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olivia Oct 2021
as incredible as you are

i am mine
olivia Oct 2021




olivia Oct 2021
i want to be the sun that shines when someone is cold
i want to be the shade when someone is too warm
i want to be the light when someone is in the dark
i want to be the home to all those lost
i want to be hope when someone has none

but before i can
i must learn
to believe;

i can be the sun
i can be the shade
i can be light
i can be the home
i can be hope

i must learn to believe that i can and i am
i am
olivia Sep 2021
i am not perfect
but i have chosen to live my life

chosen to stay true to myself
i am learning to let go

of the fear that once had over me

i am free
olivia Sep 2021
i have come across many who oppose the idea
of feelings

people who oppose the idea that feelings are to be felt
or that our behaviour and reactions are not a result of a feeling

they argue people have a choice
they can be felt
they can be ignored
or they can simply not exist

i hesitate to judge those who do
as it takes immense mental and moral strength or power to refuse something so bound to who we are

as a body
a spirit
a mind
and a soul

and yet still able
to fight the robust force of feelings
deemed at the great apprehension of fear itself

i feel
and i have learnt to feel
through the pain i have borne

i wanted a rock to replace my soul
and so it had

i have been broken
i have been defeated
i have fallen victim to weakness

but hear i stand

i learnt to feel
to properly feel
i thank my pain for that

i still break
i still fall
and there are some days whelmed with a battle to survive

but i am not weak
i am not defeated
i am no longer a slave to my pain

to feel is to fight
to feel is what makes you a warrior
it is what makes you human
it is what connects you to your inner self
your soul
your within

it is how you learn to love yourself
it is how you learn to believe in yourself
it is how you learn to conquer

my dear

please do not be afraid
olivia Sep 2021
must be

for even
to drownout
the sound
of loneliness
olivia Feb 2020
there are some things in life that break you

they may break your heart, your mind or your body

but they can never break your soul
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