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3.1k · Sep 2013
Dishing out hot air
I could call you Molly
With the way you came into my presence
as an orchestra that played the melancholy lullaby of a cello and the sweet pings of a piano
with the velocity of sound waves filling up my head
But as the grains of sand fell and the seasons brushed along our skin
you became a drowned out child’s rhyme
A whisper in the eve

Truth is all perspective
As is friend and foe
But to say,
at best,
your words could be perceived as anything less than the hot air of an air balloon would be a stretch a contortionist would struggle to achieve.

(C) Tiffanie Doro
I have always wondered what kind of lover a pianist would be-
if they play others as smoothly as they do their instrument
With a strategic stride in their precision
Or if the touch is just as tender as the keys are embraced-
Philharmonic touch
Can a voice tune their heart as such?
I'm curious
If they find themselves as lost in another just as they do in the journey of their music

When I see the amount of passion portrayed in a musicians performance I can't help but find myself lost somewhere in between

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
This goes for all musical instruments really.
1.7k · Nov 2013
Blue famine
Soaked by the rain
Love on bare wires-
There isn't much left to retain
Shock became a thief
A hooded minor
Adoring everything
Leaving nothing in its wake
Other than the subtleties of famine
Filling the color of your eyes  
Blue famine
And lines of pearls

(C) Tiffanie Doro
1.7k · Oct 2013
Introverted Sleaze
I know you've got a heart of gold and emotions that run along your sleeves
but lately,
you're better with a bottle and some scrapped knees.

You're introverted
A minuet ******

But it's not the the skin you bare
Or the the way you touch
It's the way you've given up

You grew into the buildings
And buried yourself inside
between a mattress and ***** sheets

They won't save you
No, my beautiful raggedy Anne
No, they'll turn that heart of gold to stone
They'll paint your face with prophecies-
Little indecencies
You'll be ripped from some ***** banks magazine
A pin up doll
Such a perfectly decayed dream
I want to cut the string that holds you up

Hit the ground running-
Remove your mind from others hands and

Let bad blood filter into the streets and watch the acquainted burn into the night
It was warmer inside of the cocoon
Until the day the door cracked open
Letting in the cold
Nothing left to ravage
Nowhere but out

(C) Tiffanie Doro
1.6k · Feb 2015
The self respecting
My heart could explode as I sit before you
and even so-
With each jagged edge-
I would still love

I have learned the meaning of bravery
And love most certainly is the prerogative of the brave
However I will not lay to be struck a fool-
A fly in the widows web-
Bundled and motionless-
Awaiting to be drained of my will
I will fight with the prerogative of the self respecting

I will hold my head and my heart high-
Whatever the condition may be

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
1.4k · Jul 2014
Find your passion
I believe that one of the most important pieces of advice I can give to children is to find your passion. Find it and send it soaring to the highest points of your mind. It does not matter the passion and it does not matter how liked by others it is. Art, writing, sports, music, science, whatever. If it makes you feel alive every time you indulge in it then never let it go. It will be your hand in hard times and good times alike. Never spend your life moving so fast that you have no passionate memories to speak of. Live! And do it with the upmost optimism and enjoyment. Live so you leave this world with peace of mind and fulfillment.

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
1.3k · Jan 2014
Burning self preservation
Piano keys vibrate in his chest
But the lines are so fine and fragile
The notes are falling off the page
Cut out by the cellos maze
Tender differences
Beautiful and strange
He felt almost honored by the elusion music had  given birth to
Synthetic love
From batting lashes
Disguised by devine-
rhythm and rhyme
To simply taste the sweets reservation had denied him

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
1.3k · Sep 2013
Her voice gave warmth within my ears
Arms strung across my waist
Fingers curled upon my back
 Holding tight to my world as the inner chaos spun between us
Linked with rhythmic beats
Does she know the passion she excites?
Or the fulfillment I have always longed to receive?
My mind turns off
Mute to thoughts
Her eyes show pity that she tries to hide
A grin shows a dim flush of color to her cheeks
So small but I feel a comfort that no other has conceived in me

