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Cameron Pfeifer Nov 2013
A blank slate placed in front of an adventurous child
My imagination took me across the globe,
While my feet danced across my backyard.
Freshly cut grass grew into a weeded jungle,
Only a six year old could appreciate.
The sun was only a summersault away,
And I reached up to the sky with my stubby fingers
To form marshmallow clouds into pirate ships, and circus animals
Back when the moon was made of swiss cheese and superheroes really could fly
No one dared to whisper the word ‘impossible’
To a boy who feared nothing
Carly Salzberg Sep 2012
I am barely a mineral now, not yet a woman in the ground,
not yet growing gardens and begging people to cook my peppers.
My home is dizzy from my constant re-entry, which helps me to cheat,
in life I am looking for the harvest in  people. I am a thread of cotton pulling
every word like it is more porous than the next, which helps me.
I summersault through conversations rather read in sharpie,
on the last corner white space of bathroom stalls,
alone and blushed. I remember love like a tagline inviting a smile
and messages to strangers. When I look in the mirror I am always inhaling,
my mouth says O, O I am out of excuses. I tell everyone I’m tired of working,
which helps me to hide in my comet ways. I am tight-lined,  
which is to say I feel love on the hairs of my arms, the wind,
the blades of fans speak to me at night when I have nothing left to say.
I am licensed to moving. In the dark in the cities public spaces and
also in alleyways I am soft like a moonbeam. I am convinced the world is a sewer,
which helps me to explain the exchange of waste and skin and the secrets hidden
in tunnels of shadows. When I move the world blurs with me like a heartbeat.
I am underground like the sewer, rotten in negative spaces, which helps me,
to hear the echo ripple swish of every piece of trash call my name.
I have no response. Some days the world is too *****. One day I will learn
to quilt and stitch together every important face, which will help me
to remember my grandmother and how she loved to balloon to the sky.
I dream she is a large magellanic cloud beaming out of the universe, the force
of believing is the word Hallelujah sung from the lips of Leonard Cohen.
It is midnight. It is noon. I close my eyes for a second and I see myself as miles
from the moon. I am running every day now and there is nothing left to see. My heart
is a kitchen door swinging and it does not want to stop.
Catrina Sparrow Jan 2013
the morning after always hurts the worst
hazy brain
summersault stomach
and where in the hell is my car

i want a pizza
or two

it was nice to see you
i've missed your smile
and condensed stare
and the shape that your lips make while you confess your love to the beer bottle's neck

that explains the jameson
and all the beers at the bar
the beer bongs at the after party
and why i could stomach the strippers

it was all you
so nice to see you

why do i always feel guilty when the sun comes up

no one got a black eye
i didn't grab the mic
and my clothes stayed on until i was safely home
the cab driver may have caught a glance

to think
i'm "all grown up"

i'm not at all sorry
not for the whiskey gut
or the fire i'll throw up
or the kisses that i didn't plant along your collar
i'm still the same floral-print ship-wreck at the bottom of the bottle

my mother once said that the only people worth clinging to
are those who see all of your greatness outweighing your flaws

you still see the holes in my tights
and my falling hem line
not the honey sweet legs they shape
or the hips and thighs that the denim hides
i'll be just fine as the german genie in the bottle of irish whiskey

and slack-jawed
and ready to kiss the lips off the face of the clock
and two shots away from dancing with the cops
i look great in hand-cuffs
i'll whistle the whole way to jail

small victories weigh the most
and right now
i feel like muhammed ali

thanks, babe

here's two asprin that glow better than your eyes
and they're mine
waiting to chase away the pain that came up with the sun
here's to endings that aren't a safe bet
here's to sleeping alone
here's to new mistakes
just waiting to happen

*water never tasted so good to me
B Mar 2015
You're laying on the beach on a hot summer day. You start sweating so you decide to cool off in the ocean for a second. You go too deep and you're swept off your feet and you find yourself tumbling under the waves. You come up for air but only for a second until the next wave crashes on top of you. Water  is filling your nose, burning as it travels down your throat.You struggle to regain your footing. When the waves finally calm, you surface and you see that you have  traveled farther than you expected. You start to swim back to shore, but unfortunately, another wave is forming. You swim faster hoping to escape your fate, but it's too late. You're already trapped under the forceful waves and you find yourself doing summersault after summersault. You claw your way back up to the surface looking around to see where you are. You're close to shore, so you swim back, letting the current push you. You decide to lay in the sand for a second to catch your breath.
So tell me, is this what it felt like to love them?

