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Damnation to this drink
Shattered glass on the wall
Dulled senses no longer think
But I still hear her voice call

It echoes deep inside my head
And reality hits much too strong
When I know she is long dead
I want her, is that so wrong?

Damaged thoughts are to blame
Someone new in darkest lust
Using this woman in a game
Where I strip her of her trust

Do I use her all because of you?
Because she is your exact double
Oh this woe, what should I do?
Is this worth all this ****** trouble?

She sees beyond my deep scars
As you, beloved, once did
Still this bitterness still mars
All this madness I once hid

Can I escape my coming destiny?
Can the visions reflected be true?
To no longer feel pain and misery
How can this be if I am without you?
Copyright 2015
Hello, don't hang up
I know you don't know me
But I believe I know you
I know your dreams
I know your desires
Of the darkest seduction
From a strangers voice
Of how I would use you
But strict with kindness
Punish you with lusts
Lusts yet unknown to you
Lusts to ravish your body
To please you in many ways
All the ways you dream of
Would you dare to know me?
Would you dare return my call?
Don't be afraid of the dark
All you need do is step inside
All you need do is use the phone
Dial my number, I dare you
Copyright 2014
Never do you see my face
Secured from movement
Just feel my fingers touch
Tracing over your body
Then my kisses on skin

Just a brief moment away
Before ice cubes tease you
In places never before touched
Begging me to ravish you
But you know you're at my mercy

Feeling the handcuffs opened
You're free to reach out
But I whisper for you to wait
And when your eyes are free
They search for me, I am gone
Copyright 2015
I saw your liquid thoughts
The wicked lesson taught
As your cruel mind plays
Inside with wicked ways
As you ignored my pleas
Drowning in a million seas

I listened to your cold voice
Hearing I had no other choice
And I fell from a higher place
Burnt with the memory of your face
As you ignored my pleas
Drowning in a million seas
See beyond the pain
Look past the scars
Reach into darkness
With a guiding light

Help me forget torment
Heal me from my suffering
Come touch my heart
Repair the shattered pieces

Comfort me through nightmares
Show me if love still exists
Lead me away from Hell
So this phantom may live again
Cry the untold tears
Bought by unsold fears
By a lonely grave
Where only a slave
Sheds rivers for a poet
****** tears flow it
Down to a sea of voices
Full of forbidden choices
But why it could be
When nobody cries for me
The flicker of a dying flame
When life is only a game
Waiting for darkness to fall
A void of voices will call

I never wanted to play
Just visions of every day
Where beauty could never fade
A place where nobody stayed

So nothing comes of the past
Reckless thoughts always last
As broken down machines die
But only human, living a lie

Did you see me within the cracks
A mirror discarded on the tracks
Reflection of the impossible me
Without a home to ever be

Somewhere there is an empty shout
For now the flame has gone out
Nothing left, gone without a trace
Now just a ghost without a face
Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
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