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I've been looking in the mirror recently.
I'm not sure I like what I see.
These big eyebrows? Yes.
That mole? Yes.
Brown eyes? Glasses? Yes.
Mine, mine, me.
But I swear there's something different in that mirror
That I just can't see.
That thing in my reflection?
It's really not me.
I've been confused about my gender recently
Most humans drink coffee and wine
They consume television and mainstream novels
They feed their souls with popularity contests and safe relationships

But poets
We could not survive without passion, intensity, and meaning
Everything we feel is felt to the depths of our souls
We are the ones to put into words the unspeakable pain of heartbreak
The incomprehensible joy of falling in love
We are the ones brave enough to say out loud the diaries of a thousand souls

Us poets
We drink tea and whiskey
Wanting to be a different person is hard because I want to be a ***** with blond hair and blue eyes and to have a big strong boyfriend.
But I also want tattoos and pale skin and to shave the sides of my head and dress in button ups and ties and to have a deep voice.
Or I could be tall and thin with long hair and a skirt and a cute voice and big sweaters and a little fluff.
But I also want to be a boy with a broken heart to mend and wear makeup and to fix myself.
I'm none of these
I'm a person who wants more
I want to be different
But I'm just me
And I'm getting better at liking just me
We've laughed
We've cried

We've loved
We've definitely fought some epic fights

We've dreamt
We've planned

We've walked
We've seen some amazing sights


We will take on more steps
Journey to faraway lands

Dreaming of the things we'll do together
Make plans to broaden our horizons

We will love with a passion so colossal
That our fights will seem insignificant

We will laugh at all the silly things we do
We will cry at the things that hurt us

We will do all those things and more

You and I. We will
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