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500 · Aug 2017
The Lighthouse
Postman Aug 2017
The dark and obscure ocean
thrashing against the rugged terrain,
tempestuous imperilment at its peak,
as the sole sailing ship seeks refuge.
433 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
Spilled ink
torn pages
calligraphy sometimes
a clever cloak knows
what to hide.
Before you
bare me
stare in despair
and fascinating frenzy.
In response your veil crumbles.
389 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
Vampire city
of Volterra
eclipses history
newmoon comes
to rescue
darkness extends
Voldemort reigns
Harry in harrowing distress
no respite in sight
despite I fight
methane poisons
the mushy fountain
legs shake
golden chain
iron fist
breathless forever
tugged in war
losing and winning
travel on cycle
tasteless truth mocks
the Kathleen cakes
haze and clarity
two sole seasons
in between a slice of reason
break down more and more
doubt your self-worth
sudden splash of resurrection
on your divine lips
as Cinderella builds
her own castle to live.
375 · Sep 2017
Bed Cover
Postman Sep 2017

Blue heaven like cotton cozy
bountiful of blooming poppy
soaked in azurine shade,
sensual floral wreaths crawl in.

Sky colored little leaves
kiss the spaces in between,
snowy laces like balloon strings
swing free in a suave stream.

Few flaws have added to the grace
we know with time novelty fades
in reverse proportion comfort swells
peacefully I sleep on the florid bed.

354 · Aug 2017
On An Adventure
Postman Aug 2017
I am on board on a train
silently making noise
as it crosses miles
amidst wet and velvety green
at times charming spring
sometimes like a romantic dream
or a novel better than the best
often sailing through the blazing sand
like an Arabian adventure 
it feels as the desert drills 
my soaked pores to sow 
the dry seed of aging
as I go on living like a carefree kid
at the doorstep of sweet sixteen
though the real past 
has been anything but
aim based frenzy fragments 
into frivolous pursuits 
Dos and don'ts clouding vision 
lazy days slipping out of hands
it's time to take a decisive action
that is to determine whether it will be
a terrible death on the sandy Sahara
or a walk in the Himalayan clouds.
318 · Aug 2017
Rising Pulse
Postman Aug 2017
Mountain lake
serenity soaked
lotus wrapped
calm contentment
shattered by
maddening wind
laced in glamorous thunder
into an anxious Atlantic
enticingly electric
301 · Aug 2017
Fire and Ice
Postman Aug 2017
Laced with serene green ivy,
the entrance was inviting,
the red walls were screaming passion,
as the invisible fire, you were igniting.

Heavy rain drops and droplets started singing against the glass, before us,
like a maddening-meditating-musical.

The fire of love within my heart,
heated you up to a level that
you were not comfortable.

Then those soft water-drops
and suave droplets
hurled on the glass as they froze into
rock solid chunks of lacklustre ice.
Warmth was gone and
it was freezing outside.

The unwelcome chill dared to come in, and brushed against our heated skin.
I shuddered and clung to your steady arm,
the air amidst us was so divinely thin,
that I could inhale you in,
the intoxicating scent sent my mind in haze,
and just there and then sneering fire
broke out, determined to burn us down.
Out it froze even more.

The freezing chill out and
the heavy flames in,
dazed my senses,
helpless indecision
held me stock-still.

The roller-coaster ride of romance
shook me up and out my daydream.
Your love lit such a fervent desire,
that your reality backfired.
Your icy stare and freezing glare
waged a war against my flair.

The ecstasy that your warm spring
flowing as a sweet little stream
down in my heart,
gave birth to a new me
who is now set to die
either in fire or in ice.
301 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
in a fancy veil
sailing on
the ocean of
vermilion and violet.

in dense delusion
waving at
the maddening moon
on the bank of
wishful rivulet.

melt in

become molehill

turns in triviality

Bewildering beauty
of the azure
never renders one

Flying is fulfilling

299 · Aug 2017
A Slice of Shoshone
Postman Aug 2017
Hazy veil
of mazy
abstract cumulo tangle
quasi-close to the ground
accentuates the beauty
of the mighty river
at the edge
of a dangerous
denim cascade
leading to a free fall.

