What I Feel Sep 2017
This thing I have,
it makes me sick;
I'm tired of life
just drumming on
the same as life
the day before,
my hair receding
more and more,
and nothing stops
this ruthless train
from ploughing down
my tortured brain,
the scars it carves
are deep ingrained,
and split my soul
in sorry halves,
each impulse sparking
shots of shame
that jab my spine
with pricks of pain,
each choking breath
a living death,
a rhythm that
just picks up speed
with every whine,
a whispered threat
that only tortured
ones can heed-


So I will shave my head.


My broken slate will be wiped clean.

This sorry life I'll now grab back

and brand new paths I'll tread.
I am trying my best to overcome my problems now. I just thought it was relevant to write about my demons again.
What I Feel Sep 2017
A poet writes upon the heart
and sings among the shining stars,
each scribble painting portraits vast
as each mind hums and wanders past
their secret dreams and battle scars,
and turns thoughts into glorious art.
For everybody on this website who has doubted their writing, or who are surrounded by people at home who don't understand.
What I Feel Sep 2017
I watch the raindrops dance again,
out here in gentle quietness.
They wash away my salty tears
and offer me forgiveness.
I dance with them barefoot among
the falling leaves of Autumn's kiss,
each raindrop leaving trails upon
my skin, so tracing rays of bliss.
They patter on the gasping ground,
their healing sings a soothing rush.
As evening falls, their lullaby
brings soft a tender hush.
What I Feel Sep 2017
Lord, raise my hands and guide my feet,
let me another pathway meet.
Conceal my pain and break my fast,
Lord, light the dark that eats my past.
And when I trip, Lord, help me stand;
pray, hold me in your loving hand.
Have mercy on my faithless heart
and show me kindness as I start
to walk the way you've made for me;
release my chains, Lord, set me free.
Recently, I have felt a compelling urge to change and improve my life. I feel an optimism that was never there before, and a determination to see my journey through, no matter what demons may come my way.
What I Feel Sep 2017
Those who are poor know it's hard to be fat,
Whilst the rich find it hard to stay thin.
Famine is an excellent painter.
What I Feel Sep 2017
Dear Generation X,
Please take a step or fifteen back,
if that is what it takes to make you see
that some of you are thoroughly misjudging me.

Dear Generation X,
Please stop sh-tting on me when you
see me in a low-paid job because you
think that I'm uneducated, when in fact I'm
earning my own money to help fund my education.

Dear Generation X,
Please don't patronise me every
time I raise my voice with an opinion
of my own, prepared to eloquently argue
up against others more than twice my age, restraining my
own temper so that I remain polite, whilst condescendingly
you reply with "you're a little brat" who should "f-ck off and find her manners."

Dear Generation X,
Please refrain from moaning about
how the youth of today's generation
never have anything intelligent to say
when you place gags in our mouths, or that we're all too thick-skulled
and should go back to school, whilst simultaneously shouting at
us all to "get a job" and "buy a house", when many of us are drowning
in student loans, granted for gaining the knowledge needed to bag a "decent job."

Dear Generation X,
Stop trapping me.
Something that has been playing on my mind for a while.
This poem is not aimed at everyone older than me, but those people who act superior and insist on berating me and others from my generation about our lives. I know many awesome people who are classed as 'Generation X', and this poem is not meant to offend you.
In truth, this poem is not meant to offend anybody, but is instead intended to educate a few people about how a lot of young people feel about how they are treated.

Syllables increase by 2 each line.
What I Feel Sep 2017
Grown adults can act
like poor, sad, childish bullies
sat behind a screen.
"do us all a favour... go back to sleep and never wake up"
"i hope you die a slow and painful death"
"go back to whatever country you came from"
"not to be rude, but she's a stupid b**ch"
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