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Ma Cherie Sep 2016
Speaking of broken hearts
and mended fenced in mem'ries  
I am painting skies
of tangerine, saffron
& an illuminated lilac hue
against the starkly contrasted crisp cornflower blue, stretching canvas that is
along with all the
other blindingly beautiful colors of a twilight sky

And those dripping cotton candy stratospheric clouds
Ice crystals freezing into supercooled
water droplets
Streaking the sky in cirrus whispers
..I hear them whisper, "hello"...

Blinding beauty
through unadulterated sunlight
I am fleeced like a lamb
watching in awe, wonder
then stomping sounds
of coming thunder,

Finding depth and height
out  in the stratosphere
Blinded by the
After Light
or afterglow
affected by the amount of haze
I'm in a daze I am reaching

High above the fading light
of a brilliant early fall sunset
I take a big breath
of that sumptuous air
and twirl my skirted legs
my painted toes
where I know
I am back
to solid ground

Appreciating the last time
I say sleep well
to you  my dear
summertimes sweet mem'ries
and the fun we had this year.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Wow....idk. Felt inspired.
MalakF Jul 2018
During summer is when my head fogs up even more, its when I begin to lose control. This happens each summer and it always ends the same way.
‘Hurry up’ I thought,
‘Take me away’.
Anne Mar 2018
Exotic petals of yellow,
Hot pink and leaves of green
A sunrise of baby blues
And clouds made of cream.

A lei of Hibiscus
Whiskey and Tequila too
A paradise of softheartedness
Where the sun will never set on you.

Lilac skies in the west
Clouds made with a dash of tangerine  
A Pink Flamingo guarding her nest
A sight straight out of daydreams.

The spirits sway  
In the shadows of the palm trees
So come on down and meet us by the Cay
And let all your fears fall away.

Thera Lance Sep 2018
Pink bubbles burst
In a strawberry pop
Underneath the sharp shade of the green leaves of her oak.

Fingers twirl blade
After blade in hand,
Until her nails blend with the grass.

Alone, she watches heat,
Swirl in ocean waves across the road.
Someone might come by tomorrow.
Akela Santana Oct 2014
Take me back to June 12th, the day we first hung out together, drinking beers and ***** shots, singing karaoke to Green Day, Michael Jackson and the out of place Lady Gaga at our favorite bar called Villains.

Take me back to all those days we'd hang out at Milk Coffee Bar and laugh at horrible things like the Columbine Shootings or the 9/11 attacks and *** smokes off our mutual friend Jean; drinking beers and listening to horrible local indie bands play their horrible, airplane sound/ white noise, indie music.

Take me back to "the perfect 90's couple".

Take me back to the first time I kissed you by accident, causing the caterpillars in my stomach to induce metamorphosis, letting the butterflies to spread their wings for the first time.

Take me back to the first time we slept together, with no ***. You caressing my back, me slipping into a peaceful slumber to the sound of your heart beating, a sound I've never heard before.

Take me back to July 10th, the day we told each other we liked the other and I talked you into asking me out.

Take me back to the time you said I was worth it.

Take me back to the nights we'd stay up till 4 in the morning talking about nothing in particular or talking about everything and anything that came into our heads.

Take me back to the day we were on my front porch and I said "I love you, you're funny" and you replied "I love you too".

Take me back to the first time we had ***, making love, and you made fun of my blushing and called it cute.

Take me back to your birthday party I can barely remember because I drank so much and you ended up taking care of me and checking my pulse to make sure I was okay.

Take me back to our first official date at Bubi's where I dressed up for you for the first time and was so nervous I could've ****** myself.

Take me back to the talks we would have about moving in together, or when I was sad that you didn't want kids and I did so you said "I might hate children but I would consider having children with you".

Take me back to the Loop where I showed you I could be stupid and dance like a fool.

Take me back to the Cards Against Humanity game where I showed you I can be a bad *** girl and make you laugh at my dumbassery.

Take me back to Korey's end off summer party where I got to watch you fail at the NHL game and record your cute silliness  when you actually scored.

Take me back to when we started to drift apart because you had to go back to University to start the semester, where I should've suggested staying over for weekends even if you had to study.

Take me back to when I got depressed and said "I have no reason to live" and made you think you weren't good enough for me to stay, even though that was far from the truth. You were my only reason.

Take me back to when you needed some space and time to think.

Don't take me back to when you broke up with me.

Take me back to when you wanted to give it another shot.

But don't take me back to when you decided to break up with me again.

