To Foundation and Fabric of Love.

To those who loved, in love, and fall for love! I sincerely give thanks to those who share, and those who allow me to share their love poems!  Feel forever free to feed, and allow others to join this celebration! I welcome everyone to join!

Opened up the posting for followers to be able to post their poems, gonna test the water to see if spamming has ended! So scribe your heart out, and let us all enjoy your talent!
  Added by Col Muhammad Khalid Khan  ·  5 hours ago
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

Let me give your stream water of life
Let me take taste and flavor of youth
Be mine take me on the edge of knife
With reality and truth, let me sooth

Let me suck all wine from the grapes
Let me take all wine from the fountain
Let me travel through curves ,shapes
Let me in front of blazon just to stun

Let me play with full moon at night
Let me seek beauty from the hideouts
Let me take all streaks of your light
Let my beloved clear all your doubts

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

  Added by Joshua Haines  ·  9 hours ago
Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines
9 hours ago

Your pretty face,
all scattered in black,
back to the steel --
that's how they
disappeared you.

My emptiness is
measured in rust;
drenched in the rain
that'll soak your dust.

I've wrapped you in
the red wind-breaker
I've never owned,
hoping it'll change some--
--thing, anything at all.

That'll soak your dust.
Please, Please, tell me
you won't leave me be.

There's your voice
an ear-worm in my --
I wish you'd come back,
my little guy.
I'm such a degenerate
with you off of that
tight-rope I've found my--
--self on. Why'd you gone,
Where'd you gone, my son.
Where'd you gone, my sun.
Where'd you gone, my son.
Where'd, Why'd you gone.

That'll soak your dust.
Please, Please, tell me
you won't leave me be.

#love   #death   #depressed   #tabby  
  Added by Ormond  ·  1 day ago
2 days ago      1 day ago

Our life flows lush tended gardens now,

Lake waters with sun conspire to shine,

Mountains breaking through the clouds,

Lone eagle erasing all that is lost of sky.

#love   #peace   #life   #nature   #lovers   #wisdom  
  Added by Clementine Eleos  ·  2 days ago
Clementine Eleos
Clementine Eleos
2 days ago      1 day ago

I must sound
Like a chocolate wrapper
Crumbled up with cliche intentions
But oh, the sun is so healing on Saturdays
The weekend's bounty fueled by her light
My glacierlungs start to melt
I feel alright
On the train
To see my best friend
Soaking it all in
Finally unbroken
75 degrees in February
Never felt so incredible
I don't feel terrible
I must sound so redundant
But you would play the same song 100
Times a day if it made you feel alive,
Wouldn't you?

#love   #sun   #happy   #friend   #spring  
  Added by Deena  ·  2 days ago
2 days ago      1 day ago

Days like one terrible
circle after another
nothing but mud
whiskey and the river
bad debts and the weather
daylight disappearing
beneath the water
like husbands
or favorite daughters
reason enough for old
women to be weeping
after the rain comes
sweeping by the bay
window looking out
at their cold world wet
from its own darkness
what do they need, what
can they possibly say?

  Added by Light House  ·  2 days ago
Lady RF
Lady RF
4 days ago

She used to be
A full moon,
But now she's only half,

She used to be a bubbly little explosion,
But now she can barely laugh.

She used to be a bright, sparkly,
Shiny little star,
Hanging in a pitch-black sky,

But now she's but a shooting star
Falling from way up high.

She used to be on-top of the world,
Until it came crashing down,

The ground beneath her steardy feet
Was stolen by an evil clown.

She used to be a carefreee,
Lively girl -
Loving endlessly,

Now she's but a hopeless fool
Crying and dying
On the inside -
Daily and nightly.

By Lady R.F ©2017

Nothing stays the same!
We can only pray
And try to stay strong.

God bless anyone who is hurting -
Anyone feeling alone!
  Added by Alexander Butler  ·  2 days ago
Alexander Butler

A message I sent
Seen and then left unanswered
My incomplete heart

  Added by Deena  ·  2 days ago
Don't Call Me Johnny
5 days ago      5 days ago

Truth pains the suavely deceptive, the worldly
who apparently see its simple revelation--indeed
its very existence--as an affront to good manners, a breach
of their liar's etiquette. Should the weak, the sly, the corrupt
and the amoral plot to destroy you, take heart! You, in all
likelihood, represent something intolerable to them
someone they cannot control with their lies; someone
who reveres the truth. When the torturers come
to "convert" you, when they try to break you
down with their painful cuts, you will
most certainly not bleed to death
you will--as do all preservers
of The Light--
bleed to life.

  Added by Ysa Pa  ·  2 days ago
Ysa Pa
Ysa Pa
7 days ago

During the brief moment
Of utmost vulnerability
The end of fairy tale kisses
Marking the era of a cruel reality

With the intention of shattering
You came, caressing the scars
With glimpses of desperation
And envying the collision of stars

With my inability to hinder
Your plans to have mine stolen
During my reconstruction of walls
You planned out the forbidden

You acted, without a shred of doubt
I responded, through utter loss
Now that its ended, I still can't believe
That what I warned others of, happened to us

Nts... Feb 17
#lies   #him   #deceit   #weakness   #unforgiven  
  Added by Woody  ·  3 days ago
3 days ago

When I go out at night
trying to sweep up the stars
my woman grows weary
of the cold weather in me
she thinks I am with someone
else, but it is midnight
and I am alone with the moon
that woman in a red dress
standing on the beach
but you see, it is an empty
plate with no supper, or
maybe a piece of stationery
without a lover's phone number.

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