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I picked up
And placed her
       In a bag of noise

I almost forgot
       About her

Till I heard her crying
face up on the ground
rain hits my face
i have been here before
lying in the mud
slowly enveloping me
like a hug
or perhaps more like a boa constrictor
my skin pulls upward
towards the stars
towards light
while my bones want nothing more
then to be laid to rest
wrote this one back in september. don't rly remember what was goin on when i wrote this but that's how it be man i'm just vibin
Actions speak louder than words,
You wonder why I'm speechless.
I love it when
In the middle of your chorus class
You break down crying
Because today is the day you pick songs for comps
And you knew it was coming
And you sit back
Debating whether or not you should go for it
Pick a solo

And while you're there debating this,
You slowly realize
That you're not good at singing
You'd fail so easily
You're so bad at it
And you don't deserve a solo
And you'd literally break if you failed
And so you shouldn't
You just shouldn't go for it
Even though this--singing--is one of the biggest, most important things to you
You sing every day and music is practically your life
But you don't believe in yourself
So yeah, you just shouldn't go for this moment

And you hadn't even started crying yet
You are just slowly getting there
Slowly realizing that you **** at this
You don't believe in yourself
But you hadn't started crying
Just on the edge
Of tears

But you do start crying because the last thing you wanted to do
Was talk about how you don't believe in yourself
And then your friends come over and sit next to you
And you can tell that they're expecting you to say something
Tell then why you look like you're about to cry
And then you do--- cry.
And you don't want to explain why

So you just sit there waiting for the last five minutes
Before you get to go home early
Shaking your head no, and crying
Because the one thing you want to be good at
The one thing you work so hard for
You don't believe in yourself for
I told the stars about you.
Every night. They never answered,
and slowly started to fade.
When they finally disappeared,
I understood. They were trying
to warn me about our light switch
i mistakenly took
as a glint in your eye.
electricity baby and sparks of energy. or just crystal ****
I am upset,
there is nothing more poetic than that right?
didn't all great poets write about great sadness?

is this is my muse--why am i in pieces?
i am full of questions with no one to answer them.
i've been telling myself time heals all

but its been so ******* long already.
When will time heal me?
because I am running out of time.
do you remember those videos you sent?
you would be singing in the car,
and your little siblings would be in the back.
You showed me small moments of your life,
shared a piece of the universe that makes up you.
I never told you,
that those really did mean the world to me.
We'd stay up till midnight
Chasing the words in our hearts
As we long for the kiss
To never tear us apart
Over and over again
You and me both know, I love a good surprise
But what you’re doing now ain’t all that surprising

If you do something enough, every time similar events occur
Then that’s just a normal occurrence

No surprise when I know what’s to come
I now just expect that it’s coming

Every time I have something that you could watch as it happens
You always back out, that’s just what I always find happening

How is it fair that my family never shows
Is this hate that their showing?

Why can’t they show up one ******* time?
Or at least tell me sooner, so I’m not waiting for their arrival, not timing

But what ****** me off the most is that even when it’s not a surprise,
I still cry, feeling broken over the fact that it’s normal now… not surprising
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