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Q Jun 2020
the wolves are bearing their teeth
open your jaw, foul beast
howl your secrets into the night
and i will jot them down piece by piece.
Q Jun 2020
there are colors yet to be seen
and stories yet to be told
so i must set myself forth,
the traveller in the dark,
to pick up the loose threads
and see where they go;
leave the door open,
i will return soon.
Q Jun 2020
when i got to the top of the staircase
i half-expected to see you there
leaning against the wall
with your hands in your pockets
but here you are
sitting in a chair,
in my imagination.
will be uploading more stuff i wrote back in December!
Q Feb 2020
someday, i will flee the echoes of finished years
and when my final breath is drawn,
i hope to slip into the fragile haven
located in between your fingers.
a poem for my flower, written on 120519
Q Nov 2019
writing on the backs of hands,
strolling along meadows and dancing in the rain,
running through fields of wild flowers,
lacing fingers and pushing swings,
laying beneath glowing ***** of light,
our feet pressing against this unshaken earth;
we tie the hands of time together,
whenever our paths entwine,
gentle acts of love and joy,
preserved in the timeless pockets of our minds.
Q Oct 2019
i built it out of stone,
and covered it in sand
and dirt
and hours sleeping beside you
under old trees
do you remember?
we used to plant flowers
in a garden
because you liked the color green;
i tossed it into the sea
it sank almost immediately
a red flag cast out
a good time cherished;

there goes my love,
i will miss you.
Q Oct 2019
every night
sit in the same place and
think of things
wish i could tell you;
am pounding on the chambers of your heart
am shouting these words and
don't know if you're listening but
hope you hear the echoes.
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