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  Apr 8 White Widow
I have read many books about military veterans
How they get war flashbacks
Stuck in a loop of PTSD
Consuming them

I too have PTSD
Flashbacks, but not of war
Of things You did to me, over and over again
And its consuming me... and I will fight it no more

April 8, 2020
--I wish I gave this to you, I wish you would read this, and if fate would have it, you would. I wish these feelings would not still be true, but they are, and maybe... just maybe yours might still be, but it's been so long. Too long, but here it is--

Don't go, my Belle

I feel the atoms vibrating within my body
and named it your sweet touch
I see the stars, when your lips intertwine
in a silky embrace with mine

I cannot lose it, I love you too much
Forgive all my flaws, it's not a crush
I promise you, for in all my life
I'll find a way, for you to be my wife

I know that for if we'd be torn apart
The angels would weep
and I'd be cursed with no sleep

You are like my *******
and always stuck in my brain
Yet the thought of you keeps me sane;
So please, let's just go kiss in the rain
I'll take the demons from your brain

Baby let me hold you, and keep you safe
I'll fill, your blank half, to the grave
I'll always make you feel alright
never again, will we fight

I love the way you look in red,
and I love, you choose black instead
I love your nails, coloured blue
I love your "I love you"
I love it that your socks are green,
and your room is never clean.
oh baby I love you
and everything you do

Baby please... oh please don't go
for to live without you, I don't know
and when the rain calms
I'll hold you tightly in my arms

I'll hold you until we're grey
I just don't hope you'll ever say
I don't love you anymore
I wrote this for my ex the day before we broke up. I never gave it to her, everything happened suddenly. 2 years apart, and I still love her. 2 years apart, and I've heard she misses me.

I doubt
  Apr 2 White Widow
Ilion Gray
These are the things often only heard in
Dreams, these are the unseen,
These are the songs of those who ride
On waves of wind without wings
I love you,
Love like there were never any stars.
when time was ours,
The tides of eager rushing
Blood pressing its way through
Our veins, oh oh they roar
The great stars name!
Oh what glorious light!
How it's holds the day
Like a beat in its heart.
I hope you know
I wanted you for life
Even though home,
is where, you won't come.
So now the days just die,
And life just falls from the clock,
The clouds grow thicker,
And it is my sickened heart
That withers under the pressure
of its own beating,
the quietus revealing an unfamiliar reasoning,
its pummeling force
tumbling down the vacant isles
behind my souls own cage,
of bones, of flesh,
soaked and staind with
and the deep from the blue ,
wearily sleeps within
the storms womb waiting
to roar apart from the mind,
then it will be done,
i will only be
adrift, among embers and carcasses,
of steel and brick,
a city falling,
it's shattered windows,
awake where the end
goes forward with time,
windows give only
height to the sight of their reach;
a path as jagged and daunting as
its lightning's spine,
the fingertips, as well the vine,
  Mar 13 White Widow
The bottom has falling out
Levitation is a must
I collect my abilities
Disability was just a crutch

Retired warrior conditions
A construct of altered cognition
We all grudge the *****
Why else would we put hope
In our metaphysical
Poetic encryption's
I assure you
It is all merely mind over matter
Surely a little bit older
And of course a bit fatter
But levitation, I'll have at her!!
Traveler Tim
  Mar 13 White Widow
A celebration . . .
The plague’s acceleration:
Our coronation!
Crown us with many crowns
(Read Psalm 91)
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