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Peace Aug 29
I've acquired growth. So much so that my lips cannot form the words. I am speechless, stuck in a continuous path of change.

I've acquired such loss, yet my eyes see a ray of hope. Light beyond the tunnel, past the bridge.

I've acquired strength. My arms unable to carry the load which my shoulders have grown to handle.

I am no longer the same.

Willing to take risks.



My, have I changed.
Simply put.
Peace Mar 5
I met someone that took my past away. He had given me a sense of home, peace & love. I valued his heart. His beautiful, works of art. In his arms I rested. I laid bare, without reservations. He took away my hidden love. Almost a decades long, of childish love. As he wiped my thoughts clean of him, I've became purely his world & he mine.

We sit amongst each other with broken promises & dreams. Hurt, blame & shame now lives in our brain. Unspoken communication now resides & in our place holds a void. If only we can break the noise long enough to hear our voice reach out to one another, in this widen field of pain. We'd be back in each other's arms, safely tucked away. Laughing & enjoying each other's company, again..
Peace Mar 1
I closed my eyes
in return


I laughed

I crumbled
with no pressure on
my shoulders

Just life called
me to a place

Destiny speaks
with muted lips

I'm tangled
in cozy sheets


My way,
back to the surface

I'm finally realizing

We oft are alive but not living. Shalom
Peace Dec 2018
Bodies shared. Hearts gathered together in cheer. Minds overlapped & visions clear. A goal set, for next year. To be one, solid, welded. Chained & Unbroken. Mashing personalities together, like a baby in a mother's womb. A  conversion of perspectives. Feeding one another, fruits of the spirit. Dying to let go of the cynical. The incriminating need to be self centered. To feel loved & be loved. Is the desire of both souls. Looking upwards to the sky above for direction; on how to build a river of memories, a timeline of melodies, in a life full of tragedies.
Growing in love.
Peace Dec 2018
Let the rain touch, speak & pour over my emotions. A whiff of thunder, a cloudy chance of a storm brewing. The darkening of the skies. Washing away, the colours of the day. Night in midday, windy in humid air. Tis the atmosphere is changing. Approaching is war. A fight within self. As Spirit is preparing for the battle ahead.

Come wash over me
Peace Nov 2018
Walk in my shoes
& feel the sun beam
upon my dark skin

Feel the burdens
pile, inch by inch
depth, width, height
& mourn

Let your eyes tear up


Let them fall
& replace your ignorance
with compassion

I am human
but you fight me
with a shield

Your eyes are the window
to your weapon

Resist the urge
to growl

Close those barrels
in your mind

Relax the tension
in your heart
& breathe
in a new air

Let dawn approach
as you become
a new being

Ready to take on
the ugliness
of the world..

a servant
Peace Oct 2018
I am a butterfly
opening bitterly

to something
eerily comforting

intoxicating are you..

intrigued of your stance
& magnified is my love

I behold my fears
& place them
into your hands

taunted by your gracious

my stomach summersault
twisting & turning

my spirit soars high
higher than a human
ever made me climb

my knees buckle
from the pressure
of your heart

I am heated
& drunk off this cloud

hoping to let go
but daring myself
to never climb down

to the person I once was

before you claimed me,
as your special,
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