**It's been years since then, and all I can say is that, I loved you. I'm glad we could've dated, cause you showed me what love was, even though we didn't last, and for that I am grateful. Thank you, Nektarios.
Something I had to write. This Is about my ex boyfriend Nick.

I just want him to be happy......
Obassi Bholai Oct 2018
She reminded me of a summertime story that I
never finished
it's not that my mind wasn't right but time won't permit
we kicked like a pair of shoes, you know? the classics
it wasn't that she ran through my mind she was always there

but when it came time LIFE showed us that it wasn't fair
never in a dream because she was hard to believe in with the elegance of her mighty spirit I heard a voice and thought it wasn't clear, t'was a thought I didn't wanna hear..
"she has a man"
was a phrase I couldn't understand and though I hadn't known him,
it wasn't apart of MY plan.

I knew she felt what I did in every minute
couldn't leave each other side without that breathless moment
unforeseen what I saw but it true, that call,
she still remained the same as if it wasn't at all drowned
in what was the unforeseen, didn't deserve anything but more than what stood before her, remembering all of what could be
between her and me.
You see your friends told me that you had complaints. But I can't tell since you are always in my face. If you can't be a man you know what you can do. Pack your bags and leave the cash because baby we are through.

There's no doubt that I've had it up to here. There is no doubt there will be no more crying no more tears. There is no doubt about the way I made you feel. ******* you know that my love was real.

I am sick and tiered of you running your lines. Get up out of my face because you are wasting your time. I won't hold your hand the way your mama use to. I have no time to sit and deal with this drama. Since you can't be a man you can stay with your mama.

You know what? I've had it up to here. No more crying no more tears. It's all about the way that I made you feel. Because you know that I am the real.
This was written over 15 years ago. It is something that people still deal with today. I hope that someone has the ability to use it to grow up. While others use it to move on. -Sweetlemon
Sarah Odeh Jul 2018
Silent mornings and empty beds. I cook for one.
28 day snapchat streaks, “***” “lol” and “***”.
Walking by your mom’s house. You’ll run out that door any minute...?
New friends in class. They’re temporary and they know it.
Job applications stacked on my bed. I’ll quit within 3 months.
Getting breakfast at LP almost every morning. They’re the only ones left who know my name.
I count the days until summer ends, and with it my loneliness.
37, in case you were wondering.
Even temporary losses induce a constant ache.
Isabel Levy Aug 2018
Sometimes I feel incomplete, as if my two hands clasped aren't enough to hold,
As if my body heat needs to be supplemented somehow, or encouraged;
I don't feel enough pressure on my skin throughout the day, and though I'm not six years old,
I decide to touch everything I see, everyone, so we aren't all discouraged.

I only know my position of mind, any other I've barely grazed through,
Since I was born and raised with this head, my mind has developed it's own ways...
But I'll always glance over, when I'm not being beheld, to take a look at you,
And study your habits, expressions, even your name, until my focus is swayed.

And this is what I do with myself, how I fill up my time and my brain.
I daydream with my head down and refuse to see the sun,
The blinding light doesn't see me as an herb, but simply something to drain.
Burn my eyes with your excellence, your independence has won,

And I, laying face down in the soil, feel your burning influence upon my back.
Swelter my skin, I don't have to ask. Are you who I want to be?
An unstoppable force in someone's sky that can both comfort and attack?
Is that what I'll have? A sun of a man to hold? One who both loves and harms me?

However, it may be my own fault, as the harm is inevitable here,
Staying out without protecting myself from the ball of light in the sky.
The earth against my forehead is cool and rich, making my head clear,
It takes each whimper, each tear that falls, and absorbs every cry.

I bury my face into the dirt, squeezing my eyes shut so tight,
I taste the sediment, the clay, the plant remains, but I don't mind.
It feels just fine. Cool on my skin, dark and soft, it feels just right.
So much so that I forget about the sun that looms right behind.
Oy vey
The wind chimes are melting,
The ponds are sweltering,
The roads run like black tea;
The flags aren't waving,
Sheets aren't sailing,
The grass looks like gold wheat.
The beaches have more bodies
Than Juno did in June;
The dogs aren't barking,
But the kids are laughing,
Their joy's not lost on me.

I should go to the banks
Of the St. Clair River,
Where the current cools
Beneath the bridges;
Read the names on the Huron freighters
Carrying coal and oil;
They sell tasty dogs and greasy fries,
The  northern breeze there never dies.

