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661 · Aug 2020
Syd Aug 2020
Sunrise to sunset.
I miss every lonely star.
They are far yet close.
474 · Aug 2021
Uncle Sam
Syd Aug 2021
With impunity
They invade, destabilize
Clear cut tyranny
463 · Aug 2020
I sat on a chair
Syd Aug 2020
I sat on a chair.
But fell as l didn't care.

Placed my face on the seat.
Felt the moisture and heat .

I hurled it across the room.
Beat it with a wooden broom .

Paced and ran circles around.
Felt dizzy and fell on the ground.
242 · Aug 2021
Liar's Paradox
Syd Aug 2021
"I lie all the time"
Should l include this one too
Won't that make it true
228 · Aug 2021
Haiku : History
Syd Aug 2021
We are history
Written by the hand of time
To obscurity
207 · Aug 2021
Che Guevara
Syd Aug 2021
Che is still alive
In the hearts of poor people
As he died for them
201 · Aug 2021
We will fight till death
Syd Aug 2021
The smell of blood, the whiff of gun powder carries me away

We drink our enemies blood and make them drown in fear

We move under the cover of night and fight during the day

By God, they will lose and our faith shall never disappear
185 · Sep 2021
Syd Sep 2021
We will scatter as beads
We will swirl and lose ourselves
As HE unveils himself
We will forget the beauty of paradise
And the wrath of hell with its agony
We went through death and resurrection
To finally see our beloved
184 · Aug 2021
Haiku : Sufi martyr
Syd Aug 2021
"I'm the truth" echoed
Mansur effaced his ownself
He was crucified
Mansur Al Hallaj was crucified for saying " I am the truth", ie proclaiming divinity. Later on, it was said : he had forgotten his own identity in the remembrance of God
179 · Aug 2021
Haiku : Deadliest Weapon
Syd Aug 2021
The pen is the sword
Nukes are nothing compared to
Our quick fragile mind
176 · Aug 2020
Haiku : Lost
Syd Aug 2020
Why am I so lost ?
In an endless fog of doubt.
Reach and hear me out.
156 · Aug 2021
Be glad evilness exists
Syd Aug 2021
We need evilness
Or else the world would bore us
Learn to admire it
146 · Aug 2020
Tribute to the Lizard King.
Syd Aug 2020
Feel the Indian ghosts, see Mr Mojo rising.
A drunken poet , a shaman is dancing.
A Priest of Dionysian temple falls.
The crowd is awe struck and in epiphany.
His poetry reminds you of Rimbaud.
He was destined for self destruction.
To be buried in a graveyard of artists.
138 · Aug 2021
Beauty is truth
Syd Aug 2021
The mountains in summer are beautiful
It's pleasing to see the clouds racing
The breeze which brings the news of rain
The countless stars you count to sleep
The moon with the blanket of darkness
The rosy dawn which wakes you up
The rivers which gush and the calm sea
The cycle of seasons with their charm
The fruits which fall from trees seasonally
Beautiful people in every color and shade
Every culture with its own language
The laws we discover in nature with time
Mathematics with its eternal cold truths
Our blue dot lost in the vast universe

The universe is truly beautiful
And more so , God is beautiful
131 · Sep 2021
Wake Up
Syd Sep 2021
Dogs forsake sleep for their owners
For the little food and shelter they receive
What's your worth then ?
If you forget God and sleep unconcerned
116 · Sep 2021
Syd Sep 2021
It befits l leave empty handed
But with my deeds to the grave
The sunset is here with its warmth
Leave my gravestone, let me sleep
Perhaps, indeed, l will wake up one day
Not for you but to meet God finally
102 · Aug 2020
We are but fate
Syd Aug 2020
Fate is to us as seeds are to trees.
We arrive in chains and leave with guilt.

As time stretches and our life shortens.
We barely exist to see our own demise.

All pleasures of life seem void.
Life's burden seems needless.

