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  Sep 3 White Widow
When the dark creeps in
And you need a friend
To tell you it's a dream
It's not reality.
When you are alone
But don't want to feel that way,
That's where I come in.
See the poems sent through that phone.
Read those words sent to you.
That is me
You are not alone.
No matter where you are.
You don't need to be scared
When you are there.
Save your breathe
They don't hear you anyway.
If you walk away
And they don't care,
They aren't your friends.
That's where I come in.

Where is my love
and pure white dove
when is it to be my time
for the love to be mine
how long will it take
for my heart sake
to find a love pure and true
are the good ones really
scarce and few

Where is my love
that fluttering white dove
am I just wasting my time
to want a love that's truly mine
how many sacrifices must I make
how many loss must it take
to find a love real and true
What must I do

To find a love
To find you
  Aug 27 White Widow
When I'm here
My eyes are full of scenic tears
And I tilt my head back to hold onto them
Because the beauty overwhelms me
Scenic Tears
  Aug 26 White Widow
Jim Davis
Touching you softly
to know
my dream lives
as you

©  2019 Jim Davis
Dream Dreaming Touch Touching
Love Loving Live Lving
  Aug 26 White Widow
for me
I know there
is a fairy tale
ending in
your eyes,

a soul's

and a
peace and
harmony that
I have
never known.

and in the
quiet whispers
in the
night when
you open
to me and
reveal all
that you have

naked to naked
eyes to eyes,

in this
forever world
that lies
inside your
once in
a lifetime

I dream of
you can
you feel

it is
a minute past
one in
the morning
I taste you

do you
taste me

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