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Larry 1d

City livin'-
is undesirable at its best.
Grown-up in this town, but
it means less to me than

The house I'm paying for
will likely never become a home, and
the strides I've gained
just kept me feeling alone.

I don't find the need
that stirs my heart to tears
any more befitting
than downing these round of beers.

Easy as it comes-
& easier it shall go:
these times are here to remind us
what was cast is certainly sown.
Larry 1d
"Here to talk. Here to help."
· #1(800)***-SELF ·

Operator: "Hello?"

Caller: "Hi; I'd like some help...please?"

Operator: "Ok. How much money
do you have?"

Caller: "None."

Operator: "Oh, well then, in that case-
good-luck out there living
your life on the run."

Audible: ~click~

Caller: - dead-tone -
Larry 5d
Writing what I spoke;
learning from that I wrote:

end·less·ly aim·less
in·fin·i·ty bra·zen·ness
from towers that rock well
when in doubt of whether
another will or won't tell/
the 'here' is now.
(cryptic/Apocalyptic rung bell)
all that is needed
has ran-off unseated
& towards those I've greeted
I'd declare us undefeated.
Larry 6d
That's twice now
when "Evil" has
shown-up w/ presence
to attempt its ritual
of malfeasance.

And both times
I handled it sloppily, but
as well as I could
while under unprecedented

I'd liken it
to Ash's encounter
w/ the Kandarian demon
right after he slammed
the door shut.
Larry Oct 8
Thoughts derive meaning
within implementation.
Some words, and their combinations,
make for a decree
that sets fire in place
of pages.
Wording(s) charm those
who've had enough
of stale breakfast
mornings, and morning again.
To claim ignorance
defies all wisdom
transfixed to those
stubbornly reliant on it.
Expressions of mind
can bend reality,
& time-shares,
equivalent to the sum
of their cherished avocations.
And all this,
to strive for another day
towards a life
built to suit.
Larry Sep 13
Found 'it' lacking by...

tourney of ellipses
journey-out abysses
squabbling over fitness
pending certain suspicions
errands thought religious
brands' overtly pillage
nightingale's bedtime mistress
all-consuming coexistence
life's antagonizing persistence
turbulent interrupting instance
contention eddying malicious
consuming measures delicious
subsistence adorning dishes
labor's fruitful wishes.
Some, from today, that made the list.
Larry Sep 7
we're fun:
looking around
& found thee only-1.

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foment an alien-concept:
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