Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee
2 days ago

To all of the nameless...
faces in the crowd at an event
your unity is endearing
it's currency and time you have spent

To all of the nameless...
wanderers sleeping outside in the cold
your fight to survive is empowering
spirit the only thing that remains unsold

To all of the nameless...
users who've surpassed last call
your denial is where the battle begins
a war cry against substance and ethanol

To all of the nameless...
children who lack a daily feast
your hunger no fault of your own
basic human rights have been breached

And to all of the nameless...
believers giving life to cause
your actions are restorative
but we must hold off on applause

When people are united &
hunger and struggle still exist
efforts must be given
until the problems are fixed

#addiction   #help   #belief   #save   #hunger   #volunteer  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
2 days ago

In the wee hours of this darkened time
where most are fast asleep
I sit here wondering what must have been my crime
and why now must I weep
and feel this fear and dread that envelops me--?
And then inside my head and heart
it occurs so suddenly--
all of life is a journey, a challenge, a gift
and though sometimes it feels like a burden
somehow we must find a way to lift
our souls, our hearts up from the ground below
and walk forward with hope and love
that we surely are here to grow

and reach out and spread the joy and delight
that is available to us at all times--
even during the darkest of nights
and unsheathe our secret weapon we carry inside
it is the weapon of knowing and believing
that we're going to be able to ride
this wave and make the best
of whatever it brings our way
And with you right by my side--
we'll journey into another amazing, life filled day!
©Pamela Rae 03.25.2017

Yes, a very frightening, yet exciting journey awaits. We're in another fight for my true love's life, but as long as we're together and strong and in belief of a good outcome, I know this journey will help us to grow and learn. We have our Secret Weapon, after all...
#love   #life   #secret   #night   #joy   #journey   #belief   #darkest   #uplifting   #weapon  
3 days ago

i believe in the impossible
but the impossible

Corine Rose
Corine Rose
5 days ago

My mama told me to be thankful,
For I will be given blessings.
My mama told me to be nice,
For I will be given more blessings.
My mama told me to speak kind,
For I will be given all the blessings.

I hope you listen to my mama,
Then she will bless you with endless blessings.

Napalm on the rice fields of Vietnam,
Where was God when his children wanted to sleep,
The burnt villages should make you question;
Is your love really too young to weep ?

(Grandfather’s murmurs – here to stay,
The woman I love wouldn’t have it another way.)

Life from the shores of incredible pain,
Your mother gave birth to shifting sands ,
A woman’s love should make you question;
Did god kiss her bridal hands ?

(Father’s advice – never fades,
Our love will outlast his coming decades.)

Early mornings at red-sacred dawn,
I still remember your un-spectacled eyes,
A mother’s prayers should make you question;
Why does God believe your innocent lies ?

(Mother’s beauty- touches all,
She wants you to sing this coming fall.)

Napalm on the rice fields of Vietnam,
Where was man when his brothers wanted to sleep
A squandered earth should make you question;
Is her love really too young to keep ?

(Grandmother’s pearls – here to shine,
I am glad I made you forever mine.)

#love   #prayer   #god   #family   #belief   #atheist  

a presence
called God, spirit, mother nature,
the universe, fate, karma
in the earth or creating it
some believe they are all one
some believe in only one
some believe in none
that we float aimlessly, hopelessly
our course uninterrupted and without destination
those who believe are visitors here
leaving an imprint, but not a footprint
they act like magnets,
attracting those with open hearts
sometimes i think we are all the same pole
and their faith
repels me

#god   #religion   #faith   #spiritual   #belief  

The point of it all was to not feel a damn thing.
But here you are
Here I am,
Here we are.
Stuck in a moment we both don't want to leave.

Some people search for a higher truth,
their lofty beliefs keeping them aloof.
They look past death to find out what?
Are they not content with what they've got?

Maybe they fear there is nothing beyond,
after the natural span they have donned.
Maybe they crave an extension on high,
but we are mortal, and mortals can only die.

So worry not about what comes after,
just enjoy life with love and laughter.
And as for the workings of eternity -
well – you'll just have to wait and see!

© Pagan Paul (18/02/17)

Something Light after the Dark.

Through leaflet halls, soft
the woodland path lies unclad--
Life waits, looking on.

A sketch, outlining my belief that nature should be left in large, unspoiled; Nature, souls sweet solace-through you, I find peace.
#love   #peace   #patience   #belief  

Let them all serve their opinions on a silver platter,
finger food to my feasting thoughts—
each flavour, every spice settling on  
my tongue, coaxing me to agree with
their cuisine of beliefs

I’ll have a burrito loaded with guac
and double pinto beans—
over their taste, over their favourites,
over the sushi they force into
a mouth full of no’s

I ain’t got time for their
made-fresh meals:
mind-games and

Stop spooning me seconds to settle my senses,
let’s enjoy a dish of acceptance—
forget our opposing

“Will you join me for dinner?"
the believer asks the skeptic.

I believe in God, but I never intend to impose my beliefs on others if they are not interested. However, I've experienced a lot of backlash for openly sharing about my Christian faith; people often jump at the chance to convert me to atheism, to their way of thinking. This piece portrays the coexistence of different faiths and beliefs; resembling people who don't like the same foods - we wouldn't tell someone to stop eating something just because we don't like it, so why is my faith any different?
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