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Jean Sullivan Jan 2016
Her name was Sandra Rosie,
And she had quite the mind.
in youth she'd dance for ages,
Infatuated with nameless
words saw on paper.
Of the world, and of non-worlds,
Delivered in printed parallel lines.
Then entranced by dead bugs.
Or dreading getting hair cuts.
Or in rain running barefoot
in yards with scattered dog ****.
And Spring cloudy evenings,
She'd sing to the trees outside,
And the leaves would wave and clap,
And she'd be alive before age five.
Near open windows,
she painted with her hands
A picture of her family holding hands,
Cause all her crayons were broken.
Oh curly blonde she sang again,
When she heard
Mom and Dad making a commotion.

Sandra Rosie thought differently
than most Sandra's her age.
Always clear wide-eyed
in those cataract days.
Depressed mother or father,
Priceless dreamer they raised.
In this dimly lit world,
she shined on the stage.
She ran aimless and free.
She played her recorder
on every night of the week,
She danced her fingers
in piano key melodies.
And sang soft to herself,
before she fell asleep.

Sweet salvaged Sandra Rosie,
Every night said a prayer,
That she learned from her father
or mother somewhere.

"Dear Lord, keep me healthy,
      And Lord keep me kind,
    Dear Lord I will keep you
      This night on my mind.
    And please watch my family,
      And rescue the blind,
    And let my rest be peaceful,
      And peace for mankind"

Then each night she would dream,
A special kind of dream,
Where she'd live in quiet forests,
And her family would raise bees.
Or she'd wake up in a phone booth
At age twenty-three,
Questioning her diet, her lover, her sanity.

The outstanding Sandra Rosie,
A dreamer in day,
Curious in ways too beautiful to say.
A guiding child innocence leading the way.
She stands in confidence day by day.
When she watches from a distance,
The bluebirds hatched eggs,
Or starts sitting on her hair,
Cause it's grown to her legs.
Then asks her weary mother
To teach her ballet.
But mama responds,
   "Perhaps another day"

Oh, Sandra Rosie,
Make sure you take your time,
Otherwise it will fly,
and you might lose your mind.
And the older you get
The more questions you'll ask,
And the older you get
The more'll get left in your past.
And you'll learn things you don't want to.
You might hug your mom less.
You'll find out that your happiness
is not part of success.
You'll start caring about numbers,
on a scale or your chest.
You might be easily tricked
into having ***.
you'll enjoy getting cross faded,
and you'll pretend to like kale,
or get high to bad music.

Kid, it's more than reasonable,
to hop a train headed west,
Than to say that someday I'll finally
hop a train headed west.

But for now Sandra Rosie,
Please wish on the stars.
Be alive at age five,
Ride on dogs back

In some years Sandra Rosie,
She will grow like every other.
She will have read all the classics,

on floors with cardboard cover.
Or paint on a canvas every wrinkle in time,
In room lit with strings of Christmas lights.
Oh, the more you grow dear Sandra Rosie,
The more I know
Craig Reynolds Jul 2010
sandra, darling.
you're a vacant house
you're a purring creaky floor, quivering
under my searching foot
this flimsy flashlight leading me
as i charge further into
the lowly lit caverns
and further down
to the shivering warmth
in the back of these
smoke filled
hotel rooms

sandra, darling.
you're a midnight meadow
you're a great escaping sound, flickering
under the persuasion of the wind
sinking silver shears
cut gleams into eyes
but this has never been explained.
why are we holding hands
if just to keep me grounded?

i was just visiting
you and this town
sandra, darling.
its morning
and i am leaving now.

sandra, darling.
you're a unique and special snowflake
but i dont fear these
southern blizzards
or the flurry of rhetorical sound
enough to stay for breakfast
enough to stick around.
Copyright 2009
Raj Arumugam Jan 2013
This poem based on a joke on eggs (!) is dedicated to Timothy, a fellow-poet here at HP….I  was reminded of that joke about eggs  by Timothy’s comment on my recent poem: “Corax versus Tisias”.  
Timothy:  “This is great, Raj, another humourous poem with a good meaning, if you are an Egg or a Crow, lol! Keep them coming!!!!~<3<3:):)☺♂♀♥♠♣♦◘☻◙•○.O♫” …
Well, here’s another humorous poem, Timothy – and dedicated to you…

Dad, the Kid, and the Girl Next Door

“Dad,”* says 6-year-old Tim
back from the neighbour’s
“Sandra next door and I’ve decided
to get married”

Dad laughs…What do these kids know? he thinks…
I’ll humour him, just kid along
with this precocious child of mine

“But you’re too young, Tim,”
says Dad

“That’s OK,” says Tim
“Sandra doesn’t mind I’m a year
younger than she”

“Oh,” says Dad
“but marriage is such
a huge responsibility”

“Yeah,” says Tim quick and sharp
“Haven’t you seen my school reports?
Teacher always says I’m hugely responsible;
it’s the same on Sandra’s card”

Dad’s smile weakens
“Well, what will the two of you
do for money?”

