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 Aug 2017 Postman
give up trying to define yourself.
give up trying to define others. if you know your future, then unknow it.
stop trying to define it. you just are and it just is.
stop searching for purpose, because the purpose is you.
life is self discovery.
it is why the concept of time even exists.
it's a division of and why each second is made up from other little seconds. it is about moments.
if you think that you are what you were yesterday, move on
if you think that you know what you will be tomorrow, slow down
realise that life is right now. you take it as it comes. you give it no label, no category, it is free.
you don't have anything to benchmark your successes or losses against,
no routine to fall into,
because in the now you cannot be disappointed
I am not here to define freedom or tell you what is free and what isn't.
but you can
you are the only answer to that question
whatever you do from now is a step into what you become
you are becoming and always will be
here in the now,
each word you read is your first and your last,
an ongoing adventure of
learning, evolving, growing and becoming
life is self discovery
remain true to what you find,
nurture it and help it grow.
the now changes
it will not wait for you. keep to its pace but go gently. life is a process of different nows.
and perhaps we die when
we self discover,
and we die when we realise that life isn't so bad,
and we want nothing more than to do it all over again
and so we start over
into a new adventure
of self discovery
 Aug 2017 Postman
 Aug 2017 Postman
I need words that don't reflect myself.

Words that aren't empty.

Words that make you feel something.
 Aug 2017 Postman
 Aug 2017 Postman
Difficult is the first meeting
When nothing to say
And the last
When everything is said
 Aug 2017 Postman
Keith Wilson
When  you  are  young.
The  village  seems  only
one  field  away.
You  can  skip  it  in  no  time.

Middle  aged  it  feels
two  fields  away.
And  is  getting  a  bit  
of  a  bore.

When  you  are  old
it  seems  like  three  fields
Almost  Impossible  to  walk.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2017.
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