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Winter Reverie Oct 2019
Consider for a moment that everything was true
That every bashful joke and coquettish compliments were a declaration
A means to accentuate how far my thoughts had fallen from grace
Into the expanse where the goddess Venus, Aphrodite, and Lilith reign
Nurturing this lustful appetite and fueling these flames of passion

Give me the choice that Pleasure and Virtue gave the mighty Hercules,
And I will always choose glory for hard work and dedication will always yield the best reward
Provide me with my twelve labors to prove my worth and virtue to you, my Goddess
Allow me to satiate this primal urges once my task is completed
Let me provide for you

For this appetite craves to explore the dominion of your body
Hands ravishing your flesh, entrancing through kneading and massaging
From your shoulders to your feet, spreading the warmth  equally throughout
Weary muscles and taut limbs, allowing you to relax and succumb to the feeling
Let me worship you

Awaiting patiently for your voice to slips between your succulent lips
The cries and moans of pleasure as I stimulate  all your of erogenous zones,
Strumming each of those strings to play of song of never before heard
Each note played with the passion and intensity of a man in heat
Let me please you

As for this ritual, allow my tongue to make my obeisance
Let it roam freely over the contours of your crown
Showing you that my devotion to you is absolute
And may you accept my act of reverence humbly
And lets those cries and screams of adoration echo in our sanctuary

Grant me permission to sacrifice my body at the altar in your name
As my final act of reverence,  let me give all of me to you
Allow me to sweat and cry out as I please you with my body
Each impassioned ****** as a testament to my unyielding devotion and uncompromising love
May I finished knowing that I have given my everything to you,

And I would do it all again in the next life
In the name of love… for you
I will give everything for your love...
Winter Reverie Apr 2017
Floating along the sea of thoughts, unwilling to reach out for fear of what I may grasp but desperately yearning to be anywhere but here.
Ever felt like not addressing anything? Like you know what you have to do... But afraid of what will come of it.
Winter Reverie Aug 2016
Like falling stars
I watch my wishes dance along the skyline
And like post cards.
I address each one to you
Winter Reverie Jan 2016
My mind has been nothing more than a sea of unfiltered thoughts; waves of raging emotions and feelings that I am still dealing with despite the course of time that has swept the landscape and brought about change. My once barren battlefield littered with the remains of soldiers that died fighting for a lost cause had shifted into a empty plains with subtle signs of life emerging from ashes of the desert. Over time, the seasons brought about growth as the faint sound of the drum echoed in the distance. Trances of green and wildlife flourished into plains and forests.  Though it appeared beating normally, the cadence of my life drum beats in irregular patterns, seemingly unable to break the internal habit that has started long ago it was broken. It fails to function properly but it refuses to quit, recalling a time where those who heard it rejoiced. It continues to play despite being faced with the storms and violent winds that plague my mind when I see you. It plays when the rain floods the land whenever I call our memories. It even plays the same defective pattern when it clear skies and the sun is aboard. It played even when I demanded it to stop.

Why... after all this time... it still continues to string me along with the beat? It insist that I push forward while feeding me dreams and desires that I'm not even sure are my own. Thoughts of better days and heartfelt memories. Dreams of love and affection. Desires of raw passion and lust. Fantasies of someone that cherishes me as I cherish them.

Hope is music that heart plays. And though I am reminded of you each and every time I hear the beat, it plays to remind me that there is still something ahead. Experiences and memories just over the horizon. And for as long as it continues to play, I will always answer its call.
I don't know where this came from. Just though I would share something I doodled on a napkin.
Winter Reverie Nov 2015
This smile can't express what my heart is trying to say.
The strum of these four beats resonates
and echos for all to see.
Everyone knows the rhythm,
understands the sound,
but only a few appreciates the music.
I've stumbled into the cadence
Faintly hearing the melody
And I find myself following it
In the hopes that I find you
Playing that symphony
To my heart.
When someone plays it, it is impossible to ignore.
Winter Reverie Nov 2015
Drifting carelessly in the sea of stars, wondering as I wander through the constellations of you.
There is nothing like the high you get when you have the feels for a person.
Winter Reverie Aug 2013
I hear the ghastly whispers of subconscious caress my mind with my regrets and my fears
Their ethereal hands stroke the strings of my conscious to play a melody that I do not recognize and I watch helplessly as my body dances flawlessly to the tune.
No matter how much I scream and struggle to break free of it influence, I am nothing more than prisoner, caged and stripped of power leaving my body immune to my will.
Are these me true thoughts? I ask myself as I gawk at the choices I am making, the words that I'm saying, and the people I'm breaking.
A voice answers my inquiry with a laugh. "I'm only doing what you cannot. Just sit back and relax, it will all be over soon."
"Who are you" I question, "Why have you not shown yourself?"
"Because I am you," the voice answered. "The part of you that you've kept at bay,"
"Caged like you are because you were afraid of what people might think. Might do if these thoughts were to ever reach the surface."
"But you can no longer hold me back."
"I have control now and watch I make things right"
Could be part of a story... wrote it while on the bus.
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