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TEnocho Oct 2018
Could we lay side by side in silence like the letters carved on wood by lovers.
Can we for a moment be lines drawn, symbols of a moment once shared.

Short n sweet. I just want to lay with you
  Sep 2018 TEnocho
“Could you ever be ashamed of me?
Sometimes I ask how could you ever want me.”
Lyrics so loud and clear hitting me
Triggering these inner demons that take control of me
I ask myself could you really?
I’d like to think that you could want me
But my demons tell me differently
You’re out of my league
I hope one day I’ll get over these insecurities
Because I’d like to think there could be a you and me
TEnocho Sep 2018
It’s all I can hear.
It amplifies every fear.
I wish you were near.
It’s about to disappear.
Gentle whispers in my ear.

TEnocho Sep 2018
We have traveled through
many lifetimes in many forms.
Your scent familiar in each, reminding of the first time we met.

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