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JT Nelson Jan 2
Rise and set
Right to left
Moss on my back

My skin grows thicker
Wrinkles and rings
One more each year

More leaves each year
I shed in fall
Dead sticks to the wind

I shade the warm
Hold nests for birds
And squirrels

I push my roots
As deep as I can
To find more water

My friends around me
Battle for the sky
Together we are forest.
JT Nelson Dec 2019
I lost the sun so
I asked the trees
In darkness they mourned
And threw their leaves
Down to the cold
Hard ground

I asked the wind
It shushed me loudly

I asked the house
That slept alone
It sat there with eyes closed

I asked the lake
The ripples laughed
At my request
And sparkled specks
From sky above.
Nights at the lake in September can be very poetic.
JT Nelson Dec 2019
The line of black leads to my pen
Swirls and twirls
Lines straight and curved
With skips and dots
Whips and dips

The line of black started clean and leaned
Then grew apart
Lost its form
And dug deeper
Into the paper

The line of black stops at the bottom
The final dot sticks its landing
Ending the train of thought
That flowed from
Brain to page
Sometimes the act of writing amazes me and I can't help but observe it with wonder.
JT Nelson Dec 2019
The snow didn't melt at all today
I found it just like I left it
When I came out from work
In the dark of December

I shuddered in my jacket
Jingled my key and unlocked my car
With a button and a chirp
Then opened my door

The thin orange strip lay along
The horizon and darkened
With each passing second
I started my car and turned up the heat
Winters in South Dakota can feel lonely after work. Dark, cold and lonely.
JT Nelson Dec 2019
Pasture hills sloping
Green blades rushing
Wave after wave flowing

Falling and rising

Sailing straight
Clouds ignoring
The grounded race below
I love the sight of the wind whipping through the grass on a hilly pasture
JT Nelson Dec 2019
Broken sunglasses
Sitting on my dresser
If I can find the part
Out there somewhere
I can fix them

Jeans too small
In a drawer in my dresser
If I can lose some weight
With diet and exercise
I can wear them

An unframed print
Waiting for a frame on my dresser
It was for a friend
That I don’t talk to anymore
But I could

That dresser is full of “if”s
It’s got drawers and drawers
Of “should’ve”s and “could’ve”s
Things I need to do
And fix.
We all have things we need to fix or change... doing a little inventory just now and realizing that I need to do more than I thought.
JT Nelson Jun 2019
Cool cool floor
Of smooth hard tile
Barefeet slapping in
Successive taps


Then onto carpet

Just observing the almost silent moments of someone stepping across a tile floor and then onto the carpet. Mostly mundane... definitely not something ever thought of as magical, this is something going on all over all the time. Sometimes things like that blow my mind.
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