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This Empty Space Apr 2017
only the growth you see
is the one you will be
don't hold onto deeds
that won’t let you be
the greatest person
you are meant to be
This Empty Space Apr 2017
we hold onto to each
we are not ready to let go
we hold tight to those wrist
we can feel our blood flow
we clinch tightly to strength our bond
we know our heart beat has become one
we will no longer stand alone
we are together
we will let the world know
we are united
we will not let go
we are different people
but we are all connected with our souls
interlocking our hands in a time that we need to
This Empty Space Mar 2017
"Why me?, Why me?"
This question always haunts me.
I call on you night and day,
And yet you don't answer me.
I scream to you.
You seem not to hear me.
I beg you.
You seem to not help me.
Can't you see these tears.  

I feel everyday I seem to hate me.
But, I keep praying for me.
'Lord please!, Lord please!'
These tears are really hurting me
Don't you see?
Don't you see?
My life is not what i want it to be.
I can't see past these days,
Do you not love me.
my words to the Lord
This Empty Space Mar 2017
dry your eyes
young me
it weren't meant to be
lifes unsure
don't worry about the deeds
you'll wake up warm
without any sad dreams
i know life is not always
what it seems

dry your eyes
young me
i know its hard to believe
that this life is yours
when you can barely see
don't worry about the
it will be yours
i believe
that this life comes
with trouble
you just need to believe
something i will tell young me
  Mar 2017 This Empty Space
So disconnected
how I feel
nothing I loved was ever real
This Empty Space Mar 2017
pain is something that lingers within
it decides to leave
when it feels
it has been
long enough to hurt you within
all pain does is stay within
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