When Robots ruled And “The Guardian” went into liquidation
It will be a strange quiet world when robots take over
there will be no middle-class the ranting of the eggheads
in the Guardian will cease their utterings will be quaint.
At the time when robots were perfected a pill emerged on
the market  made women and men infertile until they
wanted to start a family, alas, it was irreversible and it only
Takes a generation. The poor was working for the robots
picking up trash such as screws, the streets were empty
and cars were obsolete.
Some robots that had received too much learning wrote
Books to each other – as they did now- and had literary
reviews, but since each book sounded like another down
to the ****** “,” it fell out of vogue, so much academia
and no one to buy their books. At the same time as it was
discovered by the human workers that when a friendly
robot accepted a glass of beer it made a summersault, froze
and became a piece of junk leaking oil.
The fight back began the robots had not been programmed
To tolerate Alcohol, the Achilles heel, and the workers were
Jubilant waved flags
No longer should robots- any robots with mechanical learning
whether university or not- to rule over them.
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
Your touch,
sends chills,
racing through,
my entire body.

Your smile,
sends jolts,
of electricity,
through my heart.

The words you say,
make my heart skip,
the way you talk,
makes my head summersault.

The worse part,
of this whole thing,
is I can't tell you,
and you don't even know...
Brycical Jul 2011
Whenever I close my eyes,
I become a sketch of myself, on paper.
My body, and the world, is two-dimensional.
Shadows only slant, and I am without substance;
there is only one visible side of me at a time.

In these moments, I only fear
someone ripping me up
or burning me to ashes.
I feel lighter too,
like I could just
                     swan dive.

Once my eyes open again
I am weighted.
I am tired.
I am full.
I’m whole.
Rachel Oct 2011
The looming grey stone sits eerily beside me,
whispering haunting memories in my ear.
They skip and summersault around my kneeling form,
reminding me of the time we were welcome here.
Only until that mocking wooden box violently enclosed you in its embrace,
suffocating you underneath the complaints of the green blades as they bump into one another when the wind blows.
If you were here we could face the ecstatic world together,
but I’d rather just let the musty earth ease me into slumber
beside you.
Elizabeth Been Jul 2016
watch me daddy!
she yelled at 6 years old
she does a summersault and he didn't pay attention.
watch me daddy?
she asks at 10 years old
she takes her first dive and he didn't even notice.
watch me, dad
she tells him at 17 years old
as she walks up to receive her diploma.
he didn't even look up not registering her success.
But she paid attention, she noticed, it registered that he didn't care.
watch me daddy...
she whispered and weeped
as she jumped of that chair with the rope around her neck and ***** on her breath.
he noticed, he paid attention, it registered he had forgotten and now he had lost his little girl.
he realized actions speak louder than words.

sometimes i feel like this girl but other timds i remember im not
angellliina May 2014
Pull me in like the tide
Engulf me with your being
Hit me with rocks that are hurtful words
Make me summersault in the water like I do with my thoughts
Keep me under, gasping for breaths
Make me question your supposed gentleness
Bring me up to the surface, taunt me, then force me back down to rock bottom
Pull me in like the tide
Damage me, torture me
Then release me to the shore, longing to be back in your possession
Release me to the shore, broken and bruised
Leave your mark on me, make sure I will never be able to heal

Bea Autumn Jan 2019
It's all grey rained yesterday

Freezing cold here today

Ready to go out and play

So I'm skipping Winter

Gonna summersault to May
ready for summer!
S Smoothie Apr 2019
The flicker of last nights midnight memory rushed through my head
the heart gave an obligatory thump while it tried to double summersault
it was the slightest touch bare skin on bare skin but I felt it so deep
magnatised by the heat in your stare, hips arching to its target
lips parted hanging in the air sending out invitations without care
it was a moment locked in eternity and you bent your head everso slightly
I swore swore you leaned in just before your phone rang
and love had brought you back to your senses and left me with
sweet nothings and a ache gouged deep across my pelvis
that tore me unexpectedly all the way through my heart

because you texted to say hey.
Stu Harley May 2016
a sea of
Scottish startling
organic soup
burst and sway
Indian white clouds
swift wings
jack knife
Solomon blue sky
Peace Oct 2018
I am a butterfly
opening bitterly

to something
eerily comforting

intoxicating are you..

