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The Unspoken Nov 2017
Until you fall in Love with someone who your heart knows doesn't deserve it but still do, You have NOT experienced Unconditional Love.
The Unspoken Feb 2017
I sat down in slence...
I felt the wind blow on my face...
I felt goose bumps build up on my skin...
I saw the darkness setting in...
I closed my eyes....
I, held my breath
and in the silence,
I heard my heart rip...
I felt it sinking, deeper and deeper.
I felt my heart break. I knew it was broken now for sure
and I let the pain wash over me.
The Unspoken Jun 2016
One day I will refuse to prepare your meal and you will come home to an empty fridge because my hands won't have the strength to hold on to a cooking spoon no more.
One Day you will get so late to work because I shall not be able to wake you up in the morning because I slept late, sobbing all night while you were busy dreaming of Natasha and Amina.
One Day you will have to reach home and do all errands to the market and back and office and back because my feet won't be able to stand and do **** for you no more.
One Day you will show up for family events alone and get questioned about me by your relatives who are so fond of me and you will have nothing to say because I had to be at the hospital to nurse my black eye,broken thumb and swollen mouth and knees.
One Day you will be so sick in bed and need your soup or a helper but my spirit will be dead alongside my body in the other room of all the pains you inflicted one me.
One Day, Just one sweet day, I will get up from that bed, dress up, leave the door and I will never come back. You will wait for me, but I shall not show.
The Unspoken Nov 2015
Place: Balcony, Home
Time: 6am

Its a busy neighborhood. Everyone is carrying on their lives, some jogging around, buses hooting, busy people heading to work. Important stuff you know.
But Leila, without feeling contrite, holds her last glass of wine, its almost done. Am sure she lost count after her first glass. She was up by the first bird, way before the darkest of the hours. It looks chilly but she was on nothing but The t shirt, her favourite one with the words printed DEVOUR ME IF YOU DARE. Her nerves somehow went numb a while back, the only part that seemed to play its role in her system was her brain.

Why was she out here?
See, she didnt don't know.
But last thing she remember, she was on their couch. She'd  just prepared dinner waiting on her person to come. It had been a rough three weeks, but she was willing to try you know.

The door bell rang, and she rushed to open to welcome "bae", atleast take the coat or was always warm but this time.

She was met a flying bag on her face that sent her sprawling on the coffee table. At that point you'd ask what went through her mind? NOTHING.
She just lay there, like a paralysis spell was cast on her.
"You will know who I am today" "bae" said

"...Wh..."she stuttered word could come out of her mouth.

The worst thing ever is to be caught off guard by a situation and your defense knowledge shuts down with your brain. No  ***** at that point is willing to co-ordinate with the other body part to defend itself. You are just a log for a moment.

"So now you just hop into people's cars when you leave the house in the morning" "bae" screamt as the heaviest slap ever received, landed on Leila's face.
It got all echo-ey...she placed both her hands on her face as blows rained on her till she finally  managed to push "bae" away and try run out the house, it was locked.

She couldn't scream, this was the first time.

She hadn't  the slightest of ideas of what "bae" was talking about. She just held tightly onto the balcony bars.
For A second, she wanted to jump off. She wished to.

They lived at the 2nd floor, so it wasn't so far off the ground. She was pulled back and dropped to the floor  like some shoe.

She wailed for her mother who she hadn't seen in months.
She recalled wishing to live on the streets than the torture she went through that night.
One side of her face, let's say would need a tone of concealer the following morning when she went to work,because that morning, she had to call in sick. I mean, she couldn't use the "yeah right" statement of "I hit a window or door", c'mon, who you kidding sis!

So she left at night while "bae was asleep. That was after she cried a river plus all its tributaries and "bae" felt "remorse" of some sort, held her and begged her to stop crying offering to hold her through the night, but fell asleep barely 10 minutes after.

Leila crept outside the house at our balcony, with the bottle of wine that she had bought for them to have the previous night and decided to numb her pain by drowning myself in it.
She couldn't account for the hours she stayed out in the dark and the cold and getting drunk at the balcony...but the darkness felt like that point heaven, the cold floor was her street of gold.

...This, was the first time.

This is a true account of a healing journey for a particular soul.
The Unspoken Oct 2015
The Sound Of Her Voice...
Touches Me... Tortures Me.
The Scent Of Her Perfume... Entices Me... Suffocates Me.
The Rythmn From The Strings Of Her Guitar... Moves Me... Hypnotizes Me.
The Mention Of Her Name... Excites Me... Breaks Me.

The One I Could Never Have.
Always Having Visions Of Her And I... But Like Smoke, It Escapes Too Soon. Before I Could Even Hold It.
Forcing A Smile, Whenever She Tells Me About Her...but Inside, Like A Lifeless Flower, I Wither. The Words, Too Heavy To Leave My Lips... Always Hoping She Sees It In My Eyes. ... But Her Love For The Other Has Blindfolded Her. She Is Blind Now.
My Arm, Always Stretched out, For A Dream I Can Never Live.
Just A Wish In The Sea.
My Dream,
My Torture,
My Nightmare.
...She ,Who Can Never Be Mine.

©The Unspoken
The Unspoken Sep 2015
Eternity to me is, Boundless Moments, of Lost hearts... yours and Mine.*

©The Unspoken
The Unspoken Sep 2015
Maureen G. Karimi·Monday, 28 September 2015
Deflated, pounced, torn, crushed...
This is the condition of this bandaged heart.
A once glowing eyes, shut, as black river flows from it.
Shuttered dreams...
Deafening screams...
Dried streams...Dull & faded beams.
The warm stretched arms of love,
now turned into clenched fists of bitterness..
A once warm breath turned into fiery fumes of anger...
A once calm voice of hospitality, turned into disturbing screams n shouts of agony.
...All changed by an ***** so small...
A part she wishes could be engulfed in the hot flames of hell...
A portion of life that desired a reality turned into a myth
The myth that caused tears from the bandaged heart...
...the MYTH called LOVE.

©The Unspoken
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