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Andrew Rueter Sep 2017
The ground connects us through our feet
We connect the Earth through our minds
And connect our hearts through our hands
Until the ground beneath our feet
Begins to crumble
We dig up hatred and then repeat
As we stumble
Attacking the planet to cut our connection
And severing our stability
When the ground is filled with holes
And the ground is filled with those
We chose to dispose
For what they know
Or what they show
We told them no
And dimmed their glow
We feel dirt between our toes
As the quicksand embraces our ankles
We let a malicious mudslide flank us

The Sandman continues to introduce us
To our own eternal rest
On his endless conquest
For minerals in his midst
Sentiment unable to penetrate his sediment
The dirtiness in his heart becomes evident
When he drowns us in dust
And colors us rust
He feels he must
But he made a fatal mistake
Not realizing we are attached by soil
As the soil becomes a lake
We find relation deeper than oil

The Sandman seeks our species' slumber
But the power of our tears
Are strong when shared
And shower us with love
That runs through our blood
Moistening man
Soaking the sand
Once we see life grand
Crucifix May 2015
My sandman watches over me. Fills my dreams endlessly. Yes my sandman watches over me, adrift in absolvement, where gods can proudly be either here or all at once dead to me.
He is the master of my fate, and my lover too. He watches over me. As I'm watching over you.
All is endless mountains in the span of endless days. But only endless nights are what we praise.
They raise you from the dead. By my sandmans hand, and lay you to rest you poor broken man.
My sandmans got a plan that will put you to sleep.
A thousand miles of just counting sheep.
I'm ready for the dreamless deep.

But as I'm locked in the dark I I feel the warmth of your heart something that is keeping me free. From the dark prison I seek for eternity.
You just won't let me go oh no.
Your my sandman too. When I dream I dream of you.
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2018
And if such a time comes.
I ask for courage anew, happier eyes.
To delve into sweet slumber without sigh.
Time neither passes or retracts.

And in addition I find the least bit bearable.
Unable to drown in total sleep.
The sights seen precious.
I forget where I place my head.

And I hold no grievance against thee.
Heavily affectioned to many a sight.
My eyes swallowed whole,
At happiness's interpretation.

Whilst I not forget, Sandman,
I dream with open eyes
Jack Chicago Oct 2018
We were *******
she nodded out

I ****** off on her eyelids

the next day her boyfriend
to pick her

"looks like the sandman paid you
a visit"
he exclaimed as he helped her
pry her eyelids
how faint his final cry
how frail his last goodbye
plays on low as he drifts away
'song of the sandman lullabye'
he wraps himself in memories
he finds a dream and falls
the music on a constant loop
makes its way down hollow halls

morning light now finds no breath
the pen's ink soon to dry
his final words
his quiet death

'song of the sandman lullabye'
Mike Hauser May 2014
I've got my Rip Van Winkle on
I've got my dreams all packed
Now all that is need be
A shady spot to lay my head

One that is unmoving
That will be around for years
When roaming the halls of slumber
Time is the first thing that is missed

I sit back as I relax
With a good book in hand
I commence to yawning hard
Enter stage left...Sandman

I've got my Rip Van Winkle on
The rest is history
I'll see you all around sometime
But only in my dreams
Knit Personality Oct 2016
O care-inventing child, why dost thou scream?
     Thou should'st not fret to quit a while thy toys.
Nor scornest thou the chance to sweetly dream
     Whilst yet the sun his keenest beam employs.
No punishment is this; no, 'tis a gift
     From her that kisseth now thy weary head:
Receive it softly: let the sandman sift
     His timeless sands above thy person'd bed.
Too soon wilt thou a feeling as weary know
     When selfish Obligation will thy pleas
For peace ignore, and force thee to forgo
     A gentle sleep for half-awake unease.
Relish thy sleep before thou know'st too well
The stimulant that spoils the poppy's spell.
Pyrrha Aug 2018
5 years is too long
It's a habit and I took too long to grab it
I let it slip through my fingers into the deepness of my sleep
The parasite ****** it dry and stole the sandman, father time
I can no longer tell reality from this sideways world in front of me

I could cure this horrid habit
Instead I stay silent and pretend I don't have it
I am weaker these days, far more than before
I used to be able to feel the freedom in the sun
Now I'm blinded by the light of a raging dawn
drumhound Apr 2017
Last night I asked Mother Sky
to lay me down
under the stars.
She covered the long day
with her black/blue quilt
tucking away
my rapid heart.