intrigued of your stance
& magnified is my love

I behold my fears
& place them
into your hands

taunted by your gracious

my stomach summersault
twisting & turning

my spirit soars high
higher than a human
ever made me climb

my knees buckle
from the pressure
of your heart

I am heated
& drunk off this cloud

hoping to let go
but daring myself
to never climb down

to the person I once was

before you claimed me,
as your special,
Paul Hardwick Dec 2016
When you find
your mind
overnight has done a summersault
in your head
for now
I do not know
which way is up
or are my feet down
do not know how to feel at all
For my heart flipped
my soul is upside down
now my head is my toe
maybe after coffee
I will know

Is maybe,
or if maybe, died
I can shake my head
so I know I am still alive
so I ask you all
does my mind disappear
and come back in my left ear
and land upside down
within my head,

Don't you hate that?
A question for you all,
sorry, my mind is trying to slip out my ear.

P@ul ***.
Michael Mar 2018
how each face you turn
is another cheek for me
to meekly reach toward

an attraction to
rate of change

the first one was coy
it held me in its gaze
and built a house of straw
for me to crawl in

the second, more familiar
a me in you for me to see
and dive into head first
familiarity scratching at the scalp

the third, half smile and half frown
the kind of face that martyrs itself
on a crown of need, a list of to dos
that cause a summersault inside me

the fourth, set in glass
fixed, permanent, fragile
one misstep and it's bad luck
seven years of wandering

away from you
Napolis Apr 2019
After  twenty -one
years of

our love
still plays
in one

like back

on a

not taking

nor needing

and gypsy
day dreams

paint our

and I
what do

heart to
take me


I wouldn't

now would
I ever want
to again...
The black raid Escalade see me block the shade
Haters love to fade mad cuz i made scope out the preyed
On the strong Christen bongs write dope songs wrongs
Flexed over right my sight ignite my mental to new heights
Scary Mary listening to her windy cries across the skies
All lies footsteps dressed in blue and red still fed
The same lies through the same eyes I be the wise
Got a tip from Solomons goetias got no patience
No more built for war multiple scars tears of the poor
Still flooding the earth but humidity keep the rich gritty
Sillys laid up in the sunshine finna be grind turned slime
Snakes hiding the grass that's why I keep a low stash
180 on the dash as I mind mash away from problems
Paradigm new age dimes chipping to nickle signs
Masked just to make a daily bask expose the wrath
Thanos attitude spoiled like 8 month seafood
Fouls smells sniff out the tattle tails holy grail
Hung on since I gotta grip reality still on a slip
Into darkness mark this visions of a steel carcass
Silver surfer dodged the meat merger splurger
Only on the mint greens govs nannies babies
Industry Hades hard to beat the if ands or maybes

Complex like Doom got ya ears consumed bloomed
By the thought that' was brought by ya paying attention
Wicked ambition done by sinful living still giving
Wishful thinking no blinking see ya souls sink in drinking
Holy wine enlighten my thirty three spines close divine
Threw aways the pines summersault fines
Thrown but I skipped over the skulls and bones clones
By drones tryna pick my every move time wise grooves
Grandfathered clocks twirling portals hurdles
Back up in the black age uncaged filled with rage
Swords knives grenade still leaning of Nats guage
Blast from the past tilt the flask chemical rash
Eating up the coils of rotten humanity sanity
Rationals to abnormality fantasy painted vividly
Across the TVs getting a dose of the over most
Can't think with a clogged mind supreme broken lines
Judged by the afterlife faceless entities hidden energies
Just an unlocked mystery black as an abyss be rollin' 5D
Placed back up in the sunshine where my pineals glands be

— The End —