“Oh, we’ve worked that one out
We get $20 a week in pocket money
between us and we reckon we’ll take
on extra jobs:
I can mow our lawn;
and she’ll wash dishes at her home
Beside we’ll save a lot of money
since we don’t at all eat out
and lodging is free -
a week here and the next at Sandra’s”

Now Dad has lost his smile
These kids have thought of everything,
he thinks.  I’ve got to do better –
come up with an objection that’ll  strike fear

“Have you thought, Tim,” says wise old Dad
“about babies? Married people make babies –
what you going to do about that?”

“Simple,” says Tim the kid, cool and unperturbed
“We’ve googled all that:
Every time Sandra lays an egg
I’ll crush it under foot!”

Dad sighs with relief…
This poem, based on a joke on eggs (!),  is dedicated to Timothy, a fellow-poet here at HP….I  was reminded of that joke about eggs  by Timothy’s comment on my recent poem: “Corax versus Tisias”.  Timothy:  “This is great, Raj, another humourous poem with a good meaning, if you are an Egg or a Crow, lol! Keep them coming!!!!~<3<3:):)☺♂♀♥♠♣♦◘☻◙•○.O♫” … Well, here’s another humorous poem, Timothy – and dedicated to you…
The Unspoken Oct 2014
In her arms, he lay.
David, all the love he knew,
in her sweet, tender arms she rested, almost all day.
Feeding from the sweetest of milk his 2 year life knew so far.

Rocking. He liked it when Sandra rocked him...felt...

It was then all peaceful.
Like always.
Only this time, no fingers ran through his face.
His eyes, only fixed to the door.
Stretching out his arm towards it.
It go too quiet.
So silent, it felt nervous.
He began to cry,
Cry for attention from beloved Sandra. But beloved mother Sandra, could not respond to anymore.

Eyes shut.
But still, in her arms, like she vowed,
was still holding  on tight.
To the promise she made.
To hold him close.

All, to her Final breath.*
Jasmine Aug 2017
I am the shadow of trayvon martin
Lying on the ground just as he did
I'm black just as he was
I wasn't planning to die that day either
I wasn't threatning nobody either
that day
The gunshots echoed
just as loud
when I was shot down as Mike Brown
yet his name echoes through the streets years later still
mine followed me to the grave
They don't care about me it seems
If I cried "what about me"
Who would ever see?
because my hashtag has even been drowned so deep in the depths of R.I.P's that I can't barely breathe anymore
When we think black brutality
Why do the names of trayvon
Rush to our heads just as fast as blood once rushed to theirs?
Does my black life, too, matter?
I can't blame you
That there have been so many deaths due to oppression and police brutality that they all seem to sound the same
No matter how loud we scream Black lives matter
We will never be seen as the living
But the potentially dead
We cry for justice to a system that's no longer built to accept us
A president that tries to forget us
A black voice will always be too loud to a world who never intended on listening
Who am I?
Besides a hashtag and a t-shirt with my face on it?
A black lives matter sign and a melanin fist?
A statistic?
I am black excellence
Regardless of how much sin you may see in my kin
A piece from the perspective of Black oppression victims unheard
Nrem Sep 2010
A Pornstar named Miss Sandra Deven
was shooting for Wild ******* 7
a dangerous stunt
that injured her ****
She now starts in ***** from Heaven
Nrem Sep 2010
A Pornstar named Miss Sandra Deven
was shooting for Wild ******* 7
a dangerous stunt
that injured her ****
She now starts in ***** from Heaven
Samantha Adams Mar 2016
kelendria, assata, michelle, beyoncé, sandra,

say my name, say my name
[When no one is around you except
a flashlight and badge,
a kick and a drag and bloodspat
against gravel]
like they’re tryna grind you to fine pieces of rock
and use you as talcum powder after their showers

hashtag say my name say my name say
Hello ma’am. We’re the Texas Highway Patrol and the reason
for your stop is because you failed to signal the lane
change. Do you have your driver’s license and registration with you?
What’s wrong?
How long have you been in Texas?
How long have you had cuffs trying to embed in your frontal lobe?
[which is synonymous with]
How long have you been Black
and woman
in the United States?

failing to move from one side
to the other without a blinking
a constant notification of Sandra Bland’s every
movement makes Brian Encinia uncomfortable.

just this question: why
does he feel he has to
put his knee in her back

her yelling protest is syntax scrambled
and the Black challenge to authority feels
so foreign, they see her, a demon
Black venom poisons and emasculates
Brian Encinia’s eyes.

