Peace Aug 7
Tendrils of my emotions spiral out, like a flower ready to bloom.

     I have found a sense of home in

Sprinkling down,
is the sweat beading upon my forehead,
increasing my neediness of your medicine.

I drink in your strength and bury my fears into your neck.

I see the confidence of your eyes and taste the genuineness of your humility.

Your skin grows within my skin as we fight to lose the shackles of our lives,
to find ourselves,
in each other's view..
You have to let love, be the loudest voice, that you hear..
Peace Jul 19
Touch the stream of her essence & let your hands flow through the river.

As the air guides your desires you feed off the heartbeat, of her emotions.

Frequencies sending waves of her sent,
whiffs of the undying,
undoing of her beauty taking you to heights unknown.

You drifting to the edge of this garden of vibrant possibilities,
continue to control the animalistic side of you to possess,
& claim the body of the innocent,
inviting woman,
of your clan.
Peace Jul 16
I looked for you to be perfect
& in return you seeked my perfection.
In this twist of twisted reflection in ourselves we rejected the truth..
By not acknowledging, we will forever be flawed.
We drifted like sand in the sea.
We lost ourselves in the abyss
& in this we lost,
the meaning of our youthful love.
Accepting, what's hard to face. The individuality parts of us all.
Peace Jul 11
Bleeding internally
excepting fate tragically
calling out to the universe
like a wolf howling
at the moon

preacher, preacher,
save the heart
of the fallen

give Grace to the blind
& heal the mind

preacher, preacher
where have the time gone?

life has traveled away
and in it's place
is an empty canvas

no painter to paint
a heavenly place
just a blank
expressionless face

preacher, preacher
do you have time
to save me to?

preacher, preacher
I apologize,
for you're only
human too..
Peace Jul 10
She wore a dress
with a split
thigh high

the essence of her skin
feeling the pulls & tugs
of it's silky fabric

against her skin
nature breathes
it's yearnings

calling for her flower
aching to touch
the delicacy
of her bud

as she walks
the wind blows
to expose
what's hidden

the scent
of her
the noses of the

in this dress
she wore
her womanhood

those that watched
her walk by
with the hopes
of tasting
her delicate..
Peace Jul 9
I want
to lay my head
on the shoulders
of a man
as he shape my
like clay in the potters hands

His lips
becoming the music
to my broken ears

& every time I doubt
what his heart is saying
he lays his head
on my breast
as he whispers
my fears away

I want to
heal & shed
the darkness of the world
from the pores
of my skin

In the arms
of this angelic man

I need to believe
in the possibility
of love..
Peace Jul 5
Pressure pounds upon my head, like a waterfall; brushing ever so lightly on my fingertips. In this moment, I have the reality of submerging myself in the intensity of this unknown place. Barricading my thoughts like a robber in a standoff; I ponder the actions of setting myself free..
The pressures of life..
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