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Postman Dec 2017
Amidst the sinful glory,
fire retardant beauty
burns in angelic fury.

Hell cannot harm
the divine dogma,
rising from reason
untameable charisma.

A fly away shines
the conquest
of claustrophobia.
Postman Dec 2017
We come from a cozy cage,
that shades us
from the cruelty outside
so that we can bloom blue
under the vibrant sunlight.
Postman Nov 2017
Lustrous imagination
is what your love evokes,
elephantine amor shimmers,
moon in swing,
rosy aroma in air
deliciously divine.
Postman Nov 2017
Red may hide behind the shade
no matter how much you dread
life rarely would define the path
the dark events are to take next.
Postman Oct 2017
Eyes along rose-aisle wanders and ponders,
eager to experience the explosive wonder,
amorous thunder in scentful embrace
elope with the trail of darkening banyan shade.

Reality with realmless ravishing painting
in a suave sensation surmises our surreality,
thoughts of past like thorns of Bengal rose
swim in sour and sweet wind of stormy candour.

At the dusk of divine splendour
wrapped in romantic lazy luxuriousness
I listlessly look at the blossoming spring,
an enchanting evening of thoughtful dreams,
radiant midst of melancholic screams
embraces the dark shade of bordering woods.
Postman Oct 2017
I am home to the twilight candour,
greenish glamour of the lake below
shimmers in restless ****** thunder,
the white splashes in youthful splendour.

I am crowned with the sun's dusky ruse,
golden galore on the plethora of pine above
in contrast with deepening darkness under,
seeking a wand of wonder to port the cruise.

Chirping spring entwines fragrant coriander
emerald water kisses those shamrock shores
seaweed shades hug the valleys by the lake,
fantasy and reality blend in riverine meander.

The nook of ravishing rendezvous resides
right at this heaven that hides from you and I,
lotus petal like eyes sweeten the salt in sea,
after the storm like a shelter the land smiles.
Postman Oct 2017
In mindsight was just a fountain
the dry exterior in contrast to
glistening flow within your eyes,
rivers of rich pleasure reverberate through me
bundled emotions in subterranean sea,
astoundingly spurring cardinal glee
sparkling love screams pragmatic spree.
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