Through her eyes and through her heart
I relinquish the past and condemn my doubts
With this I move with ease
control of form
The night takes us whole
until lids cave and cover the world in blackened relief.
(C) Tiffanie Doro
I actually wrote this four years ago.
1.3k · Dec 2013
Your flesh remains on the splintered gate
Peeled apart at the prefix
Holding the secrets of fiction-
Collected in a womb
Filled with the clasped hands of the kneeling and behaved

(C) Tiffanie Doro
1.2k · Jun 2014
Underestimated understanding
My recollection of you is that of the universe
At times seemingly vacant
But its just the contrary-
consumed with magnificent new discoveries
Each one captivating and beyond my capability of expressing beauty

But I'm afraid
You will never let me see
Though I have tried beyond my bounds
It seems to be a game full with vain

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
Giving up has never been  to me option but the options are running thin...
1.2k · Oct 2013
Puppet master
I had found myself before you
My hand found your cheek-
Soft skin blushing red
You draw my attention as I draw the smoke from my cigarette
And your about just as good for me as it is-
Toxicity in every inhale

Yet I stumble to you
Always backwards from where I've grown to
Back to the hues of your eyes
Now a stare that I stress to avoid

I won't stop to look back
I won't pretend it is not what it is for times sake

I won't humor you
I won't humor your distaste!
I am not a person of connivence
A person of mere indulgence when there is nothing left to the amusement  

I can't be here when those soft hues finally open to see the decisions you've made

There can be no caring saved
There will be nothing left for you after you've pulled every string

(C) Tiffanie Doro
1.2k · Sep 2013
I thought I saw your face on the side of my milk carton
As the sun began to rise above the branches of the trees 
The ones that took hours of our days High above the ordinary 
Just beyond the oblong lights that chased the monsters from the streets
From our veins 
Singing and writing and melting 
melting into atmosphere
into stars circling satellites 
I thought I saw you on the street the other day
As feet pounded pavement 
And the clouds fought for freedom from the wind 
but magicians will play on the whims of emotions 
I thought
But oh, no
I forgot to think clearly
I thought a stranger could be a fond memory 
Of another stranger 
Stranger than our tangled anatomy’s on display
It was only disappointment covered in Hollywood and lace
1.2k · Oct 2013
No time for a foul soul
If I had to compare you
You would be a Sunday morning hangover
I'm afraid I can't put it lightly
the headaches you create could
with no doubt
**** a great white
You can take offense
Yet I must inform you that you are more offensive than ****** and Genghis Khan combined
Contrary to your exterior,
your mind is only that of a million others which I avoid
If only books always matched their covers this struggle wouldn't take me to such heights-
Or perhaps lows, I should say
So pardon me, my dear
The memories of my youth would be much fonder spent sitting next another individual-
One with the ability of truth and compassion
Or atleast the courtesy of decency
But your moral is blatantly,
too skewed

(C) Tiffanie Doro
You're in the bathroom powdering your nose
While a man in a tuxedo waits for you at the bar
Though it's not the shine you are trying to disguise
Or the scars you gave up trying to hide
One more inhale and you'll be fine
Exaggerations clouded your head
You have retained more than you can control
And all the facts are scattered on the bed
Lingering on your pale flesh
Flushed and fragile
You need delicate hands to touch you
But you find only sandpaper in the night
Coarse, rough skin
Pressed against you
With the tuxedo mans lips kissing your ear-
Whispering into your head
The lights inside your mind dim as you begin to disappear
Until tomorrow-
Life's only a distant falsity

(C) Tiffanie Doro
1.1k · Feb 2014
A Warrior
Just where have those bullet proof arms gone?
The ones that held the back of my head as it rested on your chest and wrapped around my back
with my body partially spread across yours
The arms my memory will always chase through the imprints of your vibrant precence
Never neglecting to reflect on the smile-
The eyes that were filled with such strength
Bravery I could never explain  

A diligently beating heart
against an army of thieves
Gone in a winter’s night-
With the stars we dare to adore

too soon for words
too late for thought
Reflections of the good fill us now and forever will

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
A poem I wrote in the reflection of someone who lost a significant other to cancer.
1.1k · Sep 2013
A complex shade of grey
Consistency is thinning with the sun
Our minds crawl-
Yet  race on overdrive inside our homes and out in the damp streets.
Simple static,
A mental block of conscious
spread by word of mouth from one disaster to the ****** birth of another.
Another bag of bones,
Clanking over our shoulders-
With heavey arms to bare with
Another gust of wind full of ashes and crowds all dressed in black with their throats in knots.
The words inside our mouths burn as they leave
There is a kid with a guitar on the outskirts of it all.
Watching in as the faces drain from the bodies in the streets.

