Peace 1d
I cannot hide in my fortress,
this cloak has fallen,
and in it's place,
stands my barren feelings,
here in this puddle,
is the lost of my innocence..
Peace 1d
I am a passerby. A hello and goodbye. A "it is nice to meet you and I hope we meet again soon." I am a "I love you, I wish we could have been more."

I am a mystery. A staring of the eyes and hoping the person's yearnings were heard, seen, understood. I am what you wish to have, but will never obtain.

I am silence. I am a midnight blues and you are the sun. Wishing to cast your light on me, praying we could journey on.

I am a passerby. Watching those that walk by come and go. I am a passerby, witnessing many, wish to understand me more. I am a passersby, in love with solitude and galore..

A passerby that wants nothing more than simple conversations, intriguing looks and long gazing truths. I am a passerby, that has no time for relations, no time for more.

So please pass me by and let the memory of me, hold you close at night. I am a passerby, only meant to be spoken to for the night.. Shalom

a servant
Introverted & Particular. I wrote this nearly a year ago.
Peace 4d
I have taken a turbulent, tumble in the darkness of my mind. In here I lay naked. Shakened but unmoved. I want to grab hold of the rope but in my quest to find peace, I rest in this void. I sleep in this delusion. I delight in the waves. Here, I lose parts of me. Here, I search for solitude. Here, I see the life before me unfold; until I decide I don't want to be here anymore..

a servant
Peace 5d
I am but a woman,
becoming unclothed,
in front of an audience,
that easily,
and discard,
the misunderstood..

a servant
To show the truth of who you are; is costly..
Peace 6d
Comfort, came to her like a wave. Inhaling what it feels like to be free. Feeling the tingles increase as she falls deeper into the bedding of his promises.

Security, in sensing, he's strong enough to protect her from the storm. Awakening to every part of her, she needs tended to, in order to give her all..

Laughter, such sweet sounds, grow denser, heavier with each laugh compressed out of her stomach.

Cherished, by the arms that wraps around her before she leaves like a thief in the night.

Honesty, in the sincerity of his eyes. Emotions runs high with each trust she emblems.

Trust, oh how it's given with each action he proves to be correct to his character.

Sensitivity, he observes he needs and blesses her with, as he understands her inner parts.

Wonder, the looks she gives, every time he walks pass her. With each gift he releases unto her, she's honored to be remembered by him.

Passion, it turns into thunder, lightning slashes across the skies, unable to contain, what's shared between them.

Thoughtfulness, the richness he has for her. Keeps him reaching a high he'll never come down from. He continues to be selfless for her.

Respect, boundaries he treads lightly. Not willing to lose the levels they've climbed together.

He do these things, because he loves her. He sees she's worth the climb. Every bit of patience it takes to reach deep within her heart and get a glimpse of her soul. He keeps going, for they are one. Shalom

a servant
I wrote this nearly a year ago. We as women (humans) should never sell ourselves short.
Peace Jun 11
Puff, puff,
the need,
of their cigarette,

The incomplete feeling,
of not having,
the freedom,
each huff,

The tips,
of their fingers,
just for one,

the smoke,
into their,

the filter,
as if it's a lovers,
each line on their lips,
savoring its taste.

Lifting their heads,
slightly high,
as they blow,
the waves,
to the sky.

Thinking deeply,
and releasing,
stressing less,
the craving,
of their addiction,
under control.

The tingles,
within their nerves,

Until the beacon,
of its poison,
calls again.

a servant
I watch all walks of life, inhale the same, smoke.. It accepts all, it's universally, unbiased. As long as you, keep buying.
Peace Jun 11
This skin..

Has hardened over the years. It went from innocence to mystery to misery.

This skin, has lived through times. This skin, has lightened, darkened, shaded and scarred overtime.

This skin, cannot be replaced; changed or reversed. I am what I've lived. I am what I've seen.

I am what I've touched, I am what I've done..

This skin, tells stories. This skin, gives vibes and history to those looking upon me.

This skin, is a road map of me. This skin, cannot be denied, transformed or unhinged.

No matter how hard I may have tried to hide. My skin will always expose me.

This skin, has and will always be writing history until the day I die. I cannot change what my skin has endured.

My name is Shiloh and I am this skin..

a servant

— The End —