At every step
fading spiral shades
of lighter hue
entrenched in white
rashly caress
those fine
fascinating fringes.

The rugged rocks
hugging dusky tone
have fought
the flowing frenzy
of the heavy fume,
tried in vain
to obstruct the drain,
but at the end
laced the azure
with a golden chain,
witnesses the green
that grows within.
285 · Jul 2017
Equation of Wants
Postman Jul 2017
The warmth of a bonfire is what I seek,
amidst the chilly alpine milieu, under the sky,
a sky that is clear and dark at the same time.

I wish for the densest darkness
as I yearn to witness the brightest glimmer,
the lucid shimmer of the twinkling starlight,
unmarred by a circuit of city-light.

Misty monsoon in a cup of coffee,
in search of milk-warm sunray
with reasons rolled in a scroll,
entwining fantasy on the window pane,
craves for a life as easy as it was
in the book of the binomial theorem.
278 · Sep 2017
None Else Can Do
Postman Sep 2017
The Sun in cycle
showers warmth at dawn
then entire afternoon
blazes you in craze
in the evening
slowly fades in love soaked shadow
at night lets you feel the chill,
promises daylight
the exclusive king!
261 · Oct 2017
Scenic Shelter
Postman Oct 2017
I am home to the twilight candour,
greenish glamour of the lake below
shimmers in restless ****** thunder,
the white splashes in youthful splendour.

I am crowned with the sun's dusky ruse,
golden galore on the plethora of pine above
in contrast with deepening darkness under,
seeking a wand of wonder to port the cruise.

Chirping spring entwines fragrant coriander
emerald water kisses those shamrock shores
seaweed shades hug the valleys by the lake,
fantasy and reality blend in riverine meander.

The nook of ravishing rendezvous resides
right at this heaven that hides from you and I,
lotus petal like eyes sweeten the salt in sea,
after the storm like a shelter the land smiles.
258 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
The effort is buzzing beautiful,
can you hear?
you're the one it is meant for
as on the guitar string
I breathe and bleed.
251 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
Emotion hidden down
the calm ocean
of reason and wisdom,
dive deep only to dig more
as passionate Atlantic unfolds!
237 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
Amidst poisonous purlieu
I'm up in the clouds
Dare I care not and
sail on my flight of fancy.
White patches of dull clouds
on the pale face of sky
envy my glow,
can figure not
the root of the flow.
Slaughterous suspicions
conspire to drown the ship
in recurring torrential rain.
Colourfully calm, I'm
under the blazing Sun. Others
would never know, love lies in
my core for guiding me
to the shore.
231 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
Suave and rational pink
meets unruly erratic green
that charming evening
calm mansarovar eyes
vibrant in delight
twinkling tango inside,
the restless rose goes crimson
drenched in ravishing rain
splash of peace and fervour
woven on the wreath of life
222 · Aug 2017
Brighter Side
Postman Aug 2017
On the balcony I stand
and let my eyes sway
to the sandy waves,
swathing in the moonlight.

The ancient empire that was buried under
the suave sand had been witnessed by
the moon of mountain from a distant land.

The endless tract of greenlessness
under the sparkling platinum moon
is brushing with the hands of air
and making the magnificent dunes.

Mind widens as you witness its wideness
unlike the sea it presents you with quietness.
If you are seeking happiness
this rough terrain will show you,
life isn't after all that hard for you.
207 · Sep 2017
Postman Sep 2017
Black and blue
of deeper hue
in a swirling fashion
brags milky feral fringe,
in unruly disks
of seamless league
smaller to big
climbs higher up the sky
with zealous urge to ski
goes farther than the blurry gaze
morning sun hides in a haze
when the mazy storm
boasts her rage
as man even today fails
to be able to cage
the natural irreverence.
189 · Aug 2017
Wish Fulfillment
Postman Aug 2017
wishful ****
weaves the leaves
of ardor and hunger
reality recedes
to the pit of Pacific
bizarre desire drenches
the tip of Everest.
183 · Jul 2017
An Atypical Approach
Postman Jul 2017
Twists and turns,
gorges and meanders,
war against
the watershed
in a relentless desire
to be one.

is simple
as simplicity

Amidst the maze,
there's barely any haze,
every turn has an end.