So he began to sing.
He sang about shades of grey
He sang about the spaces in between
And he sang about the heart that’s been thrown among one person’s beliefs to another’s lack of.
He strummed until the sky turned a shade of blue which resembled his mothers eyes on the night he learned what strength and will was.
As the wind hushed,
The crowd began a melancholy motion,
with their backs turned to all that was
Some with new sight and others in disbelieving disgust.
But one thing held constant-
though time had been tampered and irreversibly changed
They all hurt the same
Each mind had been scrambled like eggs

(C) Tiffanie Doro
One of a few poems I wrote when I had lost a friend to suicide 11months ago.
1.1k · Aug 2014
She became a vulture
She made her home in a hundred different people-
Inside the desert of her heart
A brawl of sorts
It didn't much matter the type
Just as long as they were living
Perhaps to capture even the tiniest of thread-
Of what it felt like to encompass the sensation
Of the lines that our nerves dance along in the presence of a warm touch

As the heightened flight began to ******* in gravity
She was left in hunger-
A vulture
Devouring the living
Only to continue walking beside them

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
1.1k · Oct 2013
Before the canine complex
You were watercolor
A masterpiece soft and awe-inspired
Quite thrilling and beautiful as a mid November

I keep a ghost of you
Sealed inside of an old mason jar
At night I take you from your tucked away hiding spot
The best lullaby that I never got-
Was you in the late nights of December
When our breathes turned to frost

The night was a barrier between them and us
Until you became the toymaker and I your knickknack
But the final product couldn't live up to the blueprints
So you crumpled the papers
And threw out your knickknack so you could begin again from scratch

So I keep my manson jar-
A memory-
Perhaps a token of time
Before the canine complex I have come to know so very well
1.1k · Sep 2013
The last quartet
A novelist of aces
Behind the cover of abstract designs
It gets deeper than what is behind eyes
Enclosed is a map only the two of us could understand
Certain minds are condemned by the world
But the keys your fingers stretch to reach steal the breath from my airways
The grammar is skewed but it’s all the same
Boiling beneath your skin
What’s been refused to pass your lips
Weak tongues won’t form the letters written on our souls
You and I,
We’re just ignorant to the nonfiction cloaked between these lines
Like Beethoven’s last quartet,
Muss es sein? Es muss sein! Es muss sein!

(C) Tiffanie Doro
1.1k · Feb 2014
You can wait for life.
I guarantee you that you will find no trace of it.
It will leave you behind in an instant.
Life waits for no beat-
Whether it be faint or piercing

so I advice you to stop watching sand fall and unleash the you that I have so vividly admired since the first unspoken second you stole my eyes from me.

You are passion and fire-
Stewing in suppressed beauty

It's about time you shower this world in your words

(C)  Tiffanie Noel Doro
You can surely be anything
From battling raging fires to the stars or even the brightly lit moon
To your heart’s absolutely, perfectly crafted desire
But I mostly hope
Where ever you go with what ever wanderlust drives you-
you will be as the gently falling snow flakes
Light in the wind
With an aptitude of a fierce blizzard
In a fog of billions
Different in each and every way
Uniquely blanketing the ground

Blanketing the world forward

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
1.1k · Feb 2014
She loved unintentionally
Her mind was corrupted with admiration
and she loved with all the fury of every tasteless advance
Her love stopped muscle-
Altered minds with a glazing touch-

Cheek, Jaw, neck, collar bone, rib cage, hips

She loved infinitely
She loved unintentionally

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
1.1k · Dec 2013
Love ordeal
You are my gravity in these weightless times
The lightest touch of breath
Expelled from your lungs
Turns my heart into a quivering mess
Without you I would surely float away with the wind
Becoming as scattered as the burning maples leaves