Consolation takes countless forms.
Mankind parts and each to his own.
92 · Aug 2021
Haiku : life stages
Syd Aug 2021
Angsty teenagers
Adults with mid life crisis
Oldies stuck in past
89 · Aug 2020
Life is absurd
Syd Aug 2020
The world has been caught in a storm .
Since antiquity and forever.
As old cultures merge and new form.
Each claims to be lofty and clever.

There's a way out of this confusion.
Transcend your world and it's history.
Any firm understanding is an illusion.
Life is absurd and a mystery.
88 · Aug 2020
Scarlet Woman
Syd Aug 2020
She sold her beauty on a bed.
She would stare and hold herself.
Her breath was warm and red.
Her room had mirrors and a shelf.
Syd Aug 2021
Describe God to me ?
If we could understand God
He would not be God
83 · Aug 2020
Look in the fridge.
Syd Aug 2020
Look in the fridge for coke and ice.
A plate of fish slice should suffice.
And two bowls of brown cooked rice.
Eat unhealthy and ignore all advice.
Silly stuff
82 · Aug 2020
Dance and pray
Syd Aug 2020
Dance in ecstasy and delight.
Forget what's right, be a little crazy.
Free your senses and free the mind.
Never be confined nor fear consequences.
It's your own way , so have your say.
Pray or dance the night away .

Ta da .
76 · Aug 2021
Afghanistan Invasion
Syd Aug 2021
The Taliban have won the war

Thanks for the help Afghans never asked for

Another civil war, another catastrophe

Based on realpolitik and apathy  

Keep installing puppet regimes

Vietnam and Afghanistan, you will never learn it seems
67 · Aug 2021
Mentally ill
Syd Aug 2021
You are mentally ill
Do as you will
Society laughs at your state
Accept your fate
It's a **** show out there
Take good care
Syd Aug 2020
He revels in festivity.
He loves evil and creativity.

The pleasure of eternal damnation.
To live life with condemnation.

The acceptance of one's own nature .
To take life for a misadventure.
58 · Aug 2021
Art school reject
Syd Aug 2021
Despite my painting skills and the passion ,
Upon which my fate rests .
They have rejected me in a regular fashion !
It's life with its horrible tests .

I will redraw borders and the world map !
My motherland will no longer put up with crap !
Not me
57 · Aug 2020
Age of Nihilism
Syd Aug 2020
Every root is cut, separated from the tree.
A sightless future and desecrated history.
Every sacred value is being torn apart.
Despair lives and dwells in every heart.
Reason is biased and a subject too.
It cannot tell what's false or true.
What does creation of art and value mean ?
Is value simply what's new and unseen ?
If you take away every standard bearer.
Nothing will prosper or be clearer.
55 · Aug 2021
Sufi Chant #2
Syd Aug 2021
Don't leave us alone
We have forsaken the world for you
As we sit, stand and sleep
We remember you and forget ourselves
Color us in your color
It's hard to not fall in love with you
55 · Aug 2021
Cliche Love Poems
Syd Aug 2021
We talk of love
And end up with cliches
A disease we cannot get rid of
Or some familiar phrase

Why do we even write?
A blank page conveys more
I can see from foresight
We can't write evermore
This too
54 · Aug 2021
Syd Aug 2021
Ever since being expelled from Eden
We look and long for our lost home
We descended to this strange place
See, our soul is not of this world
Hence the emptiness we feel now and then
54 · Aug 2021
Wear your suicide vest
Syd Aug 2021
Lets set out to explode, literally !
Wear your suicide vest , boy.
We will defeat them, definitely !
Their destruction is our joy.

They have taken everything we cared for !
Heaven waits for us , death is only a door !

