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Nrem Aug 2016
My closet feels empty like before a burning ceremony
A not ironed knowledge haunts the clothesline

Somewhere among the images I've collected on a memory stick
I find this boy in his first jacket ; the future
a summer vacation away

I ( unintentionally ) am the captain of a cruise ship
The slightest movement can put us off course

I let my stomach sink in and I holds my breath

Around me everyone is speaking in a foreign language
I look straight at the camera

My thoughts turn like the pages of a book
Nrem Sep 2015
A prudent young schoolgirl called Lucy
who wanted to do something juicy
along with a dude
undressed herself ****
and stepped in a juice filled Jacuzzi
Nrem Sep 2015
A stout and aged harlot, Ms Wargin
agreed to a collective bargain
with twenty five schmucks
for twenty five bucks
She coped by a very wide margin
Nrem Mar 2015
As the first breath after a prolonged illness
The blind fox cub vents the air from her casserole
Alert as a morning shift
with rrenewed forces . My arms , my joints -
I check each individual gears in my very rusty
body . Early morning:
I am released from the nursing home of winter
and is greeted by spring outside the gates.
Soon I might just be human again!
Nrem Feb 2015

It comes at night, the repetitive pulse through the city.
Waves after a catamaran moves
below the seemingly placid surface.
A large engine has been started.
The spark of life is weakening. The light bulbs flickers.
Everything seams just a little different.
The feeling of a great uncertainty crossing our block.

The winter has shed its sails. Snow and a magical silence
is rocking out there, waiting.

Nrem Jan 2015

This morning
like the first rays of summer

When I open my window
Lights like that from a laser sight
searching through
my dimmed out room

A brief moment of confusion
but then Afterwards

A new map
is projected
on my bedroom wall

Unexplored countries
Beaches and seas
Ready to climb

Abseiling down
the world
without either crampons
or a helmet on my awakened head

Nrem Nov 2014
I'm surrounded by discord
noise pollution
that drowns the glassy fauna

The growing gap
takes us out on the high seas

Mania in the drinking water
and the crewmen like ghouls
lashes , profanity , bell-ringing , and all the other

Then one morning
from inside the fog
I hear the enchanting cry from a far remote cliff

The song of loneliness
to which I slowly fade away
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