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Shashishekhar Jul 2019
Magical charmer, until my heart is calm,
Let me sleep on your lap, that would be enough for me.
Oh, you, who intoxicates, even the longings of my previous lives will be quenched.
I love and breathe because of your kindness,
I yearn for you and go to sleep only thinking about you
Shashishekhar Jul 2019
“I’m in love!
Your advice, what are they?
Love has poisoned me!
Your remedies, what are they?
I hear them shout: “fast, Bind him feet!”
But if my heart that has gone mad!
Those strings on my feet
What is the point?” You know !
Shashishekhar Jul 2019
When nights have not fallen yet, and mornings have not risen yet,
Will all the time in between be spent with you?
You, the one that I cannot touch and be touched by,
Will this distance become less during this time?
Shashishekhar Jul 2019
They loved me

For what I show
For what they see
For that what I
Pretend to be

You love me for the person I hide
That I hoped always
No one would find
Shashishekhar Jul 2019
Oh, the lashes of my eye,
Oh lashes, that move away from each other.
Oh eyes, that are always separated.
Which is you? Which one is me?
Is the question that my heart ponders over.
The second that I realize the answer,
The moment is lost.
Shashishekhar Jul 2019
You are the honey that dances in the rain,
I’m like a deer drenched and withering in pain,
In my veins is your blood, in my pulse is your voice,
Oh my love, in your shoulders, a few moments of time,
If I get to be by myself, I would be like a fish on the ground.
Shashishekhar Jul 2019
I asked for flowers, you gave me a garden
I asked for water, you gave me nectar
What should I ask for? So that you'll give yourself.

— The End —