To Foundation and Fabric of Love.

To those who loved, in love, and fall for love! I sincerely give thanks to those who share, and those who allow me to share their love poems!  Feel forever free to feed, and allow others to join this celebration! I welcome everyone to join!

Opened up the posting for followers to be able to post their poems, gonna test the water to see if spamming has ended! So scribe your heart out, and let us all enjoy your talent!
  Added by Nishu Mathur  ·  22 minutes ago
Nishu Mathur
Nishu Mathur
22 minutes ago

Not knowing - you and I,
Beyond the planes of physical realm,
An unsaid bond, a baffling tie,
Holds hearts close, overwhelms.

Magnetic pull, an iron hold,
Spanning several seasons,
A bond strong, love in it's folds
Defying logic and reason.
In your hands I place my hand,
Of yours but a reflection,
Writ beyond the laws of land,
The tug of Karmic connection.

Not and I,
Beyond tangible reality,
Unanswered how, unanswered why,
Unfathomable affinity.
Spanning distance, spanning time,
Across the universe,
Like hearts, like minds,
That quietly converse.

In your thoughts I see my own,
Of my mind a reflection,
Knowing  I was never alone -
The pull of a Karmic connection.

#love   #life   #friendship   #bond   #soulmate  
  Added by The Revolutionist  ·  1 day ago
The Revolutionist
The Revolutionist
1 day ago      19 hours ago

I sip my coffee as I gaze into her eyes
we listen to raindrops drip on the windowsill
she reminds of a thunderstorm with no signs of a rainbow....

#love   #truth   #depression   #life   #passion   #pain   #sadness   #beauty   #bitterness   #agony  
  Added by Jamil Hussain  ·  2 days ago
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
Oct 16, 2016

If you promise
To unveil your beauty
Like a rose I will pluck my petals to comfort your pose
I will squeeze the fragrance of my desire
Seeing this humble act
Your heart will

― Jamil Hussain

#love   #fire   #passion   #joy   #sweet   #bliss   #magical   #divine   #declaration   #thoghts  
  Added by McDonald tsiie  ·  2 days ago
2 days ago

Aesthetics visualized
Dissected and processed
Non-corporeal to physical
Infinite particles vibrating
In unfathomable patterns
Disappearing, reappearing
Momentarily stored
In biographic memory
And finally set free
Onto the canvas
of reality

Traveler Tim
Posted on HP 01=15
  Added by Deena  ·  2 days ago
Mar 22      7 days ago      Mar 28, 2017

he won't shut up
when he's around
he wants to write everything
keeps on formulating phrases
couches into flying carpets
swearing that he's seen
the ground from the sky

The Poet
we never know what he's doing -
turning black sheep
into heaven
he's stuck on the inside
looking out

The Poet
he won't shut up
but when I really need him
he's no where to be found

when he wants what
he wants
in these poems of his
I know I'll wind up
embarrassed humiliated and forlorn

The Poet
when he's around
he won't shut up
he keeps going on and on

And when he's gone

  Added by Kerry Mckie  ·  2 days ago
Kerry Mckie
Kerry Mckie
2 days ago

You stayed when the others walked away,
My guiding light, you always shone so bright.
Intoxicating my senses, making me believe I could heal.
But the saddest thing of all is that you're not even real,
No matter how much I try to believe, you're just a fantasy, a work of fiction.
I thought you kept me sane but you became my affliction.
All I ever wanted, and it can never be, my own imagination tortures me.
Pained by my own creation, with no real meaning and no hope of salvation.
Regardless, I can't let go of it. There's no place in reality where I desire to fit.
I might drown in my dreams, so what if I do? I don't know where else to go, if only I knew. I need to stay in my cocoon for just a little while,
oh how I wish something real could make me smile.

  Added by Laura Enright  ·  2 days ago
Laura Enright
Laura Enright
2 days ago      1 day ago

I noticed her first
on the other side of the street
blonde, standing tall
an air of ease
engrossed in whatever she was talking about
with him.

I noticed him then
dark, broad
listening close
hanging on her words as if they were worth money
an expression of admiration
five o’clock shadow
furrowed brow.

I kept my eyes on the grey
of the ground. In the cold
I shuffled my scarf as if she might see it –
the place that he kissed me
above my collar bone, the curve of my neck
two nights ago.
They didn’t notice me at all.

  Added by Divine Dao  ·  2 days ago
2 days ago      2 days ago

Yeah I like plants now..
I notice other peoples plants in their yard and find myself asking them one evening " what kind of plant is that?"  The conversation carries on and we talk about things I never cared about. Turns out, The things I don't care about are a lot more intersting than the things I do..  I decide to grow some roses in my front yard and they bloom in the spring and sometimes in the fall.  Turns out I have what they call a green thumb.. I have the most beautiful roses in town.. I find myself driving a lot slower.  Even when im in my Corvette.. I drive slow hoping this ride will last forever.. I use to drive fast everywhere.. But driving slow gets you there better..  Even if there is no place at all..  I find myself going to small towns more.. Just passing through makes my soul feel better.. Sometimes I stop and walk some random sidewalk.. Under the sun in some small town I have never been to.  So don't be scared to grow a plant, don't be scared to slow down, and don't be scared to go to a random small town.. Life is to fast.. Theres no need to try and get ahead of it.. Just ride with it and see a lot more even if your in one place..

Just passing by
#life   #fast   #slow   #plants  
  Added by Jamil Hussain  ·  2 days ago
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
2 days ago

Come close and
Lend me your lofty ear
I have something so adoring
To tell you O' my

Your moments
Dance in divine hue
And may your nights
Become filled with
Gripping magic so

Aura of
Your magnificence
So charming and so pure
May every soul drown
And forever

Of your majesty
And struck with deep joy
The stars gather in a

You are a queen of
Glory and the moments
Of life are merely
Droplets of

— Jamil Hussain

#love   #feelings   #heart   #soul   #joy   #bliss   #magical   #unity   #loving   #heavenly  
  Added by Jamil Hussain  ·  2 days ago
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
Oct 16, 2016

Lost in thoughts I am
Should I measure your majestic looks in silver
Should I weigh your heavenly curls in gold

Lost in thoughts I am
Should I read the hidden realms within your sparkling eyes
Should I hear the words of your glowing cheeks that are told

Lost in thoughts I am
Should I bear a witness to the universe before me unveiled
Should I keep my eyes gazing at your new divine fold

Lost in thoughts I am
Such secrets so publicly you disclose:
Dancing are rows upon rows of roses
Such is your beauteous pose.

— Jamil Hussain

#love   #life   #eyes   #beauty   #glow   #loving   #looks   #divine   #charms   #sufi  
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