Pagan Paul
Pagan Paul
5 hours ago

Some people search for a higher truth,
their lofty beliefs keeping them aloof.
They look past death to find out what?
Are they not content with what they've got?

Maybe they fear there is nothing beyond,
after the natural span they have donned.
Maybe they crave an extension on high,
but we are mortal, and mortals can only die.

So worry not about what comes after,
just enjoy life with love and laughter.
And as for the workings of eternity -
well – you'll just have to wait and see!

© Pagan Paul (18/02/17)

Something Light after the Dark.

Through leaflet halls, soft
the woodland path lies unclad--
Life waits, looking on.

A sketch, outlining my belief that nature should be left in large, unspoiled; Nature, souls sweet solace-through you, I find peace.
#love   #peace   #patience   #belief  
Ocean Trimboli
Ocean Trimboli
4 days ago

Let them all serve their opinions on a silver platter,
finger food to my feasting thoughts—
each flavour, every spice settling on  
my tongue, coaxing me to agree with
their cuisine of beliefs

I’ll have a burrito loaded with guac
and double pinto beans—
over their taste, over their favourites,
over the sushi they force into
a mouth full of no’s

I ain’t got time for their
made-fresh meals:
mind-games and

Stop spooning me seconds to settle my senses,
let’s enjoy a dish of acceptance—
forget our opposing

“Will you join me for dinner?"
the believer asks the skeptic.

I believe in God, but I never intend to impose my beliefs on others if they are not interested. However, I've experienced a lot of backlash for openly sharing about my Christian faith; people often jump at the chance to convert me to atheism, to their way of thinking. This piece portrays the coexistence of different faiths and beliefs; resembling people who don't like the same foods - we wouldn't tell someone to stop eating something just because we don't like it, so why is my faith any different?

for muna

my dear one, I have learnt this;
that even hills crumble
and a path surfaces
where once there was no way;
it is called a miracle

do you know that life
is in two shades of paradoxes
every event carries a parallel lesson,
every shadow is cast by an adjacent light,
that these pains you feel
are a consequence of the advent of healing,

in the evenings when the setting sun casts silhouettes
upon our views,
it is the knowledge from within
that assures us of our intact wonders,
that we are more than we seem

we are lanterns
the light in us only needs the oil of belief to glow..

you are on a journey,
you may seem discorded,
everything may seem like an entropy,
you may seem to have lost your grip,
you may be lost,
everything may seem so dark now,
but remember your light,
the one that lives in you,
remember belief is the axe that breaks the dormancy of it,

breathe and believe
and let the seed of your light germinate
into the dawn of discoveries,
for nothing is hidden from the eyes of light,

for when you become light,
all that you seek shall come
rushing to you like nocturnals.

times like these
when everything around you asks
for a step forward. up. come... believe.

and all you want to do is go back, back, back to where your heart pulls
where doubts live
but with the safety of your undeniable love.

#love   #fear   #heart   #hope   #new   #belief   #safety   #reminiscence   #doubts   #distances  

I hear the Angel's call out to me
said God has chosen me to see
the things He wanted me to be
when my heart was filled with regret
the Angel's said I wasn't done just yet
it was only part of His plan
to make you into a different man
and when my heart was in doubt
I heard the Angel's through me shout
said God hasn't left and never will forget
He only has a will for you to do
yeah He's there to see you through
and when I felt the love in me die
I heard the Angel's cry
as their tears fell from the sky
saying God will forever by you stand
just reach out and take His hand
Spiritwind ©2016

#faith   #spiritual   #belief   #vision  

Wellbeing is an illness that plagues my mind
regardless of what others believe it to be.

~~ The echoing sound of shattering which you heard so softly in the distance was the sound of me trying to break myself. ~~
#illness   #happy   #shatter   #break   #society   #mind   #ill   #belief   #wellbeing   #plague  

When hardship you face
An answer is raised
"Have faith"

When an obstacle appears
Engineers gear a solution
"Have faith"

When the answer is invisible
When the answer is unknown
When you're lost in the dark
Without a torch on your phone
"Have faith" is your ringtone

But what about when the question is faith
When you question your own faith

When that which you love
That which you hate
When that which you adore
That which you abhor

The answer to every question
The key to every lock
The password to every terminal
Is always "have faith"

Have hope and have faith
Be patient and believe
Be faithful and breathe

But what of the times when I'm lost and can't see
What of right now when I'm gone and withdrawn
What of tomorrow when the voices are louder
And my shouts have no power
When my faith is lost to me
And I become powder
Lost in the sea of others
Lost where I hath no brothers
no lovers
no mothers
no people
no friends

When the end is nigh
And I wish to die
But I can't have faith
I take a pause

The law is stated for me and my faith is decided
There is no other road for me but the alley behind the store
No door for my sorrows
No rest for mere mortals

I wish there was a portal to understanding
An easy way out of this misunderstanding
Because right now I'm standing
on the precipice of disaster
No aster
No plaster for my heartache
No band-aid for my broken arms
Nothing to hold up the weight of faith

Because faith has left me
I do not believe
and cannot retrieve
that which has been lost to me

I can't seem to see
the horizon anymore
So far it is that no path
is visible to me

I wish I could believe and have faith
I wish I could trust and have faith
I wish I could understand and have faith
But no, God seems to have asked me a question
A question on belief
What am I
and why?

"Have faith"?
No, I'd rather not

Who am I?

I am love
but I am not love.
I wear love’s coat,
like a blanket
and hold its
sweet, sweet smell
a perfume too expensive to touch.
Those who dare,
always pay the price.

You see
I am not as kind as love.
I do not care.
I do not embrace with loving arms.
The heart rules the mind.
I make
your body the master of your heart.
Your soul is tossed aside.
It is no worth to me.

I am a coward.
I flee at the sight
of pain
and do not help.
It is not my job,
after all.
My job is to leave you enshrouded
intrigued torn upon captivated enthralled clouded
in the mystery that you thought
was love.

I am not love.
never will be
never have.

I am the jealous best friend.

The one always trying to steal the limelight.
Who sometimes comes before love.
Steals love.
With grimy hands,
Covered in jeweled gloves.
I do not feel with the heart,
I feel with the body.

Sensual. Aroused. Intimate. And stimulated.

Who am I?

I am lust.

Differentiating between love and lust. I believe that there should be a guidebook for that.
#love   #hide   #lust   #lie   #belief   #different   #hidden   #whoiam   #concealed   #youdontknowme  

With each new day I am born anew
Into a world of opportunity.
There is no limit to what I can do
Nor to the potential within me!

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