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 Jul 2019 Bhumeeka
I asked for flowers, you gave me a garden
I asked for water, you gave me nectar
What should I ask for? So that you'll give yourself.
 Jul 2019 Bhumeeka
Veronica Moore
The world in my head
Is a magical place.
Where fantasies and adventures
Never go to waste.

The world in my head
Always roam free.
Like birds in the sky
Or fish in the sea.

The world in my head
Is a safe place to be.
Where secrets are locked
The key known only to me.

The world in my head
Can be quite scary.
From hateful thoughts
To nightmares that vary.

The world in my head
Is not like any other.
It's the place for me
There's nowhere else i'd rather.
The sky a shade of eternally

Dark violent violet

Lit up faintly by a mysterious

Source of white light

Tumbling in the ominous clouds

Guarded by two crimson stone

Simians of Truth and Lies

The Gate to the Everlasting

Is not one you could just

Walk through with a riddle or two

But, Yvagn only seeks for a relic

The Coin of Truth

And thus

The Simians opened their eyes

And turned to their side

Facing one another they spoke

The simplest truth:

“It dies and all will live

It lives and all will die

Without it

There are no live and die

With it

Eternity is a lie”

So it was asked

Yvagn gave the answer

In an instant

And a coin descended

Into her palms

As the Simians spoke

One last time:

“There are two sides to a coin

If I give you the truth

You will also carry the lies

So, take this coin of one side

And never ponder what it hides

For upright is the truth

But a void beneath it lies

If you turn to the lies

Never again will you find

The coin of truth

The coin of one side
I'm still on whether or not to post another much longer narrative poem I wrote a few days ago.
 Oct 2018 Bhumeeka
Christina S
A memory suppressed by thirty years
A face stained with biting tears
A life so full of irrational fears
I need you by my side

Like a pinata, I was a toy
Only to be broken, not to show joy
As quiet as a mouse, I was coy
I need you by my side

This all happened in my youth
As no one around me knew my truth
Like a fox "they" thought they were smooth
I need you by my side

They say I have a heart of gold
Despite the story I've never told
Forget all the drama that would unfold
I now can stand alone.
Thanks for reading my poem
 Oct 2018 Bhumeeka
Christina S
With you, I want to dance in the dark
Rekindle that special spark
Remember when we first met
Watch a breathtaking sunset

With you, I want you to know my love
To tell you what I dream of
To let you know what you mean to me
And then let you love me eagerly

With you, I wanna watch the stars
Down here, from afar
Watch the clear night sky
In your arms I feel I could fly

With you, anywhere is home
Whether right here or in Rome
But I just need you to know
I'll follow you wherever you go
 Sep 2018 Bhumeeka
 Sep 2018 Bhumeeka
In a perfect world, her light is dim
the picture that's painted shows her skin
the sun shine's differently on her side
her heart pounds heavily without light

The scent of fear, not shedding a tear
the pain of hunger seems to be near,
travels the world in search to find
the one she once lost in her past time.
 Sep 2018 Bhumeeka
Thank you
 Sep 2018 Bhumeeka
To those i used to talk to
Thank you for being a part of my life
For leaving me
Mistreating me
Hurting me
And making me cry.
It made me realise where i stand in your life.
And how much i deserve to be happy
To do me.
And not you.
Thank you for leaving
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