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tempest Feb 2019
how many layers of heart wallpaper can i use to keep me safe?
how many layers of heart wallpaper should I tear before a date?
how many layers of heart wallpaper do I buy after being rejected?
how many layers of heart wallpaper can shield me from feeling dejected?
how many layers of heart wallpaper can help my mind forget?
how many layers of heart wallpaper can muddy “I’m sorry” texts?
how many layers of heart wallpaper should I wrap around myself?

I peel it off, I put more up, a bit falls off, I’ve had enough

there’s never enough layers of heart wallpaper when you’re already damaged inside.
love ***** :D
tempest Jan 2019
does a moth understand why it's drawn to a flame?
or is it entranced by the way the flame moves, effortlessly jumping between flashes of crimson and orange?

does a moth understand why it's drawn to a flame?
or is it allured by the flame's secrets that seem to whisper
"come closer" from within?

does a moth understand why it's drawn to a flame?
or does the flame provide a tantalizing beam of warmth, too enticing to resist?

we shame the moth for being quite inept, but why?

sometimes those who cause us the most pain,
promise the most comfort
tempest Jan 2019
are we really woke as much as we all claim to be?
or are we woke to ease our minds, which ain't reality?

of course we've signaled heavy change, i won't deny that's true
but let me have your ear for now, give you another view

are you really woke because you post a rant on twitter,
but bop to Chris Brown's music even tho we know he hit her?

are you really woke cause you were born into the slums,
but if you make it out,
you forget where you are from?

are you really woke because you claim to love black hair?
but only like the softer textures, is that really fair?

are you really woke 'cause you admire that 4c?
but put down girls who have relaxers, wigs, or wear a weave?

are you really woke because you claim to love all people,
but if ya boy is gay you will denounce him at the steeple?

are you really woke because you say you know what's right,
but ostracize your fellow blacks,
simply cause "they talk white?"

are you really woke because you claim to love all colors,
but date a darker women? yikes! you'd rather find another

are you really woke because you claim you've got insight,
but if i am depressed, you say that mess is for the whites?

i bring up all these issues not because i hate my own

i bring up all these issues just because they're never shown

and if we are to grow and prosper,
thrive and shed our past,
we need to have these conversations,

                                                 ­                                make sure that they last
In light of the r kelly docuseries, I thought back to this poem I had written about a year ago over the black community tending to overlook issues that are prevalent among us. Conversations about colorism, mental illness, homosexuality, the covering of black artists and entertainers after serious allegations, etc., are always difficult conversations to have, especially when years of culture are intertwined with it, whether it should be or not. In the past decade or so, we've come a long way in opening spaces for these discussions and the R. Kelley documentary is just one of many ways how we continue to do so.
tempest Jan 2019
“Future me, I hope I’m pretty.

Right now, I’m extremely ugly. Fat, too. No one really likes me if I take away my three other friends. I understand why, though. Who’d go out with an ugly person? Hopefully I’m pretty now. So then, (if that time ever comes :|), when I get engaged, he’ll marry me because I’m pretty. And we’ll have pretty kids, unlike me. And I will make sure my kids don’t grow up feeling the way I do.

Life sorta ***** right now.”
In 8th grade, my teacher made us write a letter to ourselves that she would keep and mail to us when we graduated, roughly 4 years later. Among one direction and crushes, I wrote this to myself (I was 13 at the time).
tempest Jan 2019
i think it's safe to say that there are things we wish we’d known
facts on life or happiness, obtained before we’d grown

a lot of us can say relating to our moms and dads
that we weren’t taught to love ourselves or cope with being sad

and maybe those two things are linked to how we feel constrained
by social norms and expectations, taught to be the same

girls are told to cover up the things that make us weird
beat your face or trim your waist to look good in the mirror

course don't get it twisted,
we’re not to look good for ourselves

our looks are all to get a man,
gain love from someone else

to top it off, what do we do when things just go awry?
after all, teenage dating is really quite the lie
see, that vital lesson is one i guess will not be taught
leaving girls with broken hearts and feeling so distraught

and i can’t say i've managed to avoid this deadly trap
opening my heart despite feeling like utter crap

searching every nook and cranny on this giant earth
cause i've been taught a boys opinion is what proves my worth
tempest Jan 2019
touches of glitter
specks that pepper your face
flower petals
soft and gentle, almost a slight brush upon your cheeks
drowsy rain
not hard, but a faint patter of some sorts
beams of moonlight
the type to give light to our flaws and perfections
the smell of an old book
familiar, with a story to hold between every yellowed page
salt water taffy
because it stays in your mouth forever, but leaves you wanting more when it's gone.
wasted special something
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