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Ysabelle Aug 2015
I am starting anew,
A battle without you.

I know for sure,
*I'll win this too.
  Aug 2015 Ysabelle
Im starting to like
        the weather again
Im starting to feel less pain
                every now and then

Things are
    getting lighter
Places are
    getting wider
Ysabelle Aug 2015
It's midnight
No one can notice me crying
They look at me
I smiled.
They never knew,
That at this very moment
I put an end to a good love story.
Ysabelle Aug 2015
Write your chapter one.
#THESISIT #RoadtoGraduation haha
Ysabelle Aug 2015
I want you, I want us.
I don't even know why,
But I chose to let you go.

****** it!
Ysabelle Aug 2015
You know
I am not even sure,
If I am really inlove with you.

Or only..
With the verses of the poem.
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