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falling apart
in shreds at your feet

will you help
put me back together?
I shake time's hands
for having met you.
Then, spit in their face
for taking you away.  
Sometimes a good pair
of headphones stays around
longer than a friend.
they come and go like the seasons
when you call me by my name

it’s a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning
the scent wafting room to room
the sleep in my eyes just falls away
and although I can’t see you
I can hear the smile on your lips
and I can feel the warmth in your chest

when you call me by my name
I can feel your head in my lap,
your hand in my hair,
your lips on my cheek,
but it all feels wrong

like it's not you who's supposed to be there
A poem every day
There are a lot of metaphors including sunshine.
Some of them are good,

But never good enough.

Dreams don't ever come true,
I've learned that in the past months.

Maybe wishing will do.

I could use a little sunshine now.
I'm sick, and cold, and lone.

That little sunshine used to be you.

I'm ******* lost, and for the first time
I don't actually know what to do.
Ray is a pretty name. It suits you.
I have scars on my arms
I've practically written the word pain in my skin
I've always been on the edge
Of either a cliff or a breakthrough
But I can never tell which one I'm on
So I never take the next step
I'm just stuck on the edge
While blood runs down my skin
With my eyes closed
...Or open, I'm not sure,
I could just be blind
But I will never take that step
I will never risk taking the drop
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