A straight long highway
though goes undistorted,
won't let anyone see
what is there ahead.

Eye-sight is sure to fail,
the sight before those
who took the easy trail,
won't either be a help.

As they won't dare to accept
their wise unreasonableness,
dismissal of the their realness!

The righteousness
of the outer world
is enough
to ruin the natural reason
that reigns the land that lies in
the inner world of
green-seed possibility.

A leisure walk
in a labyrinth
doesn't promise a destination.
there's the threat to be lost.

is a constant company,
as advices echo like an earworm.

As there's none
to pat your back
and millions of fingers
pointing at you,
with some dreadful derision.

You end up losing
the slightest peace
the precious perennial spring
refuses to flow
in ephemeral unbelief,
repentance wrecks
the very zeal of exploration.

The desire to reach the core
may sink
before meeting the shore.

Doubts may loom
as early as
you step out of
the wise path to doom.

Sometimes it may even seem,
the highway has all the peace
in its offering
for each
of us.

So at times,
the labyrinther meets
the mirror of mockery himself.

amidst the darkest of disdain
you must call
someone on the highway
in order to put the mazy route
in comparative sunray.

is your cup of coffee,
isn't going
to make you happy.

For a change,
be a fool,
go deep down
the darkest wood.

the wise-you
to leave some space
for the fool in you.

the fool
to invigorate
pluck the flowers
of courage
so that he can stand
the breaking barrage of
a game of illusions
called reality.

Let's call it
what it is.

A story called life,
with a tiny
variance of choice
made by one
an atypical approach!
177 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
I wish to climb up
the way of your mind,
at the peak of the mountain
peace nests in abundance
there from cascades
the charming spring
down the hill,
it becomes a river
when it hugs the plain
soaked in hope
spreads greenery
as it flows,
dances to the wind
that blows in
a rich rhythm,
the water rushes
in a fervent motion
to love the ocean
173 · Sep 2017
Blazing Blend
Postman Sep 2017
A child drew a league of orange trees
a fire brewing amidst a turbulent sea
a glass reflecting a transparent bunch
of yellowish unruly green grass,
in place of a pencil he had used his pain
to color the blazing land of vermilion wonder.
Two daughters sat under the blazing Sun
the moon like a mother gifted an invisible coat
that could barely hide the horse taking the ride.
So many colors flooded the frame
reflection of vulture seemed insane
an artistic piece drenched in
destructive Harley kissed the life with a new shade
but fortunately the vitality did not fade,
novelty massacred as the hurricane hurled
the north sea froze in challenge with the Saharan sand,
now I wish to have my own band.
169 · Aug 2017
Screaming Senses
Postman Aug 2017
In white
he was dressed
but all my senses screamed red,
dipped in scorching passion
as he came and stood before me
there and then, his plush lips made an O
as he uttered efficiently the word, hello
Oh! holy hell,
my feet went feeble and
my mind somersaulted,
Sudden hormonal rush
made me blush as if
I were a crazy, stupid teenager.
Oh! Please get a grip
my inner goddess pursed her lips.
His tongue rolled, the velvety sound
like a love song dipped in butter
oozed from his deliciously moist mouth,
it made no sense,
but left me soaked in sensation.
Sensuous sound of his voice
was like a melody of monsoon
on a vivaldian violin.
How I wished we were alone,
not amidst the **** crowd,
How I desired your hands
to discover my contour,
contour that craved for you.
Intense inclination induced by
what? love or infatuation?
I simply don't care, now
all I want is to have you right here.
165 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
You and me
two silken threads of love and hope
with needle of life
embrace in a velvety embroidery.
162 · Aug 2017
Sweet Indecision
Postman Aug 2017
On the oceany sand
I dwell on
whether to get wet
or not!
160 · Aug 2017
Your Eyes
Postman Aug 2017
***** dust is everywhere
reflecting the sunlight,
enlightening the world.
Con follows pro
who doesn't know.
What you highlight
is upto you!
160 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
I followed you to the trail and
we devoured each other's bare terrain.
I wish to sink deeper under your skin.
I will let you in to my canyon too.
Where your darkest reality would meet mine.
157 · Aug 2017
Real Man
Postman Aug 2017
Raw and rare myriad rainbow
hides amidst purplish puddle,
requisite ratio of rain and sunray
unmask each splash of colour
exactly the way the right man
unwinds his woman.
154 · Aug 2017
Skeptical Glare
Postman Aug 2017
She sailed
on a cyclonic bay
hurricanes were her hurdles
composed demeanour conquered
every skeptical glare.
150 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
The Sun shivers
under the dense canopy
of the icy cold forest
in the freezing desert
of frost wrapped sand.
145 · Aug 2017
Soothing Waves
Postman Aug 2017
Torrential tempest may telegraph
mighty potential of the impatient ocean.
'Tis the soothing caress of water-waves
to shower supreme love to the shore.
140 · Jul 2017
The Breeze of Novelty
Postman Jul 2017
When one fine day,
from the dirt laced window of a public bus,
amidst the world's craziest crowd,
on a time that's least like a fairytale,
suppose, you see your city afresh
with an eye of an explorer, and
your life for a while turns into
an unplanned adventure,
a walk along the pavement becomes
a hike on an exquisite trail,
the regular rail invades the serpentine tunnel.

