To Foundation and Fabric of Love.

To those who loved, in love, and fall for love! I sincerely give thanks to those who share, and those who allow me to share their love poems!  Feel forever free to feed, and allow others to join this celebration! I welcome everyone to join!

Opened up the posting for followers to be able to post their poems, gonna test the water to see if spamming has ended! So scribe your heart out, and let us all enjoy your talent!
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Lady RF
Lady RF
1 day ago      18 hours ago

He made me feel every moment,

Making me want to live
Inside each one,

By Lady R.F ©2017

20 Years
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4 hours ago

Night dreams conjure births
Such singing life waking us
Bird song in morning

#dream   #life   #sex   #spirit   #spark   #progeny  
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Suzanne Stapleton

When you're ready,
and not a moment before
Set your bones down in the
Water of my love
And Drown in the succour
Flowing there
Til your lungs are heavy
With the weight of a heart
And the currents that jolt through
your skin
Are a reminder of the concert it beat
for you

There, we will let the dead things go,
To be washed away by the tide
of our two streams colliding
In a flurry of consciousness and
Like the moment of revelation
Like a thousand deaths
and Rebirths

And we will breathe
At last,
with sopping lungs and dripping bones,
Raw and aching and utterly
Filled to the brim with each other,
Overflowing with electricity and
Only when you are ready
To shed the armour of your skin
And drown.

#love   #fear   #life   #death   #water  
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Max Vale
Max Vale
21 hours ago

A shining beacon full of light,
Its light guides the ships away,
Defends ships from the rocks at night.
So the ships may sail another day.

Light + House = Lighthouse
  Added by Kelly Weaver  ·  1 day ago
Kelly Weaver
Kelly Weaver
2 days ago

Lust has a name
The same name I whisper in my dreams
Lust has hands as soft as silk and eyes that shine like the stars
Touch like lightening and a laugh like thunder
A smile that could blind.

And Heartbreak shares this name
Heartbreak has a voice that could tear down walls
A grip that could crush the pyramids and words that could turn tides
It has the power to make you wish for the impossible and ache at the sight of a face
I should know.

Lust and Heartbreak have a name.

You know it like it's your own.

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #depression   #lust   #crush   #rejection  
  Added by Mary Scott  ·  2 days ago
Mary Scott
Mary Scott
2 days ago

I don't miss fucking on your brothers bed, sweating on plastic wrapped mattresses,
Or hitting my head on the frame,
Hearing my name when you came,
Or laughing about getting caught too many times to count,
I don't miss wasting away on your couch, watching Game Show Network and eating takeout,
Or making out after fighting,
Or turning out the lights in the house to sneak by the rest of the family after sex,
I don't miss it but I digress

#love   #sex   #personal   #freeverse   #nsfw   #jmk  
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Mary Scott
Mary Scott
2 days ago

Oh, God I'm freaking out
What if I never get around
To pursuing my dreams and I stay stuck
Like the lump in my throat that stings
An ember burning its way through my chest
But never gets deep enough to see what I need, where I need to be and what makes me feel free oh god,
Oh, god I'm freaking out
What if I never get around
To pursuing my dreams
The East coast buries me under slush and AC leakage, oh God I can't breathe
Oh god I'm freaking out,
What if I never get around
To me,
And then it's too late
I need to escape

#love   #fear   #anxiety   #summer   #young   #travel   #freeverse   #jmk  
  Added by Max Vale  ·  2 days ago
Max Vale
Max Vale
2 days ago

Throw sticks and logs into the fire,
To keep it alive.
Let its light guide you and shine,
And may its light be a gift to us all.

  Added by Sarah Mulqueen  ·  2 days ago
Sarah Mulqueen
Sarah Mulqueen
2 days ago

My body is a temple, one I must uphold.
My body is a temple,
A temple with a few bricks askew?
The foundations no longer stable?
Moss and ivy growing up the sides, finding all the crevasses.

To look at, all but a natural beauty.
I'm weathered at such a ripe young age.
My body is a temple.
But this temple needs a grave.

I can't call the architect,
To tell them they fucked up.
All the sympathetic looks, or sideways glares.
No one truly understand the amount I learn,
from the way they look at me.

My body is a safety hazard.
No warning sign required.
Hips and arms clicking and cracking. Legs, back and neck no better

Ease me up gently and handle with care.
I'll bruise with the slightest pressure.
My temple may as well be completely collapsed right on top of me.

My temple has a leak causing the structure to rot.
I don't have the energy,
To fix myself again.
I don't have the energy.
I'm barely even still me.

In April last year I found out my bone cyst had returned in my right humorous. I later found out I had been misdiagnosed and actually had something called Fibrous Dysplasia (
Which is something a lot more serious than an Anuerysmal Bone Cyst which is what I previously thought I had.

Without sounding mellow dramatic I hope I was able to portray how my body feels on a day to day basis with chronic pain.
  Added by Abbie Orion  ·  2 days ago
Abbie Orion
Abbie Orion
Jul 20, 2016

Marble statues seem so solemn
And comparatively less still than us
As in the calm 11 o'clock evening
We are half adrift
Sleeping drunken off each others' presence
What is love if it is not being
Curled into the curve of your arm
And just being?
I can hardly remember the dark days from this view
I can hardly remember not having you
The heartbreak, when
Feeling lost never felt so good as feeling found.
I belong here
In the warmth of a summer night tucked into you
More than I've ever belonged in a place or time
Or ever will

#love   #poetry   #life   #memories   #dreams   #hopes   #summer   #you   #peaceful   #calm  
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