?
Like a part of you was missing

Have you ever felt a numbness so cold?
Like you're a corpse

I have and everyday it tears me up inside

Like a cut that just won't heal
Forever on my soul
Have you ever felt like this ?

Have you ever felt like this ?
#truth   #sad   #ache   #numb   #loneliness  

There was an old saying that used to always slip through my mind from time to time
And although I can’t remember it now,
I can remember what I used to see when I thought about it -
But then I’d be lying.

That’s not a good way to begin a conversation
Is it?
Lying. Such a fickle thing.

My thoughts are always flowing, always surrounding me
As they translate into things around me -
And I etch my fingers across it,
But there’s nothing there.

An empty vase is not a metaphor
For a heart without love completing it
For flowers
Can do damage
Their thorns against the pure glass.
Just like empty thoughts and verses
Can damage the human soul
My soul
A singular soul

& simply dissipate
Into the vastness of the void
Empty and no less barren.

I submitted this for young authors and got in, enjoy. x
#love   #poetry   #pain   #soul   #writing   #human   #free   #ache   #wishes   #verse  

Here today, gone tomorrow
Praying for your smile to come back
Even as a ghost, even as a shadow
I can't help myself but missing the good days of yore
I never saw a trace of that kind of pain behind your eyes before
But i can see; around you there's darkness and nothing more
Now i suffer from a constant ache, an ache without a cure
I can't help myself but endure
I ran out of tears early
Can you believe that i was on the verge of never seeing you again, daddy?
Please don't go, you are the best part of me
Please don't be sad, your little girl's still here and she love you more than anything

My dad tried to kill himself...
#sad   #pain   #tears   #dad   #darkness   #ache   #suffer   #endure   #yore   #dady  

Respond, respawn, reproduce,
Recite remember and recall.
Like a dog of the war machine,
Obeying as dogs do for owners.
Man slaves all day,
for monetary gain.
To make his future seemingly better.
Yet his future
Will be dedicated to making more.
The same future he had hoped to make better by toiling away.
Is also sacrificed to the eternal flames,
of human society.

#love   #pain   #future   #loss   #time   #slave   #ache   #money   #where  

Memories of moments
so long ago--
I look at old photographs
and wonder why
I still ache for you so
and realize
that surely you are now
free from all pain
and if I could have one wish
I'd wish for a spring time rain
to wash away these tears
falling from my heart
down my upturned face--
I miss you dear one,
you're not in your usual place
but I know that you're surrounded
by love and light
and that's what I'll cling to
as I go to bed this dreary night...
I'll always love you, you know
and always wonder
why, oh why
you had to go...
©Pamela Rae 03.07.2017

I know in time I'll accept it and adjust, but for now, I just miss my bro so very much. I am so glad he's out of pain,
but life just isn't the same anymore... :(
#love   #heart   #death   #memories   #night   #him   #ache   #light   #missing   #photographs  

When you left me,
Your absence worried me,
Like ache of soul, pining my heart,
Losing my identity,
Longing beyond bearable sound,
Screaming with a pain when my heart started bleeding,
And making me empty.

Absence, worry,ache, soul, identity, scream,bleed,empty
#love   #heart   #passion   #pain   #emotion   #left   #ache   #cramp  
Feb 19

A dull ache,
reminiscent of the electricity
that used to rest in your touch.
Inside my chest,
behind my ribs,
pressing down on my guts.

#love   #ex   #ache   #passed  

I smile for your sake,

but you don’t have a clue,

no idea of my heartbreak.

And if you knew,

your heart should ache.

As the reason... is you.

#heartbreak   #heart   #fake   #smile   #you   #ache  
JR Rhine
JR Rhine
Feb 14

I will spend
the rest of my days
leafing through pages
to find new words
to describe

And when the words
run out
and the pages fade
I will trust the silence
between us

to be imbued
with every desperate yearning feeling
of amorous love
I ache for you.

#love   #trust   #word   #relationship   #silence   #feeling   #ache   #page   #thesaurus  
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