A city so very beautiful, you wonder, how come hides under the dusty veil of regularity!
Time throbs for a while as a random day inhales the sudden breeze of novelty.
The Sun and the shadow have all the colours trapped in one fine magical maze,
as the splash of monsoon moistens those thick bricks of dry pastels,
that's when I paint my city with the brush of my eyes and the hands of imagination.
140 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
sculpted abstract craft
amidst rueful florid wreath
pensive bird sprouts wing
139 · Oct 2017
Spring In Your Eyes
Postman Oct 2017
In mindsight was just a fountain
the dry exterior in contrast to
glistening flow within your eyes,
rivers of rich pleasure reverberate through me
bundled emotions in subterranean sea,
astoundingly spurring cardinal glee
sparkling love screams pragmatic spree.
137 · Aug 2017
More to Explore
Postman Aug 2017
The constant cloud cover hides
the picturesque panorama from
my sweet little scenic peninsula,
the wetland of unknown beauty,
the place where reigns the rain.

The cloud always keeps the veil on,
denies the Sun the right to shower
his warm ray to enlighten the land,
although the Sun's been aware of the
mystical treasure hidden down there.

Love and light have the potency to perceive possibilities,
and as you acquire eager yearning for openness,
no cloud can keep you confined to the dark dampness,
and yes, on a fine banal day my land meets her Sun.

Light rushes through her dark and damp valleys,
the ray of righteousness invading her veins
as my dear land encounters enlightenment,
the romantic reality fills her with the fire of fulfillment.

Amazement echoes through her as she greets
the leafy luster and the priceless pearls of those
candid moony mountains that pour magic on her.
The perennial spring of wisdom and enrichment
needs to ramify and rove to experience more.

Months and years pass and now she surmises,
the misty life at every turn surprises,
so she resolves to pursue that fine trait of life,
as she would never cease to explore
the finer version that still remains unexplored
inside her very self with the hope of
the other sun, that is yet come.
134 · Dec 2017
Postman Dec 2017
Amidst the sinful glory,
fire retardant beauty
burns in angelic fury.

Hell cannot harm
the divine dogma,
rising from reason
untameable charisma.

A fly away shines
the conquest
of claustrophobia.
130 · Jul 2017
All In One Fine You
Postman Jul 2017
The vivaldian violin on
the sweet green grass,
the melodious moon
oozing sensuous bass,
'Tis a time drenched in
delicate honey delight.