[I am giving you a lawful order]
So you’re threatening to drag me
out of my own car?
[Get out of the car]
it says.

say her name say her name say
this is some straight *******
***** *** cop
slamming my head into the ground
makes you feel real good.

white has always been
fear’s favorite hue
to nestle into.
AAron Roz May 2018
Music is loud or quiet.
Music is soft or heavy.
Music can have meaning or not.
Music can be nothing or everything.
Music is:
◾Art Punk
◾Alternative Rock
◾College Rock
◾Crossover Thrash (thx Kevin G)
◾Crust Punk (thx Haug)
◾Experimental Rock
◾Folk Punk
◾Goth / Gothic Rock
◾******* Punk
◾Hard Rock
◾Indie Rock
◾Lo-fi (hat tip to Ben Vee Bedlamite)
◾New Wave
◾Progressive Rock
◾Shoegaze (with thx to Jackie Herrera)
◾Steampunk (with thx to Christopher Schaeffer)

•Blues ◾Acoustic Blues
◾Chicago Blues
◾Classic Blues
◾Contemporary Blues
◾Country Blues
◾Delta Blues
◾Electric Blues
◾Ragtime Blues (cheers GFS)

•Children’s Music ◾Lullabies

•Classical ◾Avant-Garde
◾Chamber Music
◾Classical Crossover
◾Contemporary Classical (thx Julien Palliere)
◾Early Music
◾Expressionist (thx Mr. Palliere)
◾High Classical
◾Modern Composition
◾Romantic (early period)
◾Romantic (later period)
◾Wedding Music

•Comedy ◾Novelty
◾Standup Comedy
◾Vaudeville (cheers Ben Vee Bedlamite)

•Commercial (thank you Sheldon Reynolds) ◾Jingles
◾TV Themes

•Country ◾Alternative Country
◾Contemporary Bluegrass
◾Contemporary Country
◾Country Gospel
◾Country Pop (thanks Sarah Johnson)
◾***** Tonk
◾Outlaw Country
◾Traditional Bluegrass
◾Traditional Country
◾Urban Cowboy

•Dance (EDM – Electronic Dance Music – see Electronic below – with thx to Eric Shaffer-Whiting & Drew :-)) ◾Club / Club Dance (thx Luke Allfree)
◾Breakbeat / Breakstep
◾Brostep (cheers Tom Berckley)
◾Chillstep (thx Matt)
◾Deep House (cheers Venus Pang)
◾Electro House (thx Luke Allfree)
◾Future Garage (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Glitch Hop (cheers Tom Berckley)
◾Glitch Pop (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Grime (thx Ran’dom Haug / Matthew H)
◾Hard Dance
◾Hi-NRG / Eurodance
◾Horrorcore (thx Matt)
◾Jackin House (with thx to Jermaine Benjamin Dale Bruce)
◾Jungle / Drum’n’bass
◾Liquid Dub(thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Regstep (thanks to ‘Melia G)
◾Speedcore (cheers Matt)
◾Trap (thx Luke Allfree)

•Easy Listening ◾Bop

•Electronic ◾2-Step (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾8bit – aka 8-bit, Bitpop and Chiptune – (thx Marcel Borchert)
◾Bassline (thx Leon Oliver)
◾Chillwave(thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Chiptune (kudos to Dominik Landahl)
◾Crunk (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
◾Drum & Bass (thx Luke Allfree)
◾Electro-swing (thank you Daniel Forthofer)
◾Electronic Rock
◾Hardstyle (kudos to Dominik Landahl)
◾Trip Hop (thank you Michael Tait Tafoya)

•French Pop
•German Folk
•German Pop
•Fitness & Workout
•Hip-Hop/Rap ◾Alternative Rap
◾***** South
◾East Coast Rap
◾Gangsta Rap
◾******* Rap
◾Latin Rap
◾Old School Rap
◾Turntablism (thank you Luke Allfree)
◾Underground Rap
◾West Coast Rap

•Holiday ◾Chanukah
◾Christmas: Children’s
◾Christmas: Classic
◾Christmas: Classical
◾Christmas: Comedy
◾Christmas: Jazz
◾Christmas: Modern
◾Christmas: Pop
◾Christmas: R&B
◾Christmas: Religious
◾Christmas: Rock
◾Holiday: Other

•Indie Pop
•Inspirational – Christian & Gospel ◾CCM
◾Christian Metal
◾Christian Pop
◾Christian Rap
◾Christian Rock
◾Classic Christian
◾Contemporary Gospel
◾Christian & Gospel
◾Praise & Worship
◾Qawwali (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
◾Southern Gospel
◾Traditional Gospel

•Instrumental ◾March (Marching Band)

•J-Pop ◾J-Rock

•Jazz ◾Acid Jazz (with thx to Hunter Nelson)
◾Avant-Garde Jazz
◾Bebop (thx Mwinogo1)
◾Big Band
◾Blue Note (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
◾Contemporary Jazz
◾Crossover Jazz
◾Ethio-jazz (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
◾Gypsy Jazz (kudos to Mike Tait Tafoya)
◾Hard Bop
◾Latin Jazz
◾Mainstream Jazz
◾Smooth Jazz
◾Trad Jazz

