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Nov 2018
I noticed the butterflies tangled in her hair,
I looked for reassurance in her eyesΒ Β and in that moment she didn't blink.
I asked her if I look pretty and she didn't even have to think.
"Yes you're beautiful" I noticed the tone of her voice was always so genuine so sweet
I asked her if I was her best friend
And she just looked at me.
I noticed the sound of her heart beat was always in time with mine
As if we were friend soulmates
Brought together to impact lives
I noticed her perfection even when she didn't see it in herself;
The girl who I facetime,
Has the face of an angel,
But her mind's somewhere else
She feels lost and confused
Worried and sad;
Anxious to the point where her own friends she will refuse..ave things really gotten so bad?
I noticed the way she moves,
So graceful and charming
Babe you're gonna be okay,
Even the bluest skies sometimes darken
For my best friend amber
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