Brushing the unkempt hair
from my eyes
she warmed me
with deep sea breaths
and showed me how much
she loved me.
Her finger drew
a shooting star
as she measured
herself in a whisper,
"From here, my dear, there."

Mother offered me
a drink from her ladled cup.
I chose the big one
with both hands
consuming every drop
until my lips finished
with a satisfied "Aaaaaaahhh".
I handed her the twinkling chalice
which she hung again
by the North Star.

I resigned my head
to the grassy pillow
my eyes lost in retreat.
"Will you sing to me?"
I asked sightlessly.
From the corners of Endless
she coaxed
soft soothing melodies,
while the Sandman
strummed willow trees
to her song.
Rob Sandman Mar 2016
The Ballad Of Jack Hammer (Concept by Jay Byrne)
Jack Hammer-Jay Byrne Black Fang Rob Sandman aka Schizophrenic.

Listen up I got a tale to tell.
About a black jack rabbit known for raisin' hell.
Jack Hammer's his name. Retribution the game.
Out on the plain with his kinfolk he did dwell.
Til that fateful day. No forgettin it.
Loss so painful. Jack was but a leveret.
While playin' out back.
Along the track came Black Fang and the Red River Pack.
And they were lookin, for blood.
Notorious outlaws up to no good.
In the low sun and The Pack started gunnin'.
So Jack started runnin'. The damage was done and it was over.
No time for goodbye. He just stood there.
Lookin' the Devil in the eye.
While his Momma bled.
The wolf walked up and this is what he said.

Are you sore that the Fang took away your Paw?
and the River Run's red with the blood o' your Maw?,
well hop away little blackjack eyes red raw,
-tell the rest o' the prairie what you done saw,
Red River is the Pack,I'm the one with the crown,
I'm the big bad wolf who blew your whole life down!
so cower and quiver little wabbit,have a cry...
you little ******* you took my **** eye!

From out me back pocket, pulled out me slingshot..
..I'm a real crack-shot when it comes to bringin' pain across lots.
Ya never saw it quicker.
Lickety-split I skedaddle into the thicket.
Then he was gone...

Spent the next few years wanderin'. Ponderin' recompense.
Lived paw to mouth honing his defense..
..and offense. Hell bent on atonement.
Twin six-guns blazin', layin' judgement.
While The Pack kept killin'.
Full split, full chisel, goin' the big figure.
Black Fang said it himself.

none bigger none badder than the Pack I'm with,
spit venom that hisses,hogleg never misses,
no-one messes with the red river,do and you die,
cry wolf-get engulfed,leave your colt lie,
whole pack'll rip lead to your head if you try,
but-one thing niggles while I sup down Rye
is to **** that rabbit that took my **** eye,
heard he built some fame,got himself a name,

Like a freight train runnin' on collision course.
Jacks fate's been comin' like an iron horse.
Tour de force, pent up, fired up ready to blow.
On a stormy night into town he did stroll.

Jack walked into the saloon.
Black as all hell, no light from the moon.
Fang at a table playin' poker.
Soon to be Dead Mans Hand for that joker.
The pack'll pay.
I'll put the red in your river bringin' Judgement Day.
Stormbringer I'll deliver. Got an itchy trigger-finger..
..cos I'm quicker and fitter. Juiced up, not goosed up on hard liquor.
Then he catches me eye.
Takes a sip of his rye and says..

if it ain't the **** nipper that took the fang's eye,
waited all these years to come here and die,
no odds no winnin' no end to my sinnin' ,
Pack back up,fair game fangs winnin
last chance saloon,I'm too old for you,
ain't no-one ever outdrew me and old blue,
Navy Colt revolver,dead problem solver
so 'ware this wolf,you couldn't **** with silver

Black Fang, I've come to collect.
Anybody that don't wanna die better mosey outback.
But the pack can stay.
For what ya done did you're dyin' this day.

