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When you wake up in the morning check your heart,
It has a beat.
The sun smiles at you,
Welcomes you to a fresh new morning.
Your children scramble on the bed to hug you,
Healthy and lively.
Your wife stands next to the bed with a hot cup of coffee,
Another new day awaits you.
Those are the blessings you are awarded as luxuries,
And if you are grateful I will give you more says God.
This's a summary of time

Minds in sync
Hearts in sync
Souls cohere
Dopamine surge
Gaze synapsed
Luscious air
Blush and smile
Silence heard
I was there
You were there
And in the very moment
It was us
With all being

I am you
And you are me
In knowing you
I have known myself
This is all

I want to show you
What you've been missing
All the possibilities
We will reach
To the places
You've only heard of
All the way
And the journey begins
Bridging forever

That simple
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: I was, till I met you
Author's Note:I believe the possibilities living in the land of certainity.  In the subtle movement, the only conscious thought that holds  is to honor your presence.
I want to believe you are mine, as the fellow in the journey of hope, binding your divine soul to mine.
I empower you.
You empower me.
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