I should hover like a dragonfly,
Applaud the divers hot ******* chances,
In the dog days of their youth.
I wish to walk inside a Summer dream once more
Like I met my other reflection for the first time
Over the horizon, underneath the pale moon
Violet stained Lilacs in full bloom;
Evergreen lives breathing in the stars
Youthful glory, sparkling eyes like the night
Overflowed emotions with no promises
Universe halts to a stop, and I am bewitched.
Now only read the first letters.
Jenny Mar 2018
as soft sun filters through palm leaves
and the clouds purple, the skies painted pastel pinks
surfboards stand seven feet tall
the salt water glowing, sparkling
a dark watercolor blue hue
i am reminded of the spring and summertime
of happier days
as I drive by the sea that glints waves to me
Hawaii's beaches
As grass withers from the scorching heat
So brightly burns the summer sun
My sunburnt skin dampens with sweat
As grass withers from the scorching heat
Cool ice cream can make a nice treat
Remembering summer as being fun
As grass withers from the scorching heat
So brightly burns the summer sun

© 2004 - Pres - All Rights Reserved
This is a triolet about the summer season.
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Read random books
And take some pics

Eat bacon, soup and.. oh a Sandwich
Add it to your story
And add stickers, lips

Drive a BMW and sing a silly song
Not even the words of
Your "speachless" mind

Don't forget to talk out loud
Start a live
While going out, mad

Add "thinker" to your bio
You're different than the others, oh not my dear lad! Eww

Go to the gym
Take pics of your body, 
Isn't that a dream?

Make some more friends
Then make them cry
For your fake pains

Dance with the "kiki" song
Post it somewhere (mostly to girls)
Make sure
You are walking on ***, son

Send follow requests to some **** barbie girls
Do not accept guests, and
make fun of  fat nerds
That's your life Bro!

Did I ever protest?
Emma jean Dec 2018
Our youth is ending,
   ****** beer and snickers bars swapped        for cheap ***** and cold laughs
                Drip drip, the bottle spills
           Drip drip our limbs spread out
    A harmony held high over our heads
We swim down stream
   Our stomachs to the sky
    All scales and notes and melodies
A song composed in an series of summers
  A song sung through the rocks, our finger     tips glow
A stutter, a song stuck in motion
    An unspoken emotion, stays behind
All I want is to be back at the creek, with you, loving me
King Panda Sep 2016
I wanted you
to be an expression
this mirror
of what I see
the need to run awry
meandering through
how I feel
into the sky-confused
I supposed it is your best
to lay me down
in this bed of
don’t want you
to leave
the edge of this
in the high
trapped and
duplexed and
oh lord
in the eve of this
laura Jul 2018
never understood some phrases, like,

“If you can’t accept me at my worst
then you can’t have me at my best.”

or maybe

“I’m just out here trying to find myself
through other people.”

in the wild grass of summertime
madness I found me through me
and settling at my worst
is what takes the human out of me
Looking out the window with a blurry sight
It is another hazy Wednesday afternoon
Although it is not time for midnight
I could already see the faint silver moon.

A beautiful June day is back from the past
For her resting summertime dream
The sun has rose to the mountaintop at last
Softly drenching us with his golden beam.

I could smell the wild roses of desire
From the garden of heaven above
They are colored in the shade of pure fire
To symbolize their sweet summer love.

The fragrance of afternoon is in the air
Like the cool freshness of pouring rain
The silent darkness is just and fair
I can hear his footsteps coming again.

The seeping shadows will come with time
Soon everything will grow mature and old
I will count the remaining days of mine
What Mother Nature has given us is gold.
mari Nov 2018
i am a sunny sky
when you need an
umbrella and i am
the morning frost
when you pray
for summertime
i am the crashing
waves when you
rest in the meadows
i am the moon
to your meteor shower
and maybe i will know you
one more time
jane taylor Apr 2016
as winter acquiesces to the blazing sun
a soothing breeze softly grazes tips of aspen
gently shedding past liaisons
a perfect panacea
allowing wild freedom for summer’s dawn

healing from the ominous night
a flower gingerly releases its grasp
leaning into golden rays of summertime
keenly aware of newfound vulnerability
it yawns into the light

a rousing essence induces
a silhouette of life once thought lost
prodding river’s rigid ice blue crystals
to melt and flow with buoyant wonder
kaleidoscopic-like waves

having weathered near annihilation
a sculptured consciousness remains
painting summer clouds with soft-hued wisdom
all awakens from the dream
and should the cold return once more

the sun will shine again

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