i wish to reveal a most precious thing
as Spring has begun
my dearest Daddy’s Birthday is done

he is not a man of celebrations
i want to disclose this personal’s manifest

as his blueprint, i am really beatific
i am very fortunate to be able to recollect
all and everything

to be your beloved daughter
is one most precious and delightful evidence

such a coziest feel to have you in my presence
you embody all that is calm and peaceful
no other impervious Daddy then you, my handsome sensitive

your BirthDay, dearest Daddy is never nebulous
the reputations you left us are all fabulous

you told me tales, they are in fact realities
you are one of a kind, your mind so sublime
you constantly cared and loved me, i am your prime

i love to tell superlatives about you
you deserve the most, dearest Daddy,

i am very proud of you, of your humor and your visions
your cartoons, drawings, and your fascinating paintings
you conjured magic in all your writings

C.C. was your weekly talkings
Charlie was your weekly walkings
in the world of Charlie Chan

i am very fond of you, my very talented Daddy
i know your world too, owned by you as a stage performer….
i remember everything, every detail hidden in my mind

i wish to reveal the most precious thing
last night i went to your place, i was wondering
you were not there, i started sobbing….

© Sylvia Frances Chan

May he rest in Peace. May he have a Happy BirthDAY in Heaven on the 21st March annually....
He died too young too soon, my greatest grief on that day.
The Lord gives, the Lord takes at His Time....

Come get me, daddy
You are much older than me
You're not my father

I wrote this when I was high, I'm sorry.
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Yes, princess?
"Where do babies come from?"

Well Princess,
One day you'll see a cutie
And little glitters will tickle
From your chest to your toes
Days will go by holding hands
Giving Eskimo kisses
Passing panties underneath
Family Thanksgiving tables

Until waking up with the cutie
Is the most stable part of your day.
Safe, like together in this bed
You two are a fortress,
Free, like you could run into the street
And he would stop traffic by breathing
To protect you

You'll sit across from him one night
Blushing over your dinner
Stir fry of everything you pointed at In the grocery store.
And through all that blush you'll ask
If he will be your daddy.

He will stand.
Cross the room
Kneel by you
Take your hand
When he smiles into you
Little glitters will tickle
From your chest to your toes

When he says: "Yes, Princess"
That's how babies are born.

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it's been five months
since you left
where could you possibly be
what realm are you venturing
or are you sleeping tightly

i couldn't bear this world
where adversaries just thrust up
from the mounds of the earth
and spawn from one another
but still you said,
this world always deserves
another shot

i could've asked you more
talked to you more
wrote with you more
and drink with you more

i wanted to tell you
about my cold beer
and the people i've met
i wanted to tell you
about him
and how i wish you've met