On the luscious grass,
I swoon under the moon
as you, with a fine gaze,
send my mind to a maze.

The maddening wine
in your twinkling eye
invites the amorous vine
to rise high, up in sky.

As I see the ritzy river
embracing the rivulets,
lakes amidst lakelets,
islands around islets,
offer life in a new hue,
all in one fine you.
130 · Sep 2017
Postman Sep 2017
Yellowish edges hugging the flamboyant red
before me unfolds the recipe to win friends
serenity soaked economic cacophony
in quest of political coup d'etat
steaming caffeine in a cool platinum evening
warm breeze shelling these shivering palms.

The delightful dawn craves to curve the lips
in semblance of a seamless smile
wrapped in bougainvillea
a window opens behind
bowing before the riverine road,
violence in a violin voyage
fades into the violet void.

Grace galore as the divine Rhine
in a distant quest dances ruthless
rushing fast towards her adolescent lust.
130 · Sep 2017
Postman Sep 2017
Moonstruck you pursued us
on far-off sun you stood
from Pluto I dreamt
to melt in your warmth
on the fringe of improbability
we danced
like we stood a chance.
127 · Aug 2017
If you.....
Postman Aug 2017
Overwhelm the ocean,
tame the tempest,
affix fervour on your fingers as
you wish to be free from the platonic veil,
create a quill of love
to engrave tactile novel.
126 · Oct 2017
Postman Oct 2017
Emerald emotions
as the sapphire soft twilight
floods the oceanic floor,
in celestial grace
smiles above
majestic marine magic
fans out in rivulets
thunderous liberation
in luminous wavelets.
125 · Sep 2017
Perplexing Purple
Postman Sep 2017
Royal ruse of exotic glue
you skillfully brush
with your exquisite touch,
an adroit riverine Antarctic chill
enticingly relishing a spinal spin
lashes on the purplish Euphrates.

The violet sky at the fringes
darkening with the spree to mingle
to dive into the depth of a deeper shade
where the black and red connected
with a yellowish vermilion thread,
blooms a romantic ruby roof of brinjal hue.
121 · Oct 2017
Pink Puzzle
Postman Oct 2017
Eyes along rose-aisle wanders and ponders,
eager to experience the explosive wonder,
amorous thunder in scentful embrace
elope with the trail of darkening banyan shade.

Reality with realmless ravishing painting
in a suave sensation surmises our surreality,
thoughts of past like thorns of Bengal rose
swim in sour and sweet wind of stormy candour.

At the dusk of divine splendour
wrapped in romantic lazy luxuriousness
I listlessly look at the blossoming spring,
an enchanting evening of thoughtful dreams,
radiant midst of melancholic screams
embraces the dark shade of bordering woods.
122 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
Wind is torn between
the fire and ice
carries the heavy chill
at times blazing drill
121 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
Two venomous snakes
one fears to sting the other
irresistible soprano of scent
intoxicating jasmine bloom
barrage of doubt fails
ecstasy derails the train
in algebra class
two negatives
make a positive end.
118 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
It's been a week
the wave is away
on a romantic vacation,
before the lunatic month
of fanatic fervour!
116 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
Lonely trails left me gutless
amidst darkest nightmares,
terrified, in vain, I screamed.
But, for you, I'll stand
offering my hand.
115 · Nov 2017
Postman Nov 2017
Lustrous imagination
is what your love evokes,
elephantine amor shimmers,
moon in swing,
rosy aroma in air
deliciously divine.
115 · Aug 2017
Bottom Line
Postman Aug 2017
Exquisite rugged road
allures the wanderer.

Hardship enchants
and engulfs the reason.

Irrevocable will drives
through the tough terrain
in futile effort to have
a hilly plain,
tries in vain
to ease the pain,
as reality shows a new road.
114 · Aug 2017
Postman Aug 2017
At the dawn of optimism
possibility dares to defy
the mighty reality.
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