What a ghastly ordeal of tangles
This love affair of mine

(C) Tiffanie Doro
1.1k · Oct 2013
Passionately alive
If I could
I would spend the seconds of each minute and each day daydreaming
Melting into the earth-
Into arms
Into time
I'd take my fingertips and run them over the sky
From one side back to the next
stringing each star along
Until one after the other they become perfectly aligned
Creating an exquisite display
A mural among the galaxies
It's showcase to the lucky-
The breathing, unbiased
Each person a spectacle
Setting fire to clouds-
to our cities
And to the lips of another's
Hands taking in the bodies design
Sparking the fluttering of eyes
It's the passion that keeps us remembering we are alive

We are the lucky ones-
The bitter hearts that once were have been set free

(C) Tiffanie Doro
1.0k · Jun 2014
Rainy day love
She smelt of rain
Yes, I always did love the smell of rain
But she wore it in a way that the earth lowered in shame
She had walked nearly three miles to my door
I took her hand-
Led her in
And when her hair dried
The imperfections of the waves sat so perfectly on her head that they weren't imperfect at all-
They were apart of her beauty-
Precisely as she should be
Her lips were as subtle as ever but the slight quiver was something I had not seen before-
It enticed me
Drew me close
Pressed me against her chest
It untucked her blouse
And weighted gravity on my head-
Resting my lips upon hers
For minutes
And many minutes more
Until the skies drew clear
Until we laid hand in hand-
Skin to skin
Mind to mind

To this day
I could swear we were the life to that storm

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
1.0k · Mar 2014
The color of my blood has become more vibrant than my own reflection.
It, and it alone, is what reminds me that there is still something palpitating beneath my chest.

I, contrary to my heart, have been dead for a while.

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
This is not to be read too far into. So I asked that conclusions are not jumped to in the meaning of this writing. Thank you! :)
1.0k · Mar 2014
Disheartening news-
Shattering what implications of light had found its way to my center-
The foolish believes I gained in regards to the merging of lives
I see your incomprehensible pain
I feel the horror in your eyes
I will do all I can-
For you
For them
To reassemble the ashes of your hope that has been carried away in the wind

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
1.0k · Jun 2014
I am not unique
I am just simply apart of those who refuse to hide blindly behind acceptance

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
1.0k · Nov 2013
A beautiful mind
A soft complex-
A beautiful face
Catches the eyes
But a beautiful mind captivates-
substance to adore
Millions of beautiful people are among us
Attraction is only a fraction of the equation
It's the inner workings that no other can bring which holds us

(C) Tiffanie Doro
1.0k · Mar 2014
More than distant thunder
Far too eager
Too  quizzically eccentric
for the rumbling from afar-
She traced the beauty of an atlas on her heart-
Taking the wanderlust that resided and embodying it into the pieces of each place that struck her

She grew into the vines of the earth with
Every word and perspective she had tasted on her tongue
And she lived effervescently as this

As more than just distant thunder.

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
991 · Sep 2013
A gesture
Too tight
Your arms brazen
circling me
Leading me to your core

I am not the apple to adore nor can I allow the fluttering in my stomach to catastrophize my mind

Admiration has it's bouts
But those who admire grow bored
And the admired become ill and hollowed out with bitterness and shallow sound--
tink tink tinking of glasses filled with ice and the numbing of high proofed haste

Steady now!
The notion is fiercely romanticized  
Yet hardly fulfilled
Showing the minds eye just can't be sought out
For I will surely begin to disappear
And you will surely march towards the counterpart of the compass with the parts of me I so tenderly keep tucked abroad

Be careful!
Now with the tables turned
You are beginning to show your bitter cheeky side

(C) Tiffanie Doro
There is a certain beauty to watching the leaves fall
And the trees bare branches
How they appear tangled together
With the comforting embrace of opportunity to hold
Life's cycle before my eyes
And the human experience-
Of resistance
Of refusal to acknowledge-
Sooner than later
Far too soon
I will no longer be grated the feeling of the bitter cold
So even it
I relish in

(C) Tiffanie Doro
976 · Nov 2013
Every Eye For Every Heart
Two sets of lips
parted by the tips of tongues
Two sets of lungs with rapid breathes
Two hearts
Seething in fine lines
Two hands
relating beats