as I opened my mouth and slid my paw to old blue,
twas like the heavens opened up on my whole **** crew,
twin revolvers spitting,splittin' open my pack,
last shot ripped ripper my lieutenant in the back

cause I dragged him over me,hit the deck too,
little rabbit thinks its,over cause I  was hit too,
then I let rip,aiming straight for the head,
coulda sworn that shot left Jackhammer dead
... (but did it?)
Another unfinished track by myself and Jay Byrne... give us a few likes to hear the end(lol cliffhanger style!)
April Feb 2018
Oh sandman, take away my dream
So I will never cry at night,
Wake up sweating
Chilled to the bone
Because you were dead.
My greatest fear
That you will leave,
Like he did
All those years ago
8 years
3 months
7 days
Since he was dead
A day before his birthday.
He was never 9.
And I dream that you are dead
Like him.
His brother too
Died much to young.
Six short years to live.
But you outlived them both.
You are you lived past 6.
Then 9.
Now 11.
But still I wake at night
Because you were dead
In my arms
And you were so very very cold
And still.
I run into your room
And you’re asleep.
Sometimes smiling.
But still the nightmare comes
ALesiach Jul 22
The Sandman comes to her around seven,
she prays for dreams sweet as heaven.

But sometimes the dreams,
awaken her with screams.

Monster do not always come in closets,
monster sometimes seem quite modest.

Awakened in a cold sweat,
frightened near death.

Nightmares do not always come in dreams,
nightmares do not always make you scream.

ALesiach © 09/19/2014
emmanuel Mar 19
Abaft the puckered velvet, they lie at rest,
reluctantly waiting to depart their somber.

A crowd of many sit behind the curtain,
yet they lay apathetic.

Moving aimlessly between two worlds,
they loiter in the realm of repose.

Overlooking the light which peeks under the shutter,
they dance with the Sandman.

Then, when he is satisfied,
he lifts the drape from which they hide.

And at the awakening of a new dawn,
they encounter a familiar light.
kk Aug 2018
A pencil is of dreams,
the Sandman sings sweetly on graphite.
Unlearn your rules,
unleash your light.
Dance on rhythms of pentameter
and sing melodies that twinkle
on the tip of your tongue,
alliterative opera and assonance
played among the bass that is literature.
Sometimes you must ignore the pain
in your hands,
let callouses build and relish
in blood filling your blisters.
Pain here means progress.
Sweep agony away for the sake of day then sink into the ink of night.
Float on clouds of fantasy and write.
Rob Sandman Mar 11
Storm Rider(sample the doors)
start with "Riders on the Storm" softly repeated x4)

Try catch me-leap from ground to sky,
light up the night as I fly,
Tip to tip mischievous-watch me salmon leap-avert your eyes,
The Celtic Dragon Storm Riding tonight,
feel the static on your skin lets take flight

Vast vista’s fistula’s in the earths core,
fly with me you wanna feel more?,
cut core to core claws - millivolt amped,
up to attack lay down my stamp,
Earth tremblin’ rumblin' humbling when I catch the spark,
revered by Tesla - hear me Arc…
Another mic blown - booth in chaos,
I stand firm - you're reeling as you're reeled in tossed,
like ragdoll physics my rhymes rip timelines,
Faultlines and default rhymes?
Never,I’m too clever,agility reveals your fragility,
Claws rip and drag you down …to a sea of tranquility…
Hush now ,shush now,
hear the susurrus as I leave you nonplussed

phase you back to your body  trans warp jump
tachycardia spasms chasms torn by talons,
pounces crush tons to ounces as I flex my neck…
hasn't changed since Wu told ya’s”Best protect ya neck”

Storm Rider,Glider light up the night yeah,
the Firestorm Lightning Storm inside your minds eye take my hand and we'll both fly
as the ground flashes by...
Storm Rider,Glider light up the night yeah,
the Firestorm Lightning Storm inside your minds eye take my hand and we'll both fly
as the ground flashes by...

Feel me breath blowing like a gale - the Gael without fail,
I inhale and exhale flames of hell,
hellbent- time to repent
you’re scurrying in gullies while I seek your Scent,
SNIFFFF-grrrrrrrr that’s the sound of doom,
from the Emerald shore to the Pharaohs tomb,
No room to escape the breath that melts steel
rabbit in my headlights feel my claws life steal,
oxygen and nitrogen erupt to seal your fate,
debate-berate, get estate in order,
one Molten blast of fast rhyme its over.
scorchmark against a granite wall,
burnt to a crisp by the firestorm from hell,
well welcome to hell do you feel the heat?
Sandman slim dragon never fears defeat,
20 years here  spittin’ in the underground,
Now its time to vacate my space hear my sound
A no go area,gates of Mordor,
dragged by the Dragon to your place of ******,
claws like claymores rake your face,
prepared to ignite,take flight-seal your fate...

Storm Rider,Glider light up the night yeah, the firestorm
Lightning Storm inside your minds eye take my hand and we'll both fly
as the ground flashes by...
Storm Rider,Glider light up the night yeah, the firestorm
Lightning Storm inside your minds eye take my hand and we'll both fly
as the ground flashes by...