#love   #world   #daddy   #realm  

I know when I was born it was stressful; you already had two boys that needed your attention. But I needed you too and I know you gave me as much time as you could. You were busy I get it; that’s why you were never home. I’m not sure where you were or what you were doing especially late at night; but as long as it was more important than your children then it was okay right? Don’t worry you weren’t the only one to blame, Mommy wasn’t around much either. She was always working to make up for what you couldn’t supply us with. During the day at Home Depot and at night McDonalds, I know it wasn’t her dream job but you both started a family before either of you were ready. Mommy was the backbone of the family; she picked up the slack for all the things you seemed to lack. Because of both of your absences, this forced us to stay with our aunts the majority of the time; not that I ever minded, I love them so much and we always had a great time. But Daddy what you don’t realize to this day is what a girl without a father can turn into. Once you and Mommy split and the divorce was final I hoped day and night you would want a custody battle. Not because I thought you would be a better fit for us to live with but because it would have shown your kids you care, especially your little princess. Instead Mom got us during the week and you on the weekends but that soon ended when you met your new mistress. I was seven years old, and impressionable child and you walked right out of my life. Some parents pass away causing a child to become orphaned; but not you, you were in perfect health and perfect stature and you made the decision to leave. Do you even know how much I was hurting? Daddy you changed me and I don’t know if it was for the better. My father figure was PJ, my older brother, my entire world; if it wasn’t for him I don’t know who of where I would be today. But he eventually left me to however not for the same reasons as you. He went into the Air Force and did some good for his country; but that hurt to because after he left I felt truly alone, I had no one to tell all my secrets too. Nobody that I knew I could trust with my life. Daddy you’re the reason for all of my insecurities. You’re the reason I don’t see beauty or worth in myself; I look into the mirror and see a stranger staring back. I look into my eyes and I see you and that scares me so much. I don’t want to be you; but it’s inevitable. I don’t know the person I’ve become. I am afraid of myself and how is someone suppose to live like that? You’re the reason I can’t get close to anyone without the fear that one day without the least bit of warning they will just get up and walk away, I mean that’s how it works right? You are the reason I’m so quiet around people. You are the reason I’m fake. You’re the reason I have regrets in my life. I’ve done some things I’m not proud of and I lie to the ones I’m suppose to love. I want to believe that you leaving was a good thing, like Mommy always said you were a dead beat father anyway. But I can’t say that. You were absent for 8 straight years of my life. Not a single phone call or a simple text asking how my day was or even an I love you. And worst of all I didn’t even know where I could find you. When you finally came back into my life it was 8 years to late and all the money and gifts couldn’t buy back my love. Daddy, I use to say I love you every night and pray that one day you would see that light that Daddy I could be a good girl. I use to ask myself what I did wrong; why wasn’t I good enough? To this day I ask myself how can I be good enough for anyone or loved by anyone if my own father couldn’t even stand me? I know you tried hard to make up for the lost years but you are a stranger to me now. I don’t know who you are anymore and I don’t know what to believe. And Daddy you know what hurt the most, making Father’s Day presents in school. I never said anything but I always wondered who to give them to because I didn’t have a Daddy. But can I tell you a secret? Mommy’s not all that I thought she was either. Nights I thought she was working late and mornings when I thought she left early were all a lie. I found out now that she never came home the night before. She was out with other men as much as you were with other women. And Daddy after the divorce, Mommy would send us to our aunts again so that she could try to find a man to take your place. You both aren’t really all that different and i know you don’t want to admit it but you both care more about a sexual partner than your own damned children.

This is very personal and I only shared it with one other group of people ever.
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Feb 10

I waited each night,
by the window
in the moonlight,
for you to come home,
and tuck me in tight.
I waited, and waited,
putting up quite a fight,
because I refused
to believe my daddy
would leave me in fright.
Mommy would come in,
and kiss me goodnight.
She would tell me,
my daddy loves me,
but he's not
coming home tonight.
I waited, and waited,
until a quarter
past midnight.
That's when I realized,
mommy was right.

These are the words I wish I could say to you, but I can't.
Jan 31

maybe i was lucky cause he never made my body bleed, but that does that make up for what he did to me?
or was it all just in my head, something my thoughts bred?
i don’t know what to believe, I’ve got two voices yelling at me,
somethings wrong, everything alright
just tell me a lie so i can sleep through the night.
i’ll be alright, i promise.
oh please, don’t be so modest.
it’s just daddy issues, or whatever you call it.
theres nothing wrong with my head its just all for attention, tell me the truth, i have so many questions.
do you see your reflection?
I think I’ve got bruises on my brain, am i going insane?

#abuse   #daddy   #issues   #bpd   #borderline  

I take the power back
by refusing to say I love you first
And sometimes I do not say it at all

Because I am so missing
A justice which I crave
I steal it away from you
To make up for the fact
that he has mine
and he is gone

My father, the man who knows not my name
#daddy   #issues  

I'm not going to sit here and let my eyes water
Thinking about the reasons you can't give out child a father
The only way for me to stay sane is to think of all the ways
All the ways I love you more and more throughout the days
I loved that you could fix things be a sink, a car, or my heart
I loved that you were always there till the very end right from the very start
I loved that when they told you that the cancer was spreading
you came home with me one last time and i love we laid in our bedding
I love that we had one ore night to share before you were gone
I know one day I'll see you again but a lifetime is to long
I love that our little girl will remember her dad loved her most
and I especially love the way every breakfast you burnt the toast.
But most of all I love you because your strength and heart
and I know no matter where you go will never be apart.

this one just came to me
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Daddy angel
She is wrap in
a pink blanket
She is my everything
she is wrap around
my little pinky
Daddy angel
Daddy angel
Daddy angel
She is wrap in
a pink blanket
She is my everything
she is wrap around
my little pinky she is
my world she is
a daddy girl
Daddy angel
Daddy angel
I love hearing her
calling me daddy
and she is all
grow up now
Daddy angel
It is like yesterday
she was a baby
She will always
be my baby girl
Daddy angel.
© Amanda Kay Hill

#angel   #daddy  
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