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Nov 2018
What’s your favourite city in the world?
Mine is the City of you,
Though your physical features are the city’s main attraction
I’m far more interested in your back roads, your sentimental buildings and what your national anthem sounds like.
Everyone’s a city, I’m a city for the dreamers, hopeless romantics and musical poets.. And my love for you is no secret.
In fact I plaster it all over billboards,
I play it on the radio.
I paint it in the stars.
I don’t want a city map to figure you out;
I’d rather do what I’ve been doing the past two years,
Just getting in lost in your eyes and following my heart, over and over...

I love you,
for all that you stand for
Your city is loud, it’s brave. It has a voice.
You speak up for what is right.
Never soften your voice...
never harden your heart.
I promise you I love you
As much as a 21 year old can love.
As much as I can love.
Late at night I sit and write about you
And it’s never difficult
I sometimes wish the hours were longer so I can simply just enjoy your company more

Everyone’s always busy, always rushing
People... such fools.
Claiming they have so much emotion but never really showing it.
I wanna be a different kind of city to you.
A city that’s been knocked down but has had to pick itself back up again.
A city that’s not afraid to fall in love,
Over and over... again
Maybe we both have different morals, different hearts
But If we can inspire each other to be better and better,
The world would be a pretty **** beautiful place.

One more thing;
I’m dying to see you again
For you light up my life,
One day at a time.
You light it,
Over and
And I’m falling
Over and over
.. Again.

..What’s your favourite poem in the world?
I hope it’s me.
Hope you guys like it, check out my other stuff too!
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