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NiTSUDD Mar 10
High on the tree she grows
Looking down on me I suppose
In all of her colors: Orange, gold, green, and red
I let it go, and fade away instead

Covered in leathery skin
I never knew how to begin
But one thing in common, as I sink my teeth
We both hide the sunshine underneath
NiTSUDD Jul 2019
It's always cold
Or is it just me
Even God could not hold
This flood in my sea
Now what colors will I bleed?

Away from me
into the cruel
Humbling breeze
I don't bundle
I just freeze

They crawl at me sometimes
Agatha comes to me but I'm fine
I don't believe
In those things

Moving through the avenue
Sirens guide the way
Burning hands in freezing rains
Turns the stains away
Indigo Away

Lazily the thunder purrs
As i run away
Wonder how my color shows
When the whole world is gray
Indigo Away
NiTSUDD Jul 2019
It's always cold
Or is it just me
NiTSUDD Jun 2019
I remember when I was a little baby
Sitting alone on the pillow casing
Upset already I could feel the aging
The urge to return was debilitating
NiTSUDD Jun 2019
Well I don't know just where I'm going
But I'm on my way
It won't be long

And I don't know who will listen
But I'll find a way
To share my song

Everyone's got one don't you know
I know
But where do they all go
Howl at the moon
Lost in the sun

To be continued...
NiTSUDD Apr 2019
I met an old man dying on a train.
No more destination. No more pain.
He said one thing before I graduate.
Never let your fear decide your fate.
NiTSUDD Mar 2019
Oh the road
A lot of hearts left to rot on the road
And some bodies disposed I know
When it shines
It don't stay
very long

All a show
On the stage for the world to see
crying end of the tragedy
Final act
Powerful play

All I see is gray
Say it's be okay
But I don't buy it
Because I'm too high
Then I'm too low
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