Call me Nukker ******, you're due to be Slaine,
one scaldin' verse melts down your brain,
searing breath - death bursts unprepared heads,
Streets run red with the blood of the dead.
Feel the headwind....blowin' as I exhale.
My fetid breath tastes stale as you inhale

lucid juices sluicin in the Wyrms Den,
just One spark you're gonna BURN then!,
wingspan of an Antonov best back off!,
forked lightning blasts ground - as I take off,
fly head on to the heart of the Hurricane,
calescent death as I stake my claim,
rider on the storm,your attempt? - luke warm,
spells incandesce without stress as they take form,
the Serpent serpentine's through the night sky,
take eyes off mine? - your turn to fry.
don't cry it's fate, conserve your hate,
you perspire before your expiry date,
a Deer in the deadlights I'll open the gate,
to the next realm, next challenger calcerated,
another Champion obliterated,
ardent first to set foot on my Isle
now you're here you feel febrile,
feeble feverish attempts cut short clean sliced,
by the Firestorm Dragon with the eyes of Ice.

(Soft-"Riders on the Storm" rpt x2 Chorusx2 end.)

Storm Rider,Glider light up the night yeah,
the Firestorm Lightning Storm inside your minds eye take my hand and we'll both fly
as the ground flashes by...
Storm Rider,Glider light up the night yeah,
the Firestorm Lightning Storm inside your minds eye take my hand and we'll both fly
as the ground flashes by.
gayatri Sep 2018
if you were dreams,
id ask the sandman for visits,
of cloud filled wonder,
and star glazed kisses.
lex Aug 30
1 - Jun 14th, I wake late during the night,
2 - my body is shaking head to toe, i am so cold.
3 - From my left eye, I shed a tear,
4 - it slithers from my eye, down my cheek.
5 - I take a breath and close my room door.
6 - A mouth full of pills until they entire my bloodstream.

6 - What can I say, this was my original scheme.
1 - The darkness diminishes the light.
5 - There is a bed, but I lay on the floor.
2 - My heart is heavy and it burns me cold,
4 - I feel my body slowly shutting down, becoming weak.
3 - There is no going back now, the damage will be severe.

3 - My ceiling fan spins round and round like a sphere.
6 - This is because of my low self esteem.
4 - Sorry mom, this is not a game of hide-and-go-seek.
1 - In the morning when you wake please bear your sight.
2 - Drugs take action, they have me controlled,
5 - my whole life I have been hurt and sore.

5 - Time is running out, one, two, three, four.
3 - Half hour passes and now I begin to fear,
2 - you would never guess this is how i really feel, it’s untold.
6 - I've lived my whole life in my head; a daydream.
1 - Remember I did this to myself, out of spite.
4 - Maybe it’s because my whole life I've been called a freak.

4 - Never did I fit in, my dad called me unique.
5 - I reach for my cellphone in my dresser drawer,
1 - my body collapses and I know its too late, I'm not alright.
3 - Eyes closed shut but all i see is black appear.
6 - My body has gone into shock, I am unable to scream.
2 - The pills run though my body and shape me like a mold.

2 - An entire hour is gone, now I am no longer in control.
4 - The voices in my head softly being to speak.
6 - I mouth, ‘Mr. Sandman bring me a dream.’
5 - My body has shut down, my heart has no beat anymore.
3 - And just as I simply did not exist before I was born here,
1 - I will not exist after death strips away my meaning, just as air puts out a candlelight.

25 - I am no longer in control, I do not exist anymore.
43 - My mother is beside me, she mumbles to speak, ‘stay, wake, do not leave me here’
61 - Life is a dream that flashes before your eyes, like blowing out a candlelight.

