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Like a jeweled locket inside my chest
                                     that's where my love for you does rest
Encased embossed upon my heart
                                     my love for you right from the start
Your love shines as a ruby brilliant to behold
                                      in my soul the gem I hold
Our love was foretold so long ago
                                      before the ancients of old
My heart belongs only to you
                                     always & forever it will be true
Like perfect gems take years to evolve
                                     Soul mates found each other resolved
A precious gem placed inside this heart
                                     Solid as stone destined never to depart
love *rubies
When cupids arrow hit its mark

I knew I loved you right from the start

No stronger love could ever be

Our love will last in eternity

Wishing you Happy Valentines Day

Kisses & hugs with love to stay
Happy Valentines Day! xoxo
You shine my sky

With your love that

Keeps me so high

The only man

I can ever fly with

We whirl a circled dance

Our limitless romance

Who takes my hand

Leads me to dream land

Soaring heights past blue

Found in you a love so true
Bea Autumn Jan 23
I'm expecting some miracles to come today

For me and my love ones heading our way

A bird brought me a sign perched in my view

Telling my spirit new beginnings come true

Prayers have gone up my faith brings the dew

All hopes dreamed in love will fall fresh from you

My thanks to God his answers always come through

worshipping I tuned into a heavenly choir with halos

golden angels with harps singing beautiful acapellas

I'm feeling the flow falling new things abounding

Turning things around with changes to be outstanding

Expectations arising with accelerations moving fast

Leaving the bad things behind now over and past
I believe in miracles
Bea Autumn Jan 23
I'm free
At light speed
I can't stop
Heading your
Believing in
Those arms
For protection
Please catch
Before I
I think were
A perfect
with arms wide open
Bea Autumn Jan 23
Gravity pulls us intensely we feel

A love force strong as magnets to steel

Moves with me each step that I take

Kisses me each day with never a break

As fields of roses attached with your proses

Like lead is woven weaves love never broken

Joined we're magnets bonded by attraction

Connected by each others life force reaction

With promises entwined choosing a bond

Together holding we'll always stay strong

Nothing or no one could pull us apart

Our love sealed together never to depart
love is a force
Bea Autumn Jan 23
You lace my world with love
Sent to me from up above

You trace my face with fingers
Felt as feathers of a dove

Your eyes gazing deep into mine
Nothing else exists except our time

Chase this heart you captured
Wrapped in deepest rapture

Stood beside me through some pain
Carried me home to happiness again

You took me hand in hand
To our place this promised land
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