5 hours ago

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I really do.

Your words
sometimes heal me
only yours can be the cure
But sometimes kill me
because it's like a sword

And when it does
you said I never listen
but I always did
The same line you'll repeat

                                that I am,

Who should I blame
for I am being such fragile kid

I need your love
I see there's love
but sometimes you love to hurt
and I am so sick of being hurt by the world
the last thing I'm asking is for your protection
so I have a safe space at least; home

It's not your fault
that I am so weak
Not your fault
that I am hurting

Never be yours
cuz I love you so

Never be yours
that I chose to not speak

Never be yours
that you don't get me

I'm sorry.


I still love you and I always will.
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Terry Collett
Terry Collett
13 hours ago

Your mother calls
just as you have
finished dressing

Benny's here
she calls up

won't be long
you say
looking at yourself
in the dressing table mirror

Benny is early
you dab a wet finger
over your eyebrows

bet Mum's chatting him up
like she does
you muse
flicking back your hair
bet she fancies him herself
you muse frustratedly

you look around your room
the bed tidy
you thinking
of the other Saturday
when your mum
was out shopping
Benny was there
and you and he
were going at it great

hurry up up there
your mother calls again

you sigh
and open
your bedroom door
and go down stairs

just coming
you say

and into the kitchen
where your mother
is at the side
preparing toast and tea
and Benny sitting in a chair
with his hazel eyes
and brown hair.

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1 day ago

She keeps saying I'm not trying to get better.

I don't even understand why I'm like this, why my emotions are so demanding, why my skin aches to be carved into designs and swirls of the brightest hues of red.

If I knew, I'd explain.

But apparently, information that slips my lips is nonexistent. I'm not trying to get better, I don't want to get better, I'm not accepting the help she tries to offer...

Would it hurt you a bit to just listen? I can barely speak as it is, but when I do,the yelling overpowers it.

I just want a hug. And friends.

And death.

Elijah Rose
1 day ago

My mother: she is a storm.
Fate & Destiny chase her,
but the wolf is Defiant.
Fate & Destiny are a net,
which ensnare the wolf,
but when has a net,
ensnared the canine?.

The storm is Defiant,
Fate & Destiny are chased.
The Storm is Coming!
-Elijah Rose ©

#mother   #wolf   #storm   #fate   #chased   #desiny  

The father is the trunk standing tall and firm
Showing conviction to the young, by his example they learn.
His roots seek nourishment, he never stops to rest
His family wants for nothing because he gives his best.
He patiently endures, and meets all demands
His strength is impressive, mighty and grand.

The mother is the branches stretching her arms to hold her child
Firm and flexible, strong and mild.
Her leaves of protection give shelter from the rain
That are the tears of rejection, injustice and pain.
Her pearls of wisdom are like ripening fruit
Sweetly teaching in her great repute

This family tree gets taken for granted
So many children grow up empty handed
Even though at times they may all disagree
There is nothing more essential than the family tree.

#father   #mother   #tree   #family   #children  
Andrew Hartnett
Andrew Hartnett
2 days ago

she must have found what she wanted
because here I am at 26
looking back she thinks she may have been too young
but her and my father are not the divorcing type
she tends her garden every spring
and looks forward to visits from her sons
she spoils her grand-dogs
and is looking forward to grandchildren
that may be years away
but now there are friends to walk with
on occasion, a party to host
a wine cooler
she confides in me
that she is happy and would do it all again
I'm too young for her advice
but feel too old to require it
even so, I listen

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2 days ago

Why would you take her away?
After everything we've been through
The yelling over nothing and the crying over everything
How could you take her away now?
We've been through the blood
We've been through the sweat
Don't bring us through the tears as well
What did we do to concur such a punishment?
We've grown together
I've helped her through the older years; she's helped me through the younger
We have to warrant some sort of forgiveness
Instead of her new illness
God don't take her now
We haven't mended what was washed away.
(c) 2017

My mother was diagnosed with Cancer just yesterday afternoon.
This is an open poem to God to not take my mom away from me.  We have had a bumpy past and I just want her to stay for a while longer.
#god   #please   #mother   #cancer   #help  
Steve Page
Steve Page
3 days ago

Not a brave fight,
But a certain defeat.
Not heroic acts,
But daily surrender.
Not a close race,
But the frustration of consecutive false starts
And inevitable disqualification
And expulsion from this life
With no fanfare, but with a sob and a sigh
That sank like a stone
And pulled her family down
Around her
Each in stunned silence
Engulfed by their memories
Of lost opportunities
Looking for resolve to do better
And only, eventually, finding hope
In each other
In the shared endeavour
To love one another, together
As she once did a forever ago.
Our mother could fill
A cup of tea with love
Like no other.

Still watching my mother fade.
#love   #loss   #mother   #tea   #mum  
3 days ago

i love that it took 30 slits for you to realize I needed help. Thanks for leaving me at the emergency room by myself. Don't you ever fucking dare touch me again. I just want to die.

#alone   #mother   #hospital   #sodone  
Axel Stardust
Axel Stardust
4 days ago

She wanted to go home so she tugged on her mother's dress
The loud noises, new giants, and voices troubled her ears
She didn't know how to relax, anxiety shook her
She tugged harder at her mother's dress
This place wasn't familiar to her
But where was it familiar?
I want to go home

She wanted her friends to see how good her life had really turned out
The loud music playing in the background, she brought that CD
She shoved her child towards them like it was feeding time
Never even noticing the small ones shivering bones
I have to tell them about her, only good grades
I want them to know how happy I am
I want them to know
How happy we are

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