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ZainaMusic Feb 2017
its crazy
how the thought of you
suddenly creep up

you are in my mind
i tried to erase you
but, you always seem
to call me
and want to re-start
this time

could we just have
a deep connection
is our love
cause no matter
how far i am
you seem to know
when to call
before i fall

not going to lie
life can sometimes
be hard
and sometimes
i miss our late night
but that was once a upon time ago
cause the more i think
it just reminds me
of the years i spent
in my red sheets
with my tears.

By: ZainaMusic
ZainaMusic Mar 2016
Not Again
I will let you
you in
Not Again
I will look you
in those deceiving
You will
not get to me
I cut that line
a long time ago...

By: ZainaMusic
ZainaMusic Dec 2015
I wish you could
Understand who I am

I cherished
and  loved you
You comfort me
In certain ways
That you wouldn't understand
I hate it when you
Left me alone
Alone In a empty bed
Without you holding me
Felt like I was casted away
What am I saying?
How could you understand
You never cared
You just lied
Sometimes I blame myself
How could allow myself to love someone
Who doesn't exist.

By: ZainaMusic
Love wish lied cared understand
ZainaMusic Oct 2015
Its time
Its time to let go
and be free
to be whatever
you want to be
Don't look back
to what you used to be
The past is now a memory
is your chance to start again

ready, set, and go.....


By: ZainaMusic
ZainaMusic Oct 2015
Am. I. still. in. love. with. you
cant  seem to understand
how my heart led to you
Yes, its true
I was fooled
sometime I get upset
with the *******
you say
I start to curse you out
then I get in the mood
wanting your drug
your plug
umm, I love the way
your lips press against mine
oh, I adore you
mi amor
but your gone
our love is gone
we are done
I will never forget you
mi amor.

By: ZainaMusic
ZainaMusic Sep 2015
I knew
Our love won't last forever
Too many lies
Lied between your tongue
As I lay down
In my red sheets
deep. soaked.  hurt.  
by the damage
You left behind
you are gone
The time we shared
Has now casted away
Buried deep
10 feet under
In the ground
There is no you
There is no us
There is no love

By: ZainaMusic
ZainaMusic Sep 2015
How will I know
I need to know
are you the one?
the one I've been dreaming of
are you my true love?
I've been searching
for you
dreaming of you
thinking about you
are you the one?
I need to know.

By: ZainaMusic
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