Bye, go on son, it's your only chance
It's your fate and our circumstance
53 · Aug 2021
Wittgenstein's Paradox
Syd Aug 2021
If meaning is use
And language games follow rules
Can we follow them ?
The interpretation of rules requires new rules and so on ad infintum, it's a paradox
53 · Aug 2021
Syd Aug 2021
911 was terrible, 3000 people died
Does it justify 241000 dead Muslims?
Is this a proportional response
Think for yourself
53 · Aug 2021
Syd Aug 2021
Beautiful genocide
I can't even look or decide
This tunnel ride
**** for a wedding cake and a dead bride
52 · Aug 2021
Syd Aug 2021
Sleep is the brother of death
We die everyday ,wake up the next day
Death doesn't have the strength
To really make us go away
48 · Aug 2021
Sufi chant #1
Syd Aug 2021
A time will come, truth will become strange
Glad tidings to the strangers

Who travel and remain unfixed to anything They will hastily flee to God

This world is temporary and bound to perish
We love the one who is ever-living
45 · Aug 2021
Hitler's Bunker
Syd Aug 2021
Paper soldiers defend a dissipating symbol
Reality is inclosing in with every little quake
Some take cyanide, others head for a pistol
Their sins any retribution can't unmake
Syd Aug 2020
Nobody wins and nobody loses.
As everyone dies in the end.
Life is a form of non existence.
As before birth and after death.
People hold on to life with hope.
In the mosques and churches.
In the temples and synagogues.
Some take drugs, others drink to death.
Some have careers, others are carefree.
Some ignore it, others philosophize.
How eagerly we avoid despair.
Yet life is nothing short of a tradegy.
It's all okay in a way.
44 · Aug 2021
To Annoying Vegans
Syd Aug 2021
We need our protein
Have you heard of the food chain ?
Nature works like that

Plants feel pain like us
Should we simply starve to death ?
So be consistent

Meat tastes good you know
Arguments are useless here
Leave people alone
44 · Aug 2021
Around my Campfire
Syd Aug 2021
Flouting forever, freely faltering and failing

Ceaseless chaos colors my carefree creed

Sing softly and see sorrow seize my soul

Pray for pagan pleasures and pure primal pain

The world whirls and withers with weariness

Descends drearily as dark droplets.

We delight in the deception of dreams.

Neurotic nectars of narcissism and neglect.
44 · Aug 2021
Haiku : Israeli Soldiers
Syd Aug 2021
Aim their guns at kids
Batter unarmed civilians
Drag out families
Nothing but the truth
41 · Aug 2021
To self
Syd Aug 2021
Hold on to life despite its bottomless pits
As if you are a memory on the brink of extinction

There isn't a single conflict worth observing
Yet it's life itself to see it within yourself
Syd Aug 2021
Once we ruled the world
Our present state is shameful
We will rise again
40 · Oct 2021
Syd Oct 2021
Load the gun and shoot
At the moonlight blindly
For shining soo brightly
When it's dark around

Speed and ram your vehicle
Against the elderly pedestrian
For being too old and slow
When you are on the road
39 · Aug 2021
Syd Aug 2021
This life never stops surprising me
Bringing an endless stream of feelings
As l release my mind in its stormy sea
As l relate its million mixed meanings
Do we really observe the same world
The world is our projection screen
Reflecting back every idea we hurled
The true reality has never been seen
So should we give up in our search ?
And place differences aside for a while ?
Leave the mosque and the church ?
We don't need to conform or reconcile
Let the world exist with its variation
Let it mutate to a newer formation
36 · Aug 2021
River Phoenix
Syd Aug 2021
Fatal Halloween
You left this earth suddenly
Was it drugs or fate ?
36 · Aug 2021
Haiku : You can debate
Syd Aug 2021
Down with Communism !
Away with capitalism !
We don't care anymore.
36 · Aug 2021
Haiku : 1453
Syd Aug 2021
Sultan Fatih came
Conquered Constantinople
And lo, Rome perished
Syd Aug 2021
Terrorism is fine
When one has nothing to lose
You bombed them to dust
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