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Elizabeth Been Apr 2018
Do you ever feel like your drowning?
Like no matter what you do your not resurfacing?
Your trying to scream for help but your suffocating?
Your heart is weak but its beating and all you can do is wish it starts quiting.
Your not even living anymore you're just sinking.
Nobody can even see this happening because they arent caring.
You thought you were striving but inside you are just dying.
Your mind is trapped from the constant lying.
Im okay.
I am okay.
No i am not okay!
I am alone!
I am scared!
Its okay i understand your busy...
if been going through a funk and this is how i feel. im screaming in my mind but the words wont form. im trapped so instead i write.
Elizabeth Been Nov 2017
I may be living
But I'm most definitely not striving.
I feel like I'm diving to rock bottom
But it waz a minute ago I felt like I was flying.
I get high to feel like I'm floating.
I drink to blur the motion.
Nothing's a solution.
I'm only prolonging the problem.
It's been a while
Elizabeth Been Jul 2017
I want to feel you touch my body with your hands.

I want to know what it's like to be touched by a man.

just a little spit im blocked but im trying
Elizabeth Been Dec 2016
So the christmas seasons here
i'm told its filled with cheer
but not a smile will show on my face
because you disappeared

Elizabeth Been Dec 2016
when are you coming home brother?
the gun shots are so loud
mother is very worried
but papa so proud

dont you worry about me sister
im coming home to you
tell ma im fine and l love her
and pai love him too

brother i miss you so dearly
you've fought for so long
everybodys praying for you
and i wrote you a song

i was told you were hurt badly
you said you would come home
i cant wait to see you
i feel so all alone
hello brother can you hear me?
you were so brave out there
your in a better place now
life is oh so unfair!
.wrote this a couple years back
Elizabeth Been Sep 2016
You cried for her to her face
you never did that for me.
I guess that makes me selfish
and yes i agree but sometimes we all need a little greed
thats what makes life so unique.

a little something i wrote to make things right
Elizabeth Been Aug 2016
When i was younger i wanted to be like any other guy only i didnt have the some thing between my thighs.
When i was told girls didnt like bugs and shouldnt play in the dirt that was the day i put on my very first skirt.
When i was toldgirls must always look hot, i looked down and realised i was not so i ran home and tried all my mothers make up.
When i was told i looked like a clown with my face caked on i ran home and cried myself to nothing because i was to embarrased to show my bare self.
When i was told to give up id never be good enough i left and never looked back.
Im too good to be put down by someone who never should have mattered, that is why everyday i feel flattered when i walk out my front door knowing im better than i ever was before.

Your the way you are and thats the most beautiful thing you can ask for!

feel good in your skin cause its all you got to keep you together
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