•Latin ◾Alternativo & Rock Latino
◾Argentine tango (gracias P. Moth & Sandra Sanders)
◾Baladas y Boleros
◾Bossa Nova (with thx to Marcos José Sant’Anna Magalhães & Alex Ede for the reclassification)
◾Contemporary Latin
◾Cumbia (gracias Richard Kemp)
◾Flamenco / Spanish Flamenco (thank you Michael Tait Tafoya & Sandra Sanders)
◾Latin Jazz
◾Nuevo Flamenco (and again Michael Tafoya)
◾Pop Latino
◾Portuguese fado (and again Sandra Sanders)
◾Reggaeton y Hip-Hop
◾Regional Mexicano
◾Salsa y Tropical

•New Age ◾Environmental

•Pop ◾Adult Contemporary
◾Bubblegum Pop (thx Haug & John Maher)
◾Chamber Pop (thx Haug)
◾Dance Pop
◾Dream Pop (thx Haug)
◾Electro Pop (thx Haug)
◾Orchestral Pop (thx Haug)
◾Pop Punk (thx Makenzie)
◾Power Pop (thx Haug)
◾Soft Rock
◾Synthpop (thx Haug)
◾Teen Pop

•R&B/Soul ◾Contemporary R&B
◾Disco (not a top level genre Sheldon Reynolds!)
◾Doo ***
◾Modern Soul (Cheers Nik)
◾Northern Soul (Cheers Nik & John Maher)
◾Psychedelic Soul (thank you John Maher)
◾Quiet Storm
◾Soul Blues (Cheers Nik)
◾Southern Soul (Cheers Nik)

•Reggae ◾2-Tone (thx GFS)
◾Roots Reggae

•Rock ◾Acid Rock (with thanks to Alex Antonio)
◾Adult-Oriented Rock (thanks to John Maher)
◾Afro Punk
◾Adult Alternative
◾Alternative Rock (thx Caleb Browning)
◾American Trad Rock
◾Anatolian Rock
◾Arena Rock
◾Art Rock
◾British Invasion
◾**** Rock
◾Death Metal / Black Metal
◾Doom Metal (thx Kevin G)
◾Glam Rock
◾Gothic Metal (fits here Sam DeRenzis – thx)
◾Grind Core
◾Hair Metal
◾Hard Rock
◾Math Metal (cheers Kevin)
◾Math Rock (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Metal Core (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Noise Rock (genre – Japanoise – thx Dominik Landahl)
◾Jam Bands
◾Post Punk (thx Ben Vee Bedlamite)
◾Prog-Rock/Art Rock
◾Progressive Metal (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Rock & Roll
◾Rockabilly (it’s here Mark Murdock!)
◾Roots Rock
◾Southern Rock
◾Spazzcore (thx Haug)
◾Stoner Metal (duuuude)
◾Technical Death Metal (cheers Pierre)
◾Time Lord Rock (Trock) ~ (thanks to ‘Melia G)
◾Trash Metal (thanks to Pierre A)

•Singer/Songwriter ◾Alternative Folk
◾Contemporary Folk
◾Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
◾Indie Folk (with thanks to Andrew Barrett)
◾Love Song (Chanson – merci Marcel Borchert)
◾New Acoustic
◾Traditional Folk

•Soundtrack ◾Foreign Cinema
◾Movie Soundtrack (thanks Julien)
◾Original Score
◾TV Soundtrack

•Spoken Word
•Tex-Mex / Tejano (with thx to Israel Lopez) ◾Chicano
◾Conjunto Progressive
◾New Mex

•Vocal ◾A cappella (with kudos to Sheldon Reynolds)
◾Barbershop (with thx to Kelly Chism)
◾Doo-*** (with thx to Bradley Thompson)
◾Gregorian Chant (hat tip to Deborah Knight-Nikifortchuk)
◾Traditional Pop
◾Vocal Jazz
◾Vocal Pop

•World ◾Africa
◾Calypso (thx Gerald John)
◾Carnatic (Karnataka Sanghetha – thx Abhijith)
◾Celtic Folk
◾Contemporary Celtic
◾Coupé-décalé (thx Samy) – Congo
◾Dangdut (thank you Achmad Ivanny)
◾Drinking Songs
◾Drone (with thx to Robert Conrod)
◾Hindustani (thank you Abhijith)
◾Indian Ghazal (thank you Gitika Thakur)
◾Indian Pop
◾Japanese Pop
◾Mbalax (thank you Samy) – Senegal
◾Middle East
◾North America
◾Ode (thank you Sheldon Reynolds)
◾Piphat (cheers Samy B) – Thailand
◾Soca (thx Gerald John)
◾South Africa
◾South America
◾Traditional Celtic
We live in a world, that's loaded down with greed.  Man will do anything for money, falling to do a good deed.
Man will take a chance, to traffic people across the boarder.  They pack them in like sardines, and like a selfish hoarder.
We will never stop allowing drugs, from entering our land.  Men thinks that they are cleaver, by planting drugs, within the body of man.
With the technology we have, something  need to be done.  The slavery of woman who 's brought to our country, to them, it's not fun.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing
Di Dec 2013
"You're in love with my mind.