                                                               ­                                                                 ­                        Two hands
                                                           ­                                                                 ­     Around two separate necks
                                                                ­                                                                 ­                       Confining life-
                                                           ­                                                                 ­   Mixing pleasure with distaste
                                                                ­                                                                 ­    Streams of constellations-
                                                 ­                                                                 ­                                  Moments, words
                                                           ­                                                                 ­               Past tense conclusions
                                                     ­                                                    Jaundiced minds led us to gypsy stairwells  
                                                    ­                                                                 ­            From everything to nothing

(C) Tiffanie Doro
971 · Sep 2013
Rapids of whiskey
For such a blank mind,
Hers ran for days.
She couldn’t recall the day but she could recite the events of the past like the veins that ran through her hands.
Each blue vessel a story for the red that flowed,
And as the night came to a close she said to the world “the whiskey flows like the rivers rapids roar. My body is bare but my soul is weighted by the ticking of the time. My body’s scars tell the story of weakness and strength in a girl far from completion. There is a certain substance only I control.”
A calm came down from the sky and trickled down her face as each recollection poured from her skin.
The faces turned to pixels,
The regret turned to forgiveness,
And it all washed away in the depths of the atmospheres grin.  
Freedom came defined in a world that stood still.
Arms opened wide,
She ascended into the rising sun.

(C) Tiffanie Doro
939 · Oct 2013
Can't align
Not all madness has a method
And not all love has a rhyme
The drums don't always promise piece de resistance  

You are a dimension unfathomable
An Intergalactic adventure-
Alien emotions
That I can only know to end in one way

Forgive my bitter predjudist
But your actions ring out far too loud
And I can't find a haven from your sirens
Refusing my life

(C) Tiffanie Doro
936 · May 2014
Alien love
like every great collaboration
We clash in all the right ways
While still seemingly caressing the parts of our minds of which depths are exhausting for any other to reach

A force
Abided by the simplicity in the complex-
We shatter realms-
Surpass boundaries-
Outstretch galaxies  

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
929 · Sep 2013
Strangers by default
You said
"I'm not hollow simply scarce and soundproof. Double jointed at the valves and cured of retched emotions."

But your sensory was superb
Your touch lingered in all of it's lacking purities
It mapped out the freckles lining my lips
A map you traced too often upon the bodies of far too many what's her faces hips

Yet you always came back to devour more

Understanding your underlying intentions became irrelevant and obscured
To count the conflicting answers
which were fed in heaps of sugar lined words
would drown me in irrationality and bitter conformity

And when your ghost is the only thing left to banter to as you smile upon the great unknowns
I'll smother the context of my emotions beneath the cages of my ribs
And walk towards the bare, unhinged moon with no remorse left to speak of
Leaving only salted words for you to inhale into your lungs

(C) Tiffanie Doro
908 · May 2014
A nameless venting write
I am stronger than those nights
Stronger than that five year old girl-
That fifteen year old girl  
Stronger than a year ago
Than a month or even a week ago
Stronger than yesterday
This, I know, is factual
But that doesn't mean there will not be moments where memories run wild-
Rampant through my bones
Memories which cause my skeletal system to tremble
Memories where the images of which become almost unbearable

But I know,
They say some of the strongest people are the ones who suffer the most
Whatever that suffering may be
Blood still runs through their veins-
Still breathe in the same air as you and I
And they too will overcome

I will overcome
Time after time
Because I am a force on my own-
I am strong enough

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
Not my best but I didn't intend it to be. It was definitely necessary in order for me to let go of some weighted doubt I've been carrying around on my shoulders. Maybe it will give someone else the perspective do the same.
869 · Apr 2014
To me
when used wisely and with great conviction
Are the epitome of passion and life
They will never cease to flow through my veins
Words will stay with me to help ease the trouble in my mind-
The stinging ache-
Purging them onto paper when the rest of the silhouettes have proven to be misleading and entirely imprudent

To me
They will always be
The essential ingredient to my life

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
867 · Jul 2015
Ante Meridiem
The ghosts are hungry-
Feasting on the wide eyes that lay
Through the early mornings dark-
Hiding from the dreams-
Hunting flesh-
Hunting memories tucked away
Beneath the comforts of their pillow cases

