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Gerard M Apr 2022
Dear Gerard,
Yes, that's your name now. You'll have to get used to it.
Now that's besides the point. There will be a very hard time in your life.
Where you feel like you're not like everyone else and try to be like them.
Just F-ing embrace it. Cause that's what makes you who you are.
There will be people at different times in your life that will try to make you bad.
But don't ever let The Light Behind Your Eyes fade because of them.
There will also be a time where your thoughts get the best of you.
That's when you'll find the sheriffs of emo town.
You'll also find Patrick Stump and all of Green Day.
Then, in about a year or so, you'll find something that you didn't know was missing.
which is the show Supernatural. All of which will save your life many times.
One thing I want you to never forget is ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING.
Oh, one last thing, try to have a good relationship with your mother.
Gerard M May 2021
Shout out to the old me

The one who never quit being one of a kind

The one who spoke their mind all the time

The one who never gave up on their dreams

The one who wasn't afraid to be themself

The one who's an old soul and not scared of being one

The one who would never quit saying "I'm weird and proud of it"

The one who made mistakes and somehow never learned from them

So shout out to the old me
a poem based off the song old me by 5 seconds of summer with lyrics from the song
Aimée Apr 2021
Dear younger me,

The person i am now?
you would be so ashamed.

A shell of a person,
a burnt out flame.

Wasted potential,
unfinished poems.

Crushed dreams,
a broken home.

A fallen flower,
a disturbed mind.

To myself,
I am so unkind.

Dear younger me,
you would be so ashamed.
Abby Dec 2020
You're doing it
You're chasing those big dreams
And you're finally doing something that matters
Congratulations :)
renae Oct 2019
Static begins to swarm inside me,
As panic erodes my veins,
As I,
Knees shaky as they kiss the floor,
I'm screaming, calling, reaching for you

Why are you weeping?

Found, ****** with tears,
Realizing it's not me you're afraid of,
Smeared now,
Tap, tap, tap,
She's back

Distorted, run by fear, she is me,
Yet no,
She's younger, paralyzed in time unwillingly,
Coming back to warn me,
I've been here before.
She's in control,
Says once more, I need you to know,
You've been here before.

PTSD, you see,
It runs me,
Yet PTSD goes by she,
Don't be afraid by she, is me,
And you know me,

fray narte Aug 2019
This is an apology to my younger self
for letting her forget the ixora bracelets
tucked in her tattered notebooks;
for letting her blur the outline of Artemis’ body
resting the edges of a waxing moon.
This is an apology for the poetry
and the songs she tuned out
that could’ve saved her life.
This is an apology for allowing her
to stop hearing the midnight stories
of the souls who get lost in unknown towns
concealed beyond
the gaps in their ribs;
for allowing her to stray too far
from mountain-and-sea sunsets
that she can no longer smell
the salty air
and remember the color
of the twilight skies.

This is an apology for allowing her to fall out of love
with the things she wanted
to stay in love with —
for allowing her to fall out of love
with the things that kept her alive.

This is an apology —
for peeling the tattoo scabs
between the drags on a cigarette,
for sleeping drunk on a pile of ***** laundry,
for wanting to keep
the dreamers in the rye,
and yet falling off the cliff
two pages before the ending.
This is an apology for writing her dreams
in a bottle and throwing it out
into the open ocean;
now those dreams
are nautical miles away,
lost in the domes
of a sunken city.

This is an apology to my younger self
for all the things she wanted to be
that I never became —
and an apology
for all the things I am
that she never wanted to be.

And yet, this too is a promise to her
that it’s okay:
it’s okay to lose yourself
in places you don’t like.
It’s okay to wake up and find yourself
confined in a body
you no longer seem to know.
It’s okay, darling;
someday, you’ll find your way back.

I’ll find my way back.

We’ll find our way back
to who we’re supposed to be.

And it’ll be home.
thepsychkid Dec 2015
Life is beautiful,
so you should live it beautifully.
You're just fifteen years old.
It is not your fault!
Nobody is perfect and no one will.
Your age is the age of making mistakes,
so it's okay to make mistake.
It is not your responsibilities.
"You could have prevent it." is not meant to be.
Not knowing something bad will happen
is not your fault.
So don't take responsible about it.

You're just sixteen years old.
You can make mistake!
Mistake is inevitable.
Being afraid is normal.
It's okay to have weaknesses.
It's okay to fail.
It's not your fault.
Don't think that you have no right
to make mistakes.
You can make mistakes.

You're just seventeen years old.
Don't pretend you can be perfect.
Nobody is perfect.
You can make wrong choices.
You can change your mind.
You can make mistakes.
You can be understood.
You can be forgiven.

You're just eighteen years old.
Not because they failed, you have to be responsible for the rest.
You're not at fault.
Don't take responsible.
You can make mistakes.
Believe in yourself.
Don't live for them.
Don't succeed in life because
you have to for them.
Don't cry because you're afraid to fail them.
Don't run because you're mad
you'll disappoint them.
Don't lose yourself because you can't find the person they want you to be.

You're just nineteen years old.
Dont wish to die because you feel like
you'll cause them dead if you fail.
Don't cry at night because you're afraid of
your  reality and nightmares.
Don't hide somewhere because
you're ashamed of what you have become.
Succeed because you want to, for yourself.
Don't take responsible for them.
You're just you.
It's okay to make mistakes.
Be afraid.
Have weaknesses.
It's okay to be you.
**Be You.
Because every one of us had a past self that are full of regrets. And I hope by writing this, I am letting my younger self flee from any guilt and regrets.

— The End —