But sometimes, sweetheart,
a woman needs a man
who loves her ***." (Full Moon And You're Not Here, by Sandra Cisneros)

This rings true,
At least in my own mind.
Vice versa, plus up and down.

I respect, to a point,
That some may not feel
That that's important at all.

But oh, I've read too much
Of love and lust
And everything else that comes with romance.

I've never settled
Never will
And no regret in that.

My fiery heart has no room
For simple plots
And half baked thoughts.

I think too much
But it helps a little
As all I do is detailed through and through.

That may make me a frigid *****
Someday in some realm.
I'm already used to *****, anyway.

I daydream more than I dream,
Which is what makes me such a dreamer.
Complex twists and turns in each mind adventure.

I have many hopes
Though not all will be accomplished.

Hopefully the best ones
Will manifest as I hope.
God knows I've kicked enough *** for it.

I will tie myself to no one
Not a man, woman, or friend
At least, not yet.
This was basically puked out. I'm looking through 'Loose Woman' and it popped up as soon as I saw that set of lines.
I once knew a girl called Sandra,
who'd take all the **** that people would hand her.

There was also a guy named Bob,
who would never shut his gob.

They once had a fight,
it was a god awful sight.
But Sandra took flight,
She took in all that badness
and used it as her might!
Don't wrong the wrong people
Mateuš Conrad Aug 2018
kate beckinsale & anne hathaway
can speak
the name... matthew all
day long...
                 and right into the night...
i'll try to fall asleep...
must be an Oedipus complex
sort of thing,
   in primary school my school
friends thought that my
mother had the visage for
   sandra bullock...
   ha ha! good luck to the men fathering
          you ever find it easier
to pet casts, and cage tigers?!
              **** me...
my shatten is soliloquy central...
           i drink to excess and
listen to excess erotica latex ****
      and then? do nothing about it...
i like cinema...
                         **** me...
a fetish for leather that extends
past a ******...
    i would have asked her sincere self:
can we drop the ******
so that i might attire myself
in gimp?
      she evidently replied
a no with her 19 years of existence...
oh... under-baked apple pie
my dear...
            ha ha!
           no, i have more cherries
to pick, i''m beyond stalking some famous grimace...
you are here           .

and i?

                                           .              am here...

who needs the excess of
quasi-journalistic coverage anyway?
           that transitioning harem
of rock stars...
     like Kafka said:
i'll be waiting for something
i never had,
and missing it,
            by never having touched
a peek behind the curtain...

   i'll wait... for what i could never have...
and within the confines
of what i could never have,
          i'll settle for what i can already, have.

kate beckinsale & anne hathaway
can speak the name matthew
all day long, and i won't mind...
      would i be the one following them?
         taxi counts...
                 ******* crows that
croak mid-flight count...
           the number of canadian geese
in b-54 formation
migrating come mid-autumn...

          geek without the cartoons...
push me...
   keep pushing...
     i want the shove
and the ****** wording of auto-suggestive
courting of -

              thank you...
i'd rather stalk my own shadow...
looking out for the plot-line of
an eased out **** doing the olympic
gold medal dive into
the crapper pool,
via analyzing the shadow of plop
pop gold...

        zero splash...

                a ******* harmonium
on the neck of a Polish teenager,
traveling on a Warsaw tram
      to reach a girl who...
              was counting petals,
and the worth(s) of considering
the concise surmount of love...

             yeah... next time?
i'll be the one used to invigorating
the stance on stalking
one's own shadow...
because i fidget...
i get all jerky...
                  the hype instigator
   ******* a woman
like a piston of a car's momentum...

               does it really matter?
i thought the Madonna-***** complex
wasn't a man-"thing"?
   if man owns the Freudian Oedipus
  does man also have to lend in his
strap-on dictum for the
Madonna-***** complex?
              that's not a wholly woman "thing"?
she's doesn't own that
   it's man's fault?!

             i know the Rastafarian Putin
isn't rasp -
but you know that Israeli ******
are better than the Russian ones...
so the story goes...

               which kinda explains...
impotent with women trapped
within the Madonna-***** complex...
with Bulgarian prostitutes?
a limp **** only, and only when
i forgot to trim my ***** hair,
my Eden...

  i have the Oedipus complex...
am i also responsible for
the Madonna-***** complex?!
                        you sure that women
are not supposed to attend to question
this trans-schizophrenic,
   squint / split /

                   prior mothers,
that prerequisite motherhood
with the basis of ******* themselves...

   the Madonna-***** complex
is outside the realm of the male constraint /
castration of rules...

   i already mentioned it...
i couldn't be circumcised...
   protruding veins, that met at the zenith
of the *******...
if they circumcised me...
        i would have bled to death...
the, "crime" of ******* is
a lot easier to handle...
   if you haven't been circumcised...

   circumcision is a motivational tactic...
you are... technically... not allowed
to ******* once you've been
               you're free, to *******...
if you haven't been circumcised...
as a male...
            no problem...
problem of ******* comes...
when you persist in the act...
but you don't actually possess the excess
skin, that might allow you
the prime, solipsistic act...

