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It's somewhere between
the sweaty dead mid-afternoon
and the drowned devoured evenings,
I recover from an existential thought
and from a presumed never ending sleep,

In this chair of the decayed veranda,
the sky has fermented into shades
of blue and red and this bird has perched
into my surroundings,violating my comfort

I try to shoo it away,but it keeps chirping,
it isn't afraid of the things I could do
for a lonesome evening,
with small pesky eyes it stares me,
almost asking for a riddance of my sight
and we are now tangled into this small sphere of universe
fighting on an evening for sight of silence.

we seem to had have too much such evenings,
facing existential crises,sabotaging the living
for a cure of loneliness,
but it's inner self now seems to realize
it is a waste now to wait.
we both like matter and antimatter can't coexist.

it then chirps a final time and flies
unlike what I had thought and believed
unlike the title I have written.
it betrayed me for a truce to exist,
like every other human does.
like we all do.
Before I close my eyes ... Before I drift away ...
      fallow as the evanescent tide grows low;
      before the falling sun echoes
      upon shown waves of estranged sandbars

Before I draw this life’s ending breath ...
      as beclouding skies ache like a windswept shoreline
      kissed by a bitter sweet gale of love and misery
      beget a chilling spell cast of invisible winds of change

Before you no longer remember ...
      the way the song a gentle wind's caress
      swirls and sweeps away bare feet
      set free to soar beyond the reach of your eyes
Before these eyes see the final sunset tiptoe down the sky ...
      even the sun feels the dimming in its wake ;
      unrequited footprints in the sand course straightaway,
      never turning around to look back whence they came

Before another tide floods a deserted oceanside ...
      erasing the traces of where we danced naked as the dark
      glimpsing the diminishing horizon ― 

                              and I let go .........
      as the tears steal away the last glint of the sea

           The way you took your love from me ...

                 © harlon rivers ... May15th, 2017
love always,... was a moment ...
"since you took your love away"

mused by a life event and an affecting song:

Chris Cornell "Nothing Compares 2 U" (Prince Cover)
Live @ SiriusXM //
 Apr 2017 Tiffanie Noel Doro
Today I discovered
What I already knew
That our friendship will go
Only as far as our memories can carry it
Which is kind of sad really
Because I cannot
Will not
Should not
Adjust even just an inch for you
Tis true.
April tells a tale
Of days that are yet to come
Springing forth in love
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