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  Jul 2019 Bhumeeka
I asked for flowers, you gave me a garden
I asked for water, you gave me nectar
What should I ask for? So that you'll give yourself.
  Jul 2019 Bhumeeka
Veronica Moore
The world in my head
Is a magical place.
Where fantasies and adventures
Never go to waste.

The world in my head
Always roam free.
Like birds in the sky
Or fish in the sea.

The world in my head
Is a safe place to be.
Where secrets are locked
The key known only to me.

The world in my head
Can be quite scary.
From hateful thoughts
To nightmares that vary.

The world in my head
Is not like any other.
It's the place for me
There's nowhere else i'd rather.
Bhumeeka Jun 2019
Take me up in your arm,
let me sigh in that secluded dawn.

You are my serene shelter,
ethereally cozy,
and entwined with warmth.

I meltdown to your aura,
I meltdown to your caresses.
The broken unstable puzzles of me
fall right on the place.

Thousands of voices echoing,
old scars of ripped heart,
broken melodies of hazy eyes,
and the agonies of falling apart.

Your embrace knows them all,
like I have always belonged here.

Take me up in your arm.
let me sigh in that secluded dawn.
Bhumeeka May 2019
I am an ocean.
My high waves, lusting the sun
Bhumeeka May 2019
Unleash me gracefully
Like, I am topping of the bake.
Hold me carefully
Like, I am dew drop near the lake.
Bhumeeka May 2019
The merry distance between us,
Is actually so far.

I am the full moon tonight
You were the brightest star
Both shining on the same sky
Just not at the same time.
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