******* is worth a justified critique...
ONLY, and only IF...
you've been circumcised...
sorry if you have...
           notably because?
your priest isn't a rabbi...
and there's no fiddler on the roof
matchmaker song
to boot.

oh no, there's no problem with the act
of *******...
  but there is... if you have been
    during ******* i used to pull my *******
  and **** with an unsheathed

      but in private?
the ******* was rolled back on,
to counter the imitation of experiencing ****
***... with a clenched fist.
CooLen Aug 2018
O blessed night I am feared
For I am a black man who can't shake spears thrown at him on the daily.
High courts let us get clipped by Brutus- clipped by brutes in fact a loose noose can hang you from any platform
Oxygen doesn't transcend class
Eric wasn't the first nor last unable to Garner breath
I... Cant... Breath.
Bill Cosby's first words after sentencing
Sandra Bland's last thoughts before being propped up
I ride around my city feeling Gray inside, DEAD inside wondering if convenient transportation is worth my life.
Othello ruled this nation for eight years yet noble souls are still treated as peasants.
I mean if all the worlds a stage, then why do they play us only when we're players or when the play, us.
Mark Oct 2019
The Frog That Took A Giant Leap For Their Kind"  
Forever being laughed at for not being able to leap  
Always last in the frog army sport, called ‘Jumping over the Jeep’
The little jump frog was embarrassed to belong to such an army  
So he packed his things and headed off on a long journey  
He crossed all over, the large wetlands of Florida USA  
Even made a makeshift home, made out of some hay  
After feeling a very warm heat, from about a mile away  
He came across some steps, but when climbing, they began to sway  
Frightened by a loud bang and an almighty explosive roar  
He hopped inside the nearest room, via a big white door  
Then, all of a sudden, he felt his feet, effortlessly lift off the floor  
Floating past a small window, he couldn’t see the earth, anymore  
After a while, the room hit the ground, with an almighty thump  
Looking out, he saw a strangely dressed man, pray and then jump  
He followed the man and went on down a few gigantic steps  
After making his biggest ever leap and without special effects  
Luckily, the frog was caught on camera, so became the first of his kind  
To reach the faraway moon and take a great leap, if you don't mind.  
"The Hare That Looked Out Of Place"  
The local country fair had arrived in town  
But one animal was looking angry and down  
For the farmworker had placed the hare at the fair  
With another breed of animal, without any care  
He looked out of place, while sitting in the dog pound  
To the hare it felt more like a very scary hunting ground  
One child yelled out, "That's a very small doggy, Mummy"  
No it's not, said Mummy, but it'll make the dogs meal taste so yummy  
She ran to the ticket seller and said, "There's a hare out of place"  
He said, I think your hair is fine madam, but here's some gel, just in case  
When the farmer found out, he ordered the workers to quickly catch it  
And to make sure there's no more hares where the dogs will sit.  
"The Sheep That Escaped From The Bars"  
The large family farm was not really up to par  
Because the farmer would keep the sheep behind an iron bar  
They wanted to escape from behind the metal brass  
And wander about and eat more of the fresh green grass  
Eating packaged food was not treating them well  
But they were getting upset tummies and not feeling that swell  
So they hatched a plan so they could graze on the vast land  
A billy goat agreed to fetch a plank of wood and give them a hand  
In return he would get all the leftovers of the sheep's fake food  
So one by one they took the plunge and escaped for a better mood  
The goat had a ball opening and then eating so much more  
And the sheep could be heard for miles, laughing Baa-Baa galore.  
"The Monkey That Lost His Grip"  
His name is Chip and he just can't get a grip  
He has to hold on tight for the entire round trip  
His friends in the troop said he wasn't very hip  
Always having to wear a parachute with a safety clip  
He tried to branch out one day, but fell and hurt his hip  
Then one day he got up early and decided to leave without the equip  
Now the monkey named Chip was so brave and he ran with a skip  
And he swung from branch to branch without any major slip  
His friends were in awe of his huge lunges and gave no more lip  
So from that day forth, everybody said he had great grip to do his solo flip.  
"The Cheetah That Wished For No Spots"  
Cleaning his teeth using long green grass as dental floss  
The healthy Cheetah often wished he had no more spots  
He was tired of hearing, while playing Hide n Seek, the sound,  
Of his animal friends yelling, "We give up, for you can't be found"  
He thought, maybe he could wash away his camouflage dots  
By soaking himself for a while, in some warm water and soap in pots  
It might be a long shot to remove those game wrecking blots  
But at least his friends would have fun playing in Africa's back lots  
No said his friends, you were born with all of them  
And after all, your spots make us all different, Amen  
So stay like you are and we will find you one day  
But never ever try and wash those unique spots of yours away.  
"The Zebra That Painted Her Stripes"  
She looked in the river and saw her reflection  
Her skin colour made males look in another direction  
For her colours were not really that bright  
With her body stripes painted in black and white  
So the next day the lady zebra decided to get a makeover  
By getting colourful paint and brushing it all over and over  
Now she felt like a beautiful diamond of a gem  
And maybe others would take notice, especially the men  
But the day she went back to her favourite watering hole  
Everyone thought she belonged on a merry-go-round pole  
Then it started pouring down, the hail and the wet rain  
And washed off all her colourful paint down the drain  
She wasn't that sad when she heard the laughter of other zebras  
For she was now world famous, from all of the tourist cameras.  
"The Mouse That Was Forever Getting Trapped"  
The poor little mouse was forever getting himself trapped  
He couldn't stop from smelling the cheese, even when wrapped  
His concerned mother told him to visit a hypnotist  
To try and help him get off cheese, you get the gist  
If he gets trapped again, he might not be able to tell the tale  
Because if the help he receives fails, his face will turn pale  
So let's hope this short tale of some very sore mouse tails  
Helps the other obsessed cheese loving females and males  
Can the poor little mouse keep away from the snap?  
Let's all hope that he doesn't forget, after taking a quick catnap.  
"The Panda That Got Bored Of Giant Plain Bamboo"  
Sitting under the tree eating gigantic bamboo stalks, sat a cute Panda  
