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Jun 2020 · 230
Q Jun 2020
the wolves are bearing their teeth
open your jaw, foul beast
howl your secrets into the night
and i will jot them down piece by piece.
Jun 2020 · 289
Q Jun 2020
there are colors yet to be seen
and stories yet to be told
so i must set myself forth,
the traveller in the dark,
to pick up the loose threads
and see where they go;
leave the door open,
i will return soon.
Jun 2020 · 174
Q Jun 2020
when i got to the top of the staircase
i half-expected to see you there
leaning against the wall
with your hands in your pockets
but here you are
sitting in a chair,
in my imagination.
will be uploading more stuff i wrote back in December!
Feb 2020 · 154
Q Feb 2020
someday, i will flee the echoes of finished years
and when my final breath is drawn,
i hope to slip into the fragile haven
located in between your fingers.
a poem for my flower, written on 120519
Nov 2019 · 188
Q Nov 2019
writing on the backs of hands,
strolling along meadows and dancing in the rain,
running through fields of wild flowers,
lacing fingers and pushing swings,
laying beneath glowing ***** of light,
our feet pressing against this unshaken earth;
we tie the hands of time together,
whenever our paths entwine,
gentle acts of love and joy,
preserved in the timeless pockets of our minds.
Oct 2019 · 208
there goes my love.
Q Oct 2019
i built it out of stone,
and covered it in sand
and dirt
and hours sleeping beside you
under old trees
do you remember?
we used to plant flowers
in a garden
because you liked the color green;
i tossed it into the sea
it sank almost immediately
a red flag cast out
a good time cherished;

there goes my love,
i will miss you.
Oct 2019 · 182
Q Oct 2019
every night
sit in the same place and
think of things
wish i could tell you;
am pounding on the chambers of your heart
am shouting these words and
don't know if you're listening but
hope you hear the echoes.
Oct 2019 · 213
the sea.
Q Oct 2019
to drown
in the vastness
that the world has to
offer; i am waiting patiently, for
the moon to call me, for it to reach for my
hand and pull me towards the sky that i have
longed to touch; i am swimming in the waves of
forgotten promises, of memories that have collected
dust, of unexamined dreams in the heads of children;
oh, if only you knew how much i have longed to press
my palms against the softness of the clouds above
me; for i am just a drop of water in the vast
sea, a speck of dust in the great, big sky,
and i have much to venture.
my first shape poem!
Sep 2019 · 231
Q Sep 2019
The words hiding behind my mouth are cradled in my soft hands
Hold them, feel their heat, decode the messages under my skin,
Each of them from a language you cannot even recognize;
The familiar sights of home are nothing but
Empty bottles of knowledge kept away in a box only I hold the key to;
Run towards me and please please please listen to me, for
My words cannot bridge the gap between us although
I have tried; with
No clamor in the background,
Ask me to repeat myself once more, and please please please
Listen to me.
yet another acronym poem!
Aug 2019 · 321
Q Aug 2019
listen to the distant
of your
all that
remain of your
dreams are compressed into
orbs of light,
carefully placed inside
an empty box;
leave your house and search the
idle sands of time for me,
x marks the spot.
i was thinking of writing a poem from a name. this one was one of my favorites. //leonardo calix//
Aug 2019 · 776
Q Aug 2019
i have spent time thinking
about your feet
and i have yet to thank them
for they have walked this earth
ever tirelessly,
ever inexhaustibly,
and have brought you

towards me.
Aug 2019 · 296
wishing well.
Q Aug 2019
there is a well
in the middle of the road i walk on the way home
every chance i get, i toss a coin inside
it's an endless cycle, a routine of stopping in the middle of the road,
tossing a coin,
and whispering your name
over and over again under my breath
the well is old and aged, its walls beginning to grow moss
but everytime i throw a coin inside
those mossy walls turn into a portal,
a gate into space
my coin lands into the nightsky, 
taking its place as one of the stars;

i have thrown many, many coins
and i am reminded each time
when i look up at night
that you take the form of a wish fit neatly into a coin,
and my wish lies among the stars.
i loved writing this poem. i hope you enjoy reading it.
Aug 2019 · 354
Q Aug 2019
you lie
in between my
syllables and words
in these
carefully arranged
like a piece
of origami;

i hide you
in my
Aug 2018 · 514
Q Aug 2018
a sinking feeling
i watch the leaves fall
through my window pane
the leaves glide gracefully in the wind
dancing in the air, the seasons have changed
we long to embark on a celestial voyage
twisting in space,
lying beside comets and stardust
unbound by gravity,
the leaves fall.
(out of all that lies beyond space, i sit beside you as it rains)
Jun 2018 · 639
a reverse poem.
Q Jun 2018
i don't deserve nice things
don't tell me
i am enough
i know
you're lying
i wrote this on Christmas 2017 hihi
Apr 2018 · 506
Q Apr 2018
i can
put words into

and lines into
stanzas delicately
arranged on the
verses of my

but what
and stanzas
must i
string together
to make you

for some reason i can't put up poems ??? i have so much stored already :^(
Oct 2017 · 813
Q Oct 2017
people change,
and feelings fade
as time writes down
our love's charades;
a part of me
is still dismayed
over the lust
we've laid to waste;
as feelings rush
in huge cascades
i write how i
wish you had stayed.
Aug 2017 · 311
Q Aug 2017
blurry lights,
starry nights;
dreams have never been
such a sight.

but when

the real world bites
and dreams take flight,
then i am drowned
in fear and fright.

distant kites,
dreadful heights;
when will i meet
my demise?
written after seeing some streetlights at nighttime with some friends.
Aug 2017 · 574
Q Aug 2017
my page was too white
my ink was too thin
and i could not write
what my thoughts pencilled in;

slowly i sank
as the page remained blank
and the night turned to day
as i turned old and grey;

yet the pages remained hollow
and it filled me with sorrow;

but if there's one thing i could follow:
it's pain today and regret

May 2017 · 619
Q May 2017
not long ago
when you & i
were watching all the stars

the patterns in
the pitch-black sky--
we named one that was ours.

but sadly now
it's not the same
the stars, they seem so far

i've realized
the nights we spent
were countless wasted hours


as time goes on
the star too, will grow old

before it turns
to nothingness
it will have to explode
i liked making this one ayeeee
May 2017 · 362
Q May 2017
i do not know
why i can't find
what i have lost

deserts embrace
the freezing winds
and bitter frost

yet i am still
searching for it--
my time, the cost
**** i wrote this in math class ayeee

— The End —