So they lay-
Warm to the touch-
But cold-
Brittle within-
Cradled by intent-
Through the dark ante meridiem

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
867 · Mar 2014
The trembling in my mind
The dates are rolling over
Just as the pages in a novel-
A novel of my life
And I am folded into the spine
With you
And him
And her
And even the willow tree from my days as a child
Stuck inside a book
Kept far away from the world outside
The world which howls and leaves a ringing in my ears-
A taunting that makes me ache-
Fractures my fragile bones
And drives shivers that even my finger tips recall each time the moon cycles in the deep blues of night

I hide away
Fears kept in bundles-
Racing in figure eights in my never resting brain
As much as I inch my extremities out-
As much as I struggle for a forward motion
I am held
Here inside of the pages of a novel
Inside the creases of its spine
Where I lay my trembling mind

It is here you can find the things that I could never let pass my lips
When I have lost all of my breathe
And the trembling has finished digesting my mind

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
May revise at a later time. Hmmmmm.
She looked the child in the eyes. Salt water lined the edges, forming droplets down her rosy cheeks. She saw streets, poverty and auto focused lives. But what drew her the most was not what tales she could read but the story the child longed to create with a will and passion that had been long swept from our towns. The want to still survive even as the bombs echoed through all her nights. She said to the child "you have not burned out. We are all flames. We sway and flicker. Lower and then still rise because we are too fierce to let the foolish tide of ignorance cool the heat that fights inside." She couldn't possibly have known it then but with her words, she saved that child's life and began the chain of events that altered the course of history.

(C) Tiffanie Doro
A concept to a potential short story I may start. Still unsure though.
833 · Oct 2013
Peculiar faces-
Skeptical goodbyes
And the melting of a night-
calmly waiting in the back drop of your mind
The teeter totter was always an amusing ride
Sincerity and insincerity alike
It slowly becomes an equal battle between endearment and fright-
Forgiving and holding
With what steel skin you’ve painted on their bare stares
Abstract means of clothing removal
Count it-
One, two, three, four, thirty eight times
Awkwardly imperfect as perfect is
In a sense-
Each body became an atlas
But where is your compass?
Misplaced it just as you have the rest

Went north when you meant to go west
And now you’re stuck somewhere in the south
Indulging in subsequential nonsense

(c) Tiffanie Doro
813 · Sep 2014
Vibrant and misleading
Your skin was so warm upon mine
I still bare the scars on my flesh from which the touch burned me

Never get too close to the sun

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
The melodic tones your frame portrays-
Merciful faint heart
Resonates shivering tidal waves-
With every eager brush of your skin
Crashing into her sorrows
Cascading them into the sea
To the depth of the deepest trench
Where hidden treasures still remain
Idling on a purpose and protracted haze
Prurient beauty  

The trace particles you left on my sleeves
along side my hearts strings
leaves me tasting a memory

(C) Tiffanie Doro
Let the semicolon split apart from the seams
Let the lights shatter
Let the eclipse taste us-
Whole embodied variations
Infatuations digested and expelled with this disease
Let us examine
Let us recreate
The desire we infected with selfish tendencies
Give me your pure-
Our sinless monogamy

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
804 · Mar 2014
Condition your mind
Condition your mind to stay open and become higher than the skyscrapers that cage our society.

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
My mind never sleeps. Thought of the day while driving to a very early
803 · Jan 2014
Listen and create
The ability to listen

To have awareness of not only the monumental amount of good
But the awful truths
To open your eyes-
Your mind and heart wide
So wide you swallow galaxies whole
Taking in each detail
Each minuet make up
Extravagantly beautiful
With every individual perception
Every method inside ones madness
To hold onto that and bring it to fruition

Is a speechless-
Breathtaking thing
We all have this ability in one form or the other

Use it and create the difference

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
781 · Mar 2014
Tapering off
Tapering off of life
On the whim of a nerve
What I see
What I feel
What I may or may not know
What may or may not be true
Embezzled me
Took me for a ride
Turbulent conjunction of the mind

And now
What I see
What I feel
What I never knew
Has taken my life

(C) Tiffanie Noel Doro
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