But eating one thing all day long was boring for the cutie named Sandra  
So the workers at the zoo tried to change her diet to see what it would take  
They tried strawberries, oranges, pizza, meatballs and even rib-eye fillet steak  
But none of this food worked, to make Sandra the cute Panda, less bored  
The workers were confused why the delicious food was simply ignored  
She started to lose weight and became very agitated  
Quickly the zoo staff asked for help, but really they had to be educated  
For pandas only eat bamboo and not much of the world's fine food  
By just adding a bit of spice would've changed her boring mood  
They hurried back to the zoo kitchen to prepare a spicy dish  
Chopping and stewing and even adding a few drops of relish  
Sandra loved the change in her daily food of bamboo  
And was happy again chewing on her new tasting food at the zoo.  
"The Owl That Didn't Give A Hoot"  
When the sun went down and the moon came out  
Some owls could be seen in the trees hooting about  
But a strange noise one owl gave, was worse than a toot  
For the owl, for some reason, didn't give a hoot  
This strange sounding owl instead, made more of a screech  
A sound that the English owls have never been able to reach  
For this different style speaking owl, is on holidays from afar  
And his spoken language is so unusual to ours, by far  
The other owls wanted to know how to screech like this alien bird  
For they were so bored, with only knowing how to speak one word  
So they all took quick language classes to learn how to French speak  
And their guest also learnt to belt out a bit of a hoot, from his foreign beak.  
"The Spider That Stood Too Tall To Crawl"  
A large daddy long leg spider named Paul  
Had such long legs he stood too tall to crawl  
He looked like a gigantic monster, standing way up top  
All other spiders who saw him, would come to a complete stop  
Frozen in their tracks, insects would free fall and dive  
And go so low between his legs to hopefully survive  
The spider himself would get a face full of cobwebs  
As he walked so tall into his own hand made project  
Enough he thought, and off he went for a professional opinion  
The doctor said, he had a name for his rather tall condition  
It was called nothing at all, you are like this on earth  
For all daddy long leg spiders are like this since birth  
So he was told to bend down more often, stretch and do some exercise  
And to watch out for that high floating killer insect spider pesticide.  
"The Elephant That Couldn't Make A Trunk Call"  
While playing a game of elephant soccer together  
Using a coconut for a ball which was as light as a feather  
The elephant herd had finally ran out of pace  
One player named Noel didn't stop until he fell flat on his face  
When he got home later that night after his great fall  
He tried, but couldn't make his routine long distance trunk call  
But nothing came out and he went into shock  
Noel the elephant thought he had swallowed a rock  
So off down the road to the local doctor he went  
Also complaining about his loss of his favourite flowers scent  
The doctor first said, it could be all in your mind  
But after shinning a light he saw what it was, well down behind  
For it was the coconut the herd had been playing with before, with Noel  
After a tickle on the trunk, Noel shot it out and somehow scored a goal.  
"The Koala That Was Always Bare"  
Kyle the Koala loved to just sit in the trees and eat his leaves  
The tourist would come and take photos without having to pay any fees  
But he once took a peek at one of those friendly tourist's cameras Polaroid  
He saw some family pets wearing fashionable clothes and was rather annoyed  
For you see, Kyle then noticed, that he was always totally bare  
Dogs with jackets and cats with gloves, but he had nothing at all to wear  
So he decided to make all of the paparazzi pay for their shots  
When he saved enough money, he dressed up with the lots  
He purchased some pants, a hat and T-shirt and a colourful woolly scarf  
He felt more natural and not as bare, but mainly because, he made all of the tourists laugh.  
"The Rabbit That Stared Into The Light"  
When Warren the rabbit went out on the town  
He wore a lucky tail, pinned all the way down  
Hiding from cars, buses and motorbikes driving past  
Then hurriedly crossing the road, hoping not to be the last  
For if you were left behind, you'd be all alone to cross again  
And be able to have the strength to not look into the lights of the men  
But on this night he kept on staring straight into the light  
His mother always told him, to wear sunglasses at night  
The car stopped and out stepped the driver and along with his passenger  
Warren couldn't move even a bit, luckily for him, it was just a messenger  
The driver picked him up and placed him on the other side of the road  
Thanks, he said to himself, next time I might've got no respect, like that man showed.
© Fetchitnow
20 October 2019.
This children’s fun, colorful and rhyming, little THAT animal book is only for children from ages, 1-100. So please enjoy.
Now it's a New Year, change the look on your face.  Cheer up anyone, no matter the race.
Cheer up that special one, who walks with a hung down head.  Especially, the ones in the corner, looking like they're dead.
Cheer up your family, bring joy into your home.  No one should feel they can't fit in, therefore, leaving them alone.
Cheer up your children, stop constantly fussing them out.  Show  them that you can be kind, and you know how to speak right.
Cheer your Mother and Father, after they have been fighting all day.  Perhaps, you can bring them together, so they can began to pray.
By, Author & Poet, Sandra Juanita Nailing
Don't call me out of my name; my Mother named me" Sandra;" I think she did a very good job.  I refuse to accept  any evil names;  I refuse to be robbed.
Don't call me out of my name;" Sandra" will be just fine.  It has been stuck into my brain, and don't forget about my mind.
Don't call me out of my name; I am not a female dog or *****.  To call me those evil names, they shouldn't be repeated anymore.
Don't call me out of my name;" Sandra means Helper of Man."  To call my name using evil words, be sure you know where I stand.
By, Author & Poet, Sandra Juanita Nailing
There are disrespectful children, who shows you no respect.  They walk around in pride, thinking they are "all that."
There is no respect for those who's  in authority.  They gamble on the side, looking for a fee.
There are disrespectful children, always ready to fight.  They just don't have a conscience, to do the things that's right.
There are disrespectful children, who love to talk back.  All you receive from them, is a whole lot of flack.
There are disrespectful children, all into what they wear.  To ask them to do a good deed, they just do not care.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing
Tasa Jalbert Apr 2016
Dr.  King said “I have a dream”,