Lex Rudyk
Please if anyone is going through drug addiction and depression please please reach out to someone Nd tell someone trusted it will get better I promise
Riley June Mar 2
When I lay in bed at night I can hear you visit all my friends but leave me barren,
Some days you visit me and steal away my time,
How cruel is your torture that you find pleasure in my pain?
   Please MR. SANDMAN I beg of you to take me to your land,
The coveted home of dreams where everyone wishes to stay,
Yet you have banished me to nightmares if I get any sleep at all.
   When did you decide to play such tricks on me?
Do you entertain yourself with my tear-stained face,
the only thing enlightened by the moon at this hour.
   Every morning the sun offers me a mask to cover the remains of your torture and every day I accept.
But this day I say no to the mask and let the world look upon the work of their precious SANDMAN.
   When I look around I see others take off their mask and show the scars each person bears.
MR. SANDMAN we don't need your dreams anymore,
Because when I look at all these strong people sharing their scars I wish to never wake.
valencia Jan 5
it’s 3 am.
you’re sleeping, she’s crying
writing white-people poetry about cigarettes and dying,
and while in your dreams you keep turning, the world is burning, over and over again.
the first time.

it’s 4 am.
you’re waking, she counting the sheep on her wall, she decides she’ll go for a walk. outside the sandman is working, monsters are lurking, over and over again.
twice now.

it’s 5 am.
you’re creeping, she sleeping and as you reach your door she is breaking, walking with her soul shattered to pieces. outside the world is breathing, her chest is heaving, tears cried for no one, over and over again.
three times now.

it’s 6 am.
you’re learning, she’s earning, her wages keep her notebooks coming, her poetry never to be read again. internally she decaying, relaying past memeories of ruined afternoons, over and over again.
four times now.

it’s 7 am.
she realizes, her life is a circle, you’re hurting, and together you realize hopeless infinity helps no one. you’re rising again, she’s dying again, over and over again.
as many times as you can now.
sandra wyllie Oct 19
Where did you put your head
last night? Did you leave it with him
when you turned out the light? He kissed
you full on your lips. You were

dreaming this. Because he’s three thousand
miles away. It was after you drank the sea
green appletini and sank on the couch
worried sick about the test results. When the

doctor took your pulse you knew
it was rising as the interest on your credit
card. He knows that you’re scarred
for life. Your future hasn’t been very

bright. It’s been duller than the pale imitation
you’ve invented through your imagination. It’s a
knife that needs sharpening. All it does is leave
stains on your carpeting. What will it be

tonight? Blue as the Harvest moon, tasting
like fresh squeezed oranges. Stirred with a spoon
or shaken? It doesn’t matter at all. Because you
know he won’t call. It’s not the color that does

the trick. You say you’re going to quit. But
you won’t ever get better while he’s in
a different time zone. And so much is left
unknown. So, sink in the drink and maybe
you’ll kiss him again when the sandman says –

he’s the only one who calls in the evening
We live gas station to gas station. Motel to motel. Roleplaying different stories.  Living out the bohemian fantasies of a teenage reverie. So when we check out the next morning all these little lives are left behind to exist in the folds where reality meets lazy Sunny D daydreams. And when we are old and grey and return one day to these places in holy reminiscence, our nerves will be pricked with a kaleidoscope of memory jolting sensations. I’ll turn to you and say, “Don’t you remember, my dear?” The honeydew perfume on my wrist as you kissed me up and down like a cartoon in the kitchen of the Sandman Motel? Or the feel of the unpolished, terrazzo floor in the Sunny Moon dining room with my right hand in yours and the other clutching a stolen bottle of my Father’s Aberlour? I’ll remember the times when I didn’t mind the 7/11 taquitos and you didn’t mind getting up early to watch the “Hot Donut’s” sign light in the the Krispy Kreme’s front window. Fresh baked pastries and gasoline and turquoise curtains from the seventies blowing in the hot summer seabreeze. Getting lost in milky sheets. We were a sitcom. We were romance. We were tragedy a la mode with guitar strings built out of rawhide and teeth made of ***** pearls tangled in conspiracy. These are the things I’ll smell, I’ll see, and I will remember when it was just you and me, pretty baby. Just you and me and the ******* Dream, traveling from sea to shining sea, living cheap and easy and utterly free.
as night falls once again,
as it has fallen for millennia,
on us, the biggest us, species,
it falls silvery, it falls velvety, it
gives of it its silences, voices of the
most immeasurable quiet, and the most
synchronized and immense breathing;
the world breathes with one breath
in the night, dripping down from
all the stars with the sweetest
oblivion yet discovered, that
of sleep, pouring itself on
rivers of dreams that flow
through each and every
sleeping breast, and as
it does we are all related
in our slumber. i am related
to you this very minute as you
read, as if old relatives long-parted,
we become one body, this world, woven
from starlight, and the aeons of time and the
eternities of space, through the veils that separate
during the day, everyone that sleeps leaking into the
substance of myself, and i into the same of all who slumber.
that is my wish and dream and fantasy as i start to fade and fade.
the cure - lullaby

— The End —