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  Nov 2015 Ty Foxx
Rachel Dyer
I feel my body begin to shake
My hands and heart ache
Wanting so badly to hold you behind the calm I fake
I have to think about every breath I take
To distract myself from the thirst I just can't slake

Memories of your touch burn like fire
My thoughts trapped in your tire
Every silly stupid thing I think fills me with ire
Just be yourself preaches the choir
But your laugh makes my heart crack like a live wire

Wanting so bad to once again touch you
Wondering if you want it too
Or if, with the rising of the sun, that desire flew.
I see it every day, the hair I ran my fingers through.
Your painted skin, that seems to every second be new.

And worst of all I'm sure you have an inkling
From the way my eyes are twinkling
Or from the compliments I'm sprinkling

And you continue to move at your glacial pace
So different from the usual race
But you aren't hiding anything, it is all there on your lovely face
You're just a unique case
Beautiful and delicate like lace
Yet dark and dangerous and hard to chase
  Nov 2015 Ty Foxx
You deserve better

I cannot give you anything but pain

You deserve better with your family status and all

You deserve better than lonely girls and boys

You have money, enough to buy this world

Go find happiness in another soul

Leave me alone

Just leave.
  Nov 2015 Ty Foxx
Your set sky on fire
With A Phoenix feather
The sky would end
We would burn together

I can't do anything
But watch the sky at night
The fire was burning so much
Like day it is bright

You all would burn the sky
But i won't be doing the same
Confined in your pleasures
You got too close to the flame

The night would be burning
I will try to cover my eyes
Even the darkness would be afraid
If the sky fell, you all will die

I wanted to reach the heaven
And hear my sky fly
But my ears tremble
As i hear my lovely sky cry

I can feel sky is sad
I hear her every scream
This is the reality of humans
I couldn't have thought even in my dreams

Humans are bad
They smile watching sky in pain
I wish with all my heart
Their intention fail and comes so ferocious rain
The " Phoenix feather" represent fire crackers and all the bombs and skyrockets and all that stuff

A friend of mine from India told me about a festival -diwali when people burn a lot of crackers.
Last year, he had recorded me a message in which i could hear all the noise and it felt that sky was crying. I felt bad.

Hear the sky at that night
I'm sure, you could hear the sky crying too
My plea to all the friends who are reading it
Don't burn fire crackers
  Nov 2015 Ty Foxx
I want you
this lust is eating me alive
I want to drink your body in
because you send chills up my spine

I want you
So bad i can barely stand up
is taking a lot of self restraint
to stop myself from burying my face in your womanly cup

I want you
you're such a tease biting your lip
getting everybody excited with ease
its so scintillating how your hourglass figure is so titillating

I want you.....
but you're on an adult website!
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