But his dream suffered homicide in the streets of our nightmares.

Murdered by the people who were supposed to protect us.

336 innocent people killed in 2015, because the police saw color instead of people,

I suppose the color of their skin was more important than human rights.

Because someone's melanin pigment spoke more to how people perceived them than did the color of their character.

So much has changed, but we’re not done yet.

There are still racists hiding behind screens, and cops who refuse body cams.

The white man in blue suits killings brown kid’s dreams, murdering their moments and *******.

Dr. King’s dream of peace and harmony dies in the eyes of every American citizen.

You know things ain’t right when you are more worried about your boyfriend with cops than with drug dealers.

You know something is wrong when walking with him at night is more dangerous for him than for me.

You know there’s a problem when there are too many cops, not enough justice,

Too many them and not enough us and....

Dr.  King said “I have a dream”,

And.... So much has changed, but we’re not done yet.

When there are still people like Sandra Bland, and Mike Brown, who die for no reason, then we aren't done yet.

Because when people are more comfortable on a street with gun shots than cops, then we aren't done yet.

When I still get looks for having a black boyfriend, then WE AREN'T DONE YET.

We won’t be done until there’s equality, until there’s no more violence, it may not happen in my life time, but we aren’t done yet.
Tasa Jalbert Original poem, Copyright 2016 ©
On the News today, it has been reported, about tornadoes in several States.  Why would you get out the car, to take a picture of the storm that's right on you, what a "Dumb Mistake"?
Now concerning Donald Sterling, I hate to say it, but he is a Billionaire fool.  Does he realize he could endanger his life, with the comments he has used?
When the captain jumped off the ship, leaving the children behind, do you feel your life is better, not paying the children any mind?
The Prime Minister of Malaysia, did not care about the families who were left behind.  He was so eager to get everything over with, by texting them, causing them, to almost lose their mind.
A life is a precious thing, before the eyes of the Lord.  It is important  that a life is saved, so get on one accord.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing

By, Sandra Juanita Nailing
M Clement Mar 2013
3 days
4 months
5 hours
6 minutes
7 ways to make you say "ooh"

I bought pizza kittens flying through space
Find your advertising ***-hole on my shirt

Let's travel to Pacoima
I hear it's nice there
Left field relationships
Right behind the nearest Amusement Park
It's getting easier not to give a ****

Oh goodness, language, good sir
Let's me and me lay down naked
Bear's fur

I do enough self loathing for the both of us
I've tried to keep vigilant
Self-******* for the hell of it
I spaced this one to the right

I take showers in flowers made of Novocaine and sea salt
I just realized the misspelling of lyrics and song names will never by my fault
Long lines of words and *******
Let's go to the nearest cineplex
Bottellas de vino y mas cerveza para mi!
Let's watch Jurassic Park in 3D

— The End —