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I can't change my heart
from loving you...
My love for you began with the start
of the life I created in you...

I'll take the blame
of who you are now...
I feel so much shame
cause I know it's wrong...

I don't want it this way
between you and I...
Hopefully one day
we can both make a change...

This is not how
I want our life to be...
Let's do this now
and make us a better relationship...

I love you just as much
as I do my others...
Why do we say hurtful things and such
I'll never know...

Let's just put an end
to our troubles...
Be my friend
as well as my daughter...


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Rich Hues Dec 2018
They pretend they're cultured,
But really they're coarse,
Their glittering marriage,
Heads for divorce,
So she'll take her offspring,
Back to Bel-Air,
With its deep, blue blood,
And its bright, red hair,
And its lovely skin,
A diversity brown,
And where Donald will give it,
A gold plated crown.
nat Jan 30
bathed myself in bleach
and scrubbed my skin with rubbing alcohol
when i light myself on fire
i feel somewhat better
and i have swept the kitchen floor a lot
almost obsessively
but when i walk around i still feel dirt on the bottom of my feet
i am surprised i still have the ability to feel anything
i tried drinking gasoline and licking flames
like megan fox in jennifer's body but
i am a freak and a coward so things didn't work out
still, i am used to disappointment
and i am used to hating myself
Yenson Feb 17
Woman child, man child, Kidadults
I hear your voices, I feel your pain,
I was pushed on the tracks you walk
I see the sorrows of the known and unknown days
the hopelessness of feeling insignificant
the destitutes of needs unmet, wants unattainable
the searing pain of the unsupported, the pitiful cries unheard
the anger of mediocrity, the stupefying lull of mundanity
that shaming feeling of feeling disrespected and unworthy

I can appreciate your rages and outrages
the compulsion to lash out, to hate, to get back at them
the frustrations that begets violence, the creeping disillusionments
the insecurities, the fears, the paralyses, the absence of stability
that pervasive feeling of inadequacies of minds unfulfilled
the crazed tensions that always sits at the door and gnawed often
the need for escapisms, to drink and live recklessly atimes
the pain that bornes rejections of cooperation with those others
the sheer horrors that make you think the world is against you

But I've been one of you even before I was made one of you
I come from the capital of Suffering, paid fees at Adversity alley
I too know what it's like to go hungry, to do without
Know what it's like to yell in frustration and bemoan my lot
while the wealthy kids swarmed around with foreign goodies
I know the humiliation being barred from class and school lessons
because my school fees were late in coming and being laughed at
but I had parents who gave tough love and bred worthy sons
and values to work hard, stand tall and respect your name

Don't look at others, be positive, be the best you can be
be helpful, be polite, be kind and fear your God but nothing else
you are a man, go like a man and never ever take what's not yours
Be grateful for what you have anf thankful for the privilege
Yes, I had breaks, but I stand knowing I earned from my sweat
and nothing was expected or given or taken for nothing
so Yes, I know suffering and hardship ain't going to break me now
No woman, I was bred to care for, love and provide, *****, they are not for ****** release, or comforter to abate my pain or strifes
Loneliness is nothing, I have slept in dark forest and quiet beaches
I have faced darkness and fears that would traumatize older men

Destroying me achieves nothing other than glorify inhumanity
there will always be talented people who seem to have more
these days the're few elitists only does who took opportunities
If you want to change the palaces, do a Megan Mackle
Be good enough to marry inside and change lives from within
Hating privileged serves no purpose other than reinforce them
You can bring the walls down from the inside better than outside
Hate destroys the haters, why court cancer when love cures all

Woman child, man child, Kidadults
I hear your voices, I feel your pain,
I have walked the tracks you walk
I know well the sorrows of the known and unknown days
I can talk the talk and walk the walk
I have done it more than any of you born in the West.....
Johnny Noiπ Feb 19
He wants to love the people
of the United States and others
around him. Heat and let you
cool. However, my heart
is very full and strong. Advertise
carefully, to be sure of the name
of wheat. I do not like this stupidity.
I'm on my own but I'm a passionate
driver. "So, there are time tactics
to" talk "about infection, breathing,
fear, sadness, depression, pain,
depression, sadness, syringe
and the other two" when there
is agreement. "I lost to save my
life." I did not know that, but he said.

"Sadness, depression, definitely
at hand, cheating, poverty, hot salt
and hope of losing a word, instead
of bringing doctors, teachers, teenagers,
Guggenheim and Sicily, California,
Father Gregory, Caliban and true
democracy; Megan: John Milton,
Blessed Laura, Our formation
is not only the face of the people,
our sun is our heart, we are cold
and we're touching "now", Saint
and word; The reason for the process.

"A little pain, the cat" I do not know,
I do not know, but I can not say it.
"The dog in New York and Tom Ham,
John Dryden, John Keats, the teachers,
the teachers, our teachers, our teachers,
our teachers in Arizona every year,
18 and over at 21 The Gypsies (g)

California, the real boyfriend
and the Holy Spirit are the new Boy,
Megan and useful leaders in Africa,
Money Money, Muslim Women
and Holy God, "Holy God." Holy
God is truly local, but It's a bit hot,
but my heart is very careful about
the name of the grain; Nonsense
for me, I hate but you know
"As you have." Saint: the text
of the processor, the life conflict,
the fear of the child, the sadness,
pain and sadness of Valentine.

"I was so, I did know, but I cannot
say." Unfortunately, with sadness
comes self-control, Thomas because
I'm a child and I know Pilates, said
John Carpenter and Professor,
Captain's Team 18 "An interesting
****** orientation - has acted,"
said John E's corporation, "Muslims
and Children's Beds "by Hallyu Bly,
Achini LE of the printed Tululani
Geryrich, called Abu Ibrahim,
the gym, Megan's Gothic Islam,
Women and Healthy Saints, Gemini
Qinqing T (100) California State.
"Powerful" global developer "
For the people of the world ...
Mallory Michaud Dec 2018
You know,
It’s just me but I guess I just find it
That people say it’s girls who have loose lips
When the boys at this table have mouths
Like open caves
With stalagmite teeth
Bats come flying out

I guess,
It’s just my magic trick,
The way I become invisible
When the boys
Sit down for dinner
And they open up their backpacks
And their gym bags
And pull out butcher knives
That shine like brand new quarters
In the cafeteria fluorescents

I’m not sure,
But maybe
The churning of my stomach
Is a sign
That there’s sharks
In these waters
I feel my wet socks in my wet shoes as I jiggle my knee
And watch the boys
With their knives
Start chopping up girls on the plastic top table

They cut slices off of Julia
and Megan
And Kara
and lob them across the table
to their friends
Just Like the men at
Pike Place Fish Market
Fling whole salmon
Into each other’s gloved hands
I saw them do it
When I went to Seattle once.
I feel water climbing up my legs.
I see a shark fin.

Did I blush red?
When the boy next to me catches
Katie’s legs
In his calloused hands
And laughs a laugh that sounds like
An out of tune violin
They’re all laughing now,
Like car horns and fire alarms
Laughing about
Katie’s legs
And Kara’s ***
And Megan’s hips
And Julia’s ****
It’s the ugliest orchestra I’ve ever heard

And perhaps,
I’m the only one who’s noticed,
But we’re not in the cafeteria anymore
We’re right there
In that room
In that bed
In that moment
And I don’t want to be there.

And I know,
For sure,
No maybes,
That If JuliaMeganKaraKatie knew
We were all here too
In her room
In her bed
In her
That she’d cry enough saltwater
To flood the whole earth
And wash it clean.

We leave the table
Bones on the floor
Shark boys clean their teeth with toothpicks
My clothes are soaked
All the way up to my neck.

-I never go in the ocean, I’ve seen the sharks when they frenzy.

— The End —