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Last night you asked
What I was doing.
I didn't lie,
But I didn't tell the
whole truth.
You aked what I was doing. I said I was drawing butterflies. It was more like carving them into my leg
Raindrops Mar 2016
We we're taught that lying is a sin
that truth is all it takes to be
Now is different from where we had been.
There are times we didn't expect things would be.

We must be sensitive on others feelings
Not to say words that'll just make things worst.
We're fragile and imperfect beings
Consider to it at first

It's fine to lie even though you knew
Its hard to stay silent
But its the best we can do
Untruth words for them to soothe
Than to see them suffer because of the truth

But whether a secret or not
The truth is bound to unfold
Soon they'll realize on their own
That if they were on your shoe, they will do the same too.
Francie Lynch Nov 2015
They believe I did it,
They saw it in my eyes;
But I didn't really do it,
You know the kind of lie.

I simply compromised;
And so, I didn't do it;
But I know I lied I did,
Have you used this disguise?
Caught up in your silly lie?

It started out sincerely,
I really meant to do it;
I had the plan in place,
It took me by surprise.

I honestly didn't do it,
And they believe I did;
But I know I didn't do it,
And I can't ****** answer, *Why?
IncadesentCat Nov 2014
Cut your teeth
on gasoline,
white lies, small death
and saccharine.

Hollow chests,
empty smiles.
thoughts and hearts
will stop a while.

Cold hands,
cold hearts.
we're dangerous children
with poisonous darts.
Megan Doherty Aug 2014
It could only be a liquor-soaked tongue
spitting lines of future love,
grinding my memory to the ground,
leaving me with no recollection of the sound.
Where were you when I needed you?
I did more than ask you to stay, I pleaded you to.

All you were was another broken promise.
But to be honest, followed by you leaving was a certain calmness.
Because telling you I loved you, felt  like choking on *****.

I told you anyway,
Because I just wanted you to stay.
But all those White Lies, bleached my insides.
It spread in strides, and when it reached my lungs
It stung, I call out for help, And nobody comes.

Do you know what It's like to drown in bleach?
While watching everyone around you breathe?

© copyrighted *Nicole Ann Osborn
Becky Littmann May 2014
Your body's shaking
Inside you're slowly breaking
You're out of control
& falling further down the hole
Bottom is approaching so fast
Worse than times past
Have I gone too far???
I feel so bizarre
My head says stop
My body's about to drop
I won't let it win
After all..... I am the one who let it in
I can easily throw it out
But that I doubt
Slow it down & take it easy
Eat something so you're not queasy
Watch your weight
Or they'll question when's the last time you ate??
Questions will arise
& the truth is covered with little white lies
Reality is they have no clue
On what you actually do
You hide your secret well
No on can even tell
Still no excuse
For excessive use
Don't lose your grip
It's all over once you slip
When it started out just for fun
You don't want to be out of your mind spun
Don't shorten your life with the risks you